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  1. Apartment restaurants and nightclubs

    Bonapart's Retreat at Napoleon Square (Gulfton?) and Woodway Square Club at Woodway Square.
  2. Shipley's Bread

    There is a pretty big bakery company in OK . Shipley Bakery or Baking
  3. It is just North of St Matthews Methodist Church. A certain group of heathens would somehow find their way over there to shoot pool after being dropped of for Sunday School. I heard.
  4. Cinco Ranch

    If I recall correctly, when Cinco Ranch was first being developed and advertised, part of the "hype" was that they used to film early cowboy movies there. That could be interesting, if true.
  5. Cinco Ranch

  6. 1955 / 1962 Motels/Bars/Restaurants

    The Orbit Room was pretty swanky. The two things that I liked the most about it was they had a live jazz combo on the weekends and they din't check IDs.
  7. McDonald's in Houston

    I too am going on a 40+ year memory, but there was a (M-A-C) MacDonalds on Main across the street, east, from 2016 Main. Very similar to Princes, about the same menu and car hop service. I know it was there from early 60's until at least 1967. I believe the Greyhound? bus station is there now.
  8. History on the area of Aldine

    According to Wikipedia, when Oak Forest subdivision was first developed by Frank Sharp in 1946-1947, it was in the Aldine ISD. The transition period from AISD to HISD is fairly vague. From Wiki: "When it was first established, Oak Forest was a golf course and a part of the Aldine Independent School District. The land was ceded to Houston ISD. The original Oak Forest Elementary was built in 1951,"
  9. Air Raid Siren On City Hall

    Legendary drag racer Don Garlits has restored a hemi powerd siren: http://billetproof.com/billetproofvideo/av...mp;categoryid=0
  10. Houston International Dragway

    In posts #8 there is a picture of dragsters in 1958 at Freeway Dragstrip. In the front row left is Buggs Threadgill's Oldsmobile powered A/Fuel Dragster. Well, Buggs is still around , I saw him Sunday, and still fooling around with fast (street) cars. Not many people stick with a hobby for over 50 years. He drives a somewhat? modifed black Olds 442 convertible. Beautiful car.
  11. Houston in the 50s

    The earlier mention of the Humble Building jogged one of those deep memory cells. Does any one remember an early 60's song titled "Houston, That's my Hometown". The only part I remember is "Where will the tallest building be, west of the Mississippi? Houston, Houston, that's my hometown".
  12. Graves Under Pavement of Methodist Church?

    What a coincidence this post is. I used to attend this church in the '50s and was by there last week. My wife was out of town and I was planning to attend Sunday services there just for old time's sake. The telephone was disconnected so I did a drive by to see what time it started. Anyway, it is no longer Reid Memorial, it is a Hispanic Church now, I don't remember the name. The cornerstone on the sanctuary says 1941.
  13. Locations Of The Old Prince's Drive Inns

    H2B........ I remember. I'm not going to post the gory details/ stories , but check your PM. You are correct about the 1959 - 1960.
  14. a lawn mower that lasts?

    When I used to have to mow 2 1/2 acre each yards, I bought a used Sarlo mower. It's a self propelled walkbehind with a 11 or 12 HP Briggs and Straton. Very easy to use and start. The best feature, and this may be common to most commercial mowers, is that the blade is belt driven rather than driven straight off the crank shaft like most home type mowers. If you hit something like a root, you don't total out the engine. They have a web site. Warning: make sure you are sitting down when you see the price of a new one.