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  1. I've lived in Sienna since 2004, and highly recommend it. Regarding the access concerns, eventually the Fort Bend Tollway will extend south of Highway 6, and cross directly through Sienna. In addition, there are several ways in and out. If you are coming from the south on Hwy6, you can get into Sienna from McKeever, Watts Plantation or Trammel Fresno - all before the main entrance. If you are coming from the north on 6, you can get in from the new entrance at Oyster Creek about a mile from the main entrance. Also, sometime in the next year or so, there will be an additional entrance from the south at Hwy521. The Fort Bend Tollway is a direct shot from Sienna to the Medical Center. I work downtown - and I've made the commute in less than 40 minutes with light traffic. As for retail - the new Kroger just opend (2nd largest in Texas), and the HEB Market at the entrance of Sienna will open tomorrow. (http://feeds.chron.com/~r/houstonchronicle/fortbend/~3/MvLEStBR4ZQ/new_kroger_open.html). I have two kids (7 and 4), so the extra amenities really tipped the scale for us. Have you seen the Sienna water park? My kids LOVE it! Sienna also has two other neighborhhood pools that are very nice - one of which is geared towards younger kids. The 4th pool (water park) is schedule to open this summer. It's a very nce resort style pool with waterfalls, slides, etc. In addition to the pools, Sienna also has the Brushy Lake Fitness center. It's a complete fitness center that's free to homeowners. Also, the new Camp Sienna sports complex (softball and soccer fields, playgrouds, trails) just added four new softball fields, and additional parking. Check out the Sienna web site for lots of pictures: http://www.siennaplantation.com Here are links to a few other threads discussing Sienna: http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...c=10009&hl= http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...c=14483&hl= http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...ic=9417&hl=
  2. Interesting article - thanks for the link!
  3. Indeed - anyone who finds these pics interesting should check out HOUSTON FREEWAYS.
  4. Great find - thanks for posting!
  5. That was a good article - thanks for the link.
  6. FYI - probably one of the best websites for Astroworld information is: http://www.sixflagshouston.com/ ...it has everything you want to know - and then some!
  7. It is a VERY interesting place. Continental Airlines is currently using it as a disaster recovery site. If downtown Houston is wiped out, Continental can continue operations from Weslin. This place is amazing - the security is SUPER tight - it was built as a fallout shelter - and intended to support 100's of people for many months. It had sleeping quarters, doctors offices, and as someone else mentioned - even a jail. Another thing I found interesting were are all the gun turrets located throughout the complex - in those pagodas. Continental has 'reconfigured' the site to support our business recovery operations (installed servers, work stations, ect.). ...but no guns. I have a ton of pictures - here's a few....
  8. I am also very glad that these have been made available on-line. However, I wish that you could 'right click' and 'save picture as'. ...as opposed to having to 'print screen' (although it is nice to include the associated text somtimes).
  9. So, it's only 'overrated' if you are spending less than $300,000? I'm not trying to argue, I just want to understand your logic. Did you know that ALL homes purchased in Sienna Plantation have access to the same amenities? Yes, even those that purchase homes for less than $300,000 have the same access to the pools, fitness center, parks, club house, recreation facillities, etc. IMHO, it is the extra amenities, and the quality of the development as a whole that allows them to charge a premium. Yes, a house that might cost only $130,000 in Teal Run will run close to $180,000 in Sienna Plantation. But guess what - people are buying it - so it's not 'overrated' to them - it's market factors (the neighborhood and schools) that are driving the price. If you want - check out this old thread (http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/index.php?showtopic=10009) where we discuss some of the Master Planned Communities in the Sugar Land area. I posted a few pics - and also discussed the 'race' issue (FYI - Sienna Plantation enjoys a wide diversity of residents from all races). And finally, you mention one of the main reasons I choose Sienna - my kids. Yes, I will agree that some kids who are raised in affluent neighborhods take too many things for granted - however - I'm not one of those. I feel very fortunate that my family could afford a nice home in a nice neighborhood when I was growing up (NW Houston, 1960 area). I'm happy to have enjoyed the 'Beaver Cleaver' type childhood, and feel fortunate that my family was able to provide that for me. I can only hope to provide as much to my kids, and so far, I've been more than pleased with all that Sienna has to offer.
