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  1. Wow at $40 million land costs, they would need to build a massive project here to get a proper return on their land costs.
  2. It seems like over the past month work is being done throughout this site. Just wondering if that still the cleaning up of the site/road improvements described above, or if there is something else going on.
  3. I couldn't find if there is a separate post that speaks of the new 600-unit apartments next to the Montrose whole foods (and maybe this one is it)...but my question is if anyone knows what is now being developed NEXT to the 600-apartments as that land too is being cleared... This section/development that I speak of is the northwest corner of West Dallas and Montrose.
  4. Can someone confirm if this is true or a joke? This sign is now posted at the corner of Dowling Street and Holman Street in the Third Ward.
  5. When I met with them, they said they had over 100 interested developers at the initial RFQ event. They plan on narrowing that down to about 30 and then do a RFP. But given the initial interest they feel it is pretty certain they can get another 1000-room hotel at the north corner of the CC.
  6. I'm with HVS Consulting here im Houston and below is our 2012 update on the Houston hotel market. http://www.hvs.com/article/5755/hvs-market-intelligence-report-houston-hotels-in-2012/ A firmly entrenched, expansive, and consistently viable oil and gas sector has earned Houston the moniker “Energy Capital of the World.” Houston is home to 22 companies on the 2011 FORTUNE 500 list (second only to New York City), and the vast majority are energy conglomerates, including ConocoPhillips, Marathon Oil, Halliburton, and many others (see list below). 1 Major corporations such as Chevron, ExxonMobil,
  7. Maybe we should rename this post "Broadstone West Dallas"
  8. I found a rendering, lets see if this works?? If not here's the link to the article with the rendering. http://www.multihousingnews.com/news/south/close-in-convenience-key-to-houston-development/1004044033.html
  9. Hi, there are now TWO cleared sites at this corner and I'm wondering if anyone has additional info. 1. The first one that we all know about is the NE corner of W. Dallas and Gillete. This is the land owned by the city that is for sale (or sold? not sure), and stretches from West Dallas to San Felipe Park. 2. The second one is he NW corner of W. Dallas and Gillete. It used to be some sort of academy or school and I remember lots of "summer camps" here. This site was begun to be cleared about one to two weeks ago. Does anyone know what is going on here?
  10. This sucks, I actually use this. For $4.5 each way it is an amazing deal. So for any visitor to this city, I guess the options are take a 2hour bus for $1.5, rent a car, or take a taxi.. The last two are a very expensive way to make it to the city.
  11. Here is the article with 38 pictures of the store. Pretty cool!! Opening ceremonies at 730am on Wednesday. http://www.houstonpress.com/slideshow/sneak-peek-at-whole-foods-montrose-33576832/
  12. interesting. I wonder if it would be "on" Washington, or maybe just in the vicinity (like near the I-10 freeway)
  13. that woman's house on o'neil is going to be in an interesting situation, a 4 story apartment building surrounding it on most sides, more people walking/driving around, more noise from the retail, and bye bye sun. However, i live in fourth ward and don't understand how that article says that some residents are upset of the o'neil/cushing road closures (north/south of webster/west grey). Those two roads are used by no one, well except the lady that lives in that house.
  14. yes yes yes. this is great. So I think the location of this will be south of grey, north of webster, east of Matthews, and to the west of the existing post buildinds.
  15. I hope they include a designated bike lane. Actually, there should be a rule that all new streets in the city should have a designated bike lane (not a sign to share the road that everyone ignores).
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