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  1. Numb3rs - she moved to take a job in Washington. Not sure if she's written completely off or not but the new hot chick is someone the character Don Epps trained in the Academy and is now dating on the show. Heroes - he came on mid season as the 'invisible man' who trained Peter Petrelli to control his powers. Can't help on the others...only watch these two of the four.
  2. Those aren't exacts...actually aren't anywhere near them...20-30k off at least on some.
  3. We just bought our house and it hadn't been leveled in about 60 years. We had to repair/replace 18 piers and it was under $1k. And to the guy who wants to do the 'Super' piers...don't waste your money...If drywall cracks it costs a whole $10 to fix it yourself and about 30 minutes as long as you can find paint that matches. AJ
  4. We're doing it for multiple reasons. Insurance, the better resale value in the end, safety, increasing from 100-200 amps for our appliances, TVs and computers, etc. In the end, as long as you don't go for one of these $15k jobs some people ask for you'll find that you get $ for $ in your investment. There's no protection in a knob and tube that will prevent you from destroying your appliances. Good knob and tube isn't a mandatory replacement, but replacing it sure makes life easier and less stressful IMO. We've gotten bids between $4000-$8000 from master electricians and larger electrical companies. Some others have given near $13k just for the rewiring and another $3k+ for new amp. I looked up what a new 200 amp main panel cost online and it's $200. jgs was talking about more pieces than just the panel, but still...
  5. Yeah, we've gotten a bid and will be getting more in the next couple days, but I wanted to ask around for comparative pricing. Given how the area is full of homes with K & T that are regularly rewired I figured someone would have a ballpark figure that we can play with. Thanks for the pricing feedback. I'd heard of Bakenhaus, but not HCB.
  6. Hello all, We're buying a house in the Woodland Heights and want to re-wire the house. We've heard rumors from $3500 to $12,500 to redo the whole house which is a one story 3-1. Anyone out there done this recently and have an idea on costs and someone who did a good job you can refer to us? Thank you much and we're looking forward to being Heights residents! Thanks! AJ
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