  10. After extensive research, I moved into Sienna Plantation in 2004. While I did not build an 'estate', I did spend about $300,000 of my (and my wife's) hard earned money. Sure, we could have purchased in some of the other less expensive developments - but let me explain some of my reasoning for making my decision. 1st, I liked the fact that Sienna was wooded, and makes an effort to keep as many natural trees as possible. There may have been some sections that were originally cotton fields - but a majority of Sienna Plantation was not (unless they somehow managed to farm cotten in the thick woods). 2nd, I work downtown - and Sienna was one of the few neighborhoods with close access to the Fort Bend Tollway. Eventually the Tollway will extend south of Highway 6, and cross directly through Sienna. Regarding your comment on 'hardly any access into the neighborhood - there are several ways in and out. If you are coming from the south on Hwy6, you can get into Sienna from McKeever, Watts Plantation or Trammel Fresno - all before the main entrance. If you are coming from the north on 6, they are almost finished with the new entrance at Oyster Creek. Also, sometime in the next year or so, there will be an additional entrance from the south at Hwy521. 3rd, I am the proud father of two young kids. The extra amenities that Sienna offer really sealed the deal for me. Sienna has three neighborhood pools (one is the largest private waterpark in the south) with a fourth resort-style pool coming soon, a VERY nice fitness center, a brand new sports complex (baseball, socer fields, etc) that is just a short bike ride from my house - not to mention a world class golf course and country club. Our daughther attends the brand new Scanlin Oaks elementary, and will go to the brand new Baines middle school when she's older. Take a look at the Sienna website for pictures (http://www.siennaplantation.com). And finally, you may have noticed the brand new H.E.B. they are building at the entrance of Sienna - and also the brand new Kroger just down the street at Hwy6 and the Tollway. That, in addition to other development in the area, indicates to me that is is a desirable place to live. Bottom line - everyone is entitled to their opinion - and while I respect yours - I just wanted to offer my point of view as a resident. I'm very happy with my decision to live in Sienna Plantation.
  11. Ahhh, you beat me to the punch. I saw the article in the Chron this morning: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headli...iz/5186531.html
  12. This was posted in the Developer News section of the Sienna Plantation website: H-E-B Is Coming to Sienna! Shopping is about to get easier for residents of Sienna Plantation thanks to a major land sale to H-E-B at the intersection of Hwy. 6 and Sienna Parkway. H-E-B plans to construct a store with more than 113,000 square feet bringing the first grocery-anchored center to Sienna Plantation. H-E-B has not yet set a schedule or determined what type of store it will open, but the San Antonio-based grocer has been bringing in products from Central Market to new stores to complement its staple-low-priced items. "We're taking the best of H-E-B and the best of Central Market and making those products and services available to area residents and neighborhoods," said spokesperson Cyndy Garza Roberts. "It's probably the No. 1 available site in Missouri City right now," said Scott Weaver, principal of WDJ Realty Group. "It's at the entrance of Sienna Plantation. We've been eyeing this site for several years and finally had the opportunity to move forward with it." Weaver Davis and Jacobs Realty Group will build Sienna Village in conjunction with the H-E-B building, which will include 90,000 square feet of retail space on 12 acres. The plan includes five sites next to the center for freestanding buildings such as banks, shops, and restaurants. No tenants have been signed, but potential occupants include a pet store, a card store, service businesses, and restaurants, according to Scott Weaver of WDJ Realty Group. WDJ indicates that construction of their retail center is set to begin by November, and stores are slated to open in the third quarter of 2008. Michael Smith, Sienna Plantation General Manager, said, "Residents have waited a long time for this. H-E-B will attract other premier retailers to Sienna Village, creating a shopping venue that had not been possible before without a large anchor. " Randall's had previously owned the land, but after an acquisition by nationally based Safeway Stores, plans to build a large grocery anchor were abandoned. Sienna/Johnson Development LLC repurchased the tract from Safeway Stores, so that it could be re sold for a grocery anchor. A survey of Sienna residents indicated that H-E-B was the number one choice for a grocery store. This year, an H-E-B Cypress Market will open at Barker Cypress and U.S. 290 and an H-E-B Vintage Market will open at Texas 249 and Louetta. The first area H-E-B Plus store, which sells electronics and furniture in addition to groceries, will open in a 145,000 square-foot space on FM 518 and Texas 288 in Pearland. That will mean that H-E-B will have 51 stores in the Houston Metro area. Sienna Village will be WDJ Realty Group's biggest project in the area. The company developed Bees Creek Market, a 22,000-square-foot strip center, and is building the Crossing at Sienna Ranch, a 22,000-square-foot office and retail center.
  13. A study of the 100 year flood plain of Brazos river is being done. Results will most likely be released this fall. Expected re-mapping of Floodplain in 2008/2009 timeframe and the floodplain is expected to be higher than it is now. Sienna Levees were built 2 feet higher than what is required by FEMA and we do not expect Sienna to be affected by the new floodplain map. Some older parts of Sugarland might have to raise their Levees or be in the new floodplain. Info above taken from this post: http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...showtopic=11969
  14. That is the coolest webcam I've ever seen. ...archives from every day, weather, map - and Timelapse!
  15. And did anyone suggest that there probably is a direct correlation between the increase in vagrants (homeless) and the increase in robberies??
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