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  1. The Southern portion isn't growing as fast, but what they're doing is shifting over some areas zoned to the Southern portion as they relieve schools in the middle by shifting over enrollment to the new schools in the NW. When some of the kids from areas zoned to the KHS zone get rezoned to the new schools, then that will open up more room in the KHS feeder zone which will allow kids from overcrowded southern schools in areas like Woods of Wimbledon, Huntwick (KISD portion), Brandonwood, Edinburgh Estates, to feed over to Klein HS -- opening up more room at KFHS and the subsequent feeders. So rather than build new schools in an area that's not growing, they'll just begin shifting Westward.

    Yeah, Growth isn't as fast as the growth in the northern part of the district but even when all the new schools are built in 2015, Enrollment numbers are still very high for the entire southern portion of Klein ISD, especially Klein Forest High School which will be at 3,567. Personally to me I think it would be wise to plan 2 Elementaries and an Intermediate in the Klein Forest Zone.

    My concern with this report that I am not impressed with is this. The intent of the PASA report wa to be a third party study of the district. It is very clear that the District has had some influence on the outcome of theis report. I think KISD just threw $70,000 in the trash on this.

    Klein ISD spent $70,000 on this updated 81 page report that we could have done?

  2. MTV-The Real World, Making the Band, Cribbs

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    BET-The Waynes Bros.

    ABC-Local News, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Extreme Makeover Hm Ed.

    HGTV-Designers Challange, Landscapers Challange, House Hunters

    Discovery Channel-Man vs. Wild, Dirty Jobs

    Travel Channel-Great Hotels

  3. I think PASA did a better job on this report than the first one in 2004, but there is still a few things I just don't understand. It seems like they didn't include none of the southern portion of the district. There are new Intermediate schools planned for the northwest part of the district. When those schools are built 3 other Intermediate campuses will have under 1,000 students while Wunderlich and Klein Intermediates have almost 1,500 students. It would seem fair to construct another Intermediate Campus in between the Wunderlich and Klein Zone. Even when it comes down to the Elementary planning, New Elementary schools are planned throughout the entire northern part of the district, but not one in the south portion. In 2012-2015 a number of Elementary schools in the south part of the district exceed over 1,000 students, You would think they would plan atleast 2 new Elementary schools in the south, I don't think the south portion of the district is as of a big deal as the northern portion of the district to Klein ISD. When HS#6 is built in 2013 each high school will be at or less than 3,000 students except for Klein Forest which will be at 3,567. That is not fair at all. Why does one high school in the district have to be way over capacity when the other 5 are way under capacity. I bet the southern portion of the district will become an issue at the 2008 Bond Plan. Also Klein ISD has some Elementary schools and HS #6 locations at weird places. I'm wondering will land parcels be available in some of those locations like HS#6. Overall it's a good report, but if I was a board member I would have voted against the PASA report untill 2 new Elementaries and a Intermediate School was planned in the southern portion of Klein, Overall it's a good report, the numbers look more realistic.

  4. I apolagize about the links not working. Like Vicman said, I think they expire. Once again hopefully this link works. When you open this link scroll down to #5 which says Reports, then click under letter A which says Population & Survey Analysts Demographic Study to Supporting Documentation. It will take you strait to the new Report. Once again I apolagize but I don't know what's up with the links.

    New Link for PASA Report

  5. I just got done watching ABC 13 News and found out the same kid who was brutally attacked in April of 2006 in a Spring Neighborhood by David Tuck and Keith Turner just died today. He was on a cruise with freinds and family, and he jumped off the highest deck of the ship. I think this is really a sad situation. He seemed to be doing just fine, He was even on the Homecomming Ballot, and then this happens.

    Complete Story and Video found on ABC 13.com

  6. Let's hope the next PASA report is more factual than the last one. Thanks for the heads up on that, I look forward to seeing that. Also, I had heard years ago that the land Krimmel sits on was originally purchased by Klein, not for a school site, but for a district-wide natatorium. Guess those plans changed along the way somewhere