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  1. I attended the meeting at Taylor High School last night. It was very well attended, around 700 + people. I think this developer has sorely underestimated the influence that this group of well educated, well connected people will have on his ability to get this type of financing done to build a low income project. It was a well behaved but angry group and they intend to fight this.
  2. Great location unless you live around here. Truly did not need a fast food restaurant to go with our Auto Parts store over here. I was fine with driving north up Mason or over to Grand Parkway area to get my fast food fix.
  3. Any one know what is going on with Aliana lately? It appears that work on the 1/2 finished Recreation Center has stopped. The scaffolding for the brick work has been up for months but I never see anyone there working and unless they are laying 1 brick per day it should be done by now. I would understand slow down due to economy but this is one of the centerpieces to the development. Just curious....
  4. We use Highland Knolls Veterinary, Dr.Purser and Dr. Faist. They are on Highland Knolls between Mason and Fry. Great people and excellent treatment. Dr. Purser even met me at his office on a SUnday afgternoon when I called with an emergency. In doing so, he probably saved my dogs life.
  5. We have lived in Katy for 10 years and have seen some changes and the addition of apartment complexes to the area is one that were were not excited about. That being said, our experience here has been great. We moved here "from the city" to send our daughter to KISD schools and hoping to find a community to raise a family and be away from the traffic, crime, etc. in Houston. We found a great home, in a nice neighborhood. We made it a point to get to know our neighbors, get involved at the school and support our local businesses. In other words, we worked at it and did not expect it to just happen. My daughter will graduate in 2 weeks from one of the best high schools in the state and I have only the highest praise for the school administrators, the student body and the parents that give of their time volunteering at the schools. Life here is not perfect - there is some increase in crime, and yes, apartments complexes are cropping up in some areas, but overall it is a great place to live. And the traffic isn't all that bad either - I work in the Galleria area as well and can tell you that the commute is MUCH improved from when we first moved out here (pre Westpark Tollway/Katy Freeway expansion).I usually just use Westheimer or Richmond and come through Geo. Bush Park with no problems. Good luck with your house hunting!
  6. Ugh - not at The Mills, please!!!! I dont want to have to go to the mall to go to the bookstore. Besides there is already a bookstore in the mall. Needs to be on Grand Parkway or I10 - good access for all.
  7. Thats what I'm thinking. My husband is going over tomorrow and will take a lookat the letter but thought I would ask. Someone else said they thought they had heard that if you repalce an old water heater with new one and have ot make any adjustments to the fixturing/plumbing/gas lines you had to have it inspected and permitted. But I would think that they would do that when you have the work done not 5 months later...
  8. My elderly mom in law had a new water heater installed a few months ago. She said she got a letter telling her it needed to be inspected (City of Houston). Does anyone know what this would be about? Water Heater was installed by a licensed plumber.
  9. I lived in an apartment on Cummins Lane back in the late 70's/early 80's when my parents moved us "inside the loop" from our southwest Houston/Westbury home. I was still living at home and in my first years of college and working in the Galleria. Which complex is the Jenkins designed complex and which is the Moss complex? Our address was 3131 Cummins. It was a great apartment, very large and great floor plan. Best feature was the sliding glass door entrances from outside in each of the two secondary bedrooms that my sister and I occupied. Great for coming in at all hours without distubing the parentsas well as sneaking people in with you.
  10. We did stained concrete in our house in both formals, laundry room, hall and powder room and love it. Our guy floated a new layer of concrete on top of existing slab to deal with change of level where it meets ceramic tile in other areas as well as to get a more consistent finish colorwise. Also we were doing a moss green border and etching to separate that from the main bronze color. He used a whiter concrete than normal to be able to get to the green color that we wanted. Ask if they will do samples for you to see before they start the stain process. If they are floating a new layer of concrete they can cover a piece of plywood with the concrete that they will be using and then apply the stain and the sealer so you can see what the final result will be. We tried 4 color samples before we got what we actually used on the floors. Otherwise its great from a maintenance standpoint. Ours has a "light" polyurethane coat on it rather than a high gloss finish.
  11. TigarJag - I would also like to know what you have to say about the schools (as referenced in your post) since I live in the area.
  12. Does anyone know what they are building on Mason Road south of Highland Knolls?? There is a rather large construction site on the East side of the street between Oak Park Trails Drive and Highland Knolls. I live in the adjoining neighborhood and we are all wondering what is being built there.
  13. Taylor is probably the best choice as far as the high schools in Katy go. My daughter goes there now and is getting a great education. There are drugs in all schools, it is up to us to raise a kid that can lead and not follow, make the right choices and be invloved in activities that keep them healthy, happy and enriched.
  14. Enjoyed reading through this post as we held our wedding and reception at the Tides II in 1983. As I remember it was an OK place and a good time was had by all. My mother in law worked at the downtown Foleys store and she had the guys from the "display" department do the decorating for the reception room. The actually hung tree branches with silk dogwood blossoms from the ceiling creating a canopy over the entire room! Nothing compared to todays extravagant weddings, but very sool at the time. We danced the night away to Michael Jackson, ZZ Top, Billy Idol, and some new girl named Madonna. When we ran out of liquor, the hotel manager went in the back store room and gave us a free case of champagne. Still married after 23 + years so I guess it was a good start for us!
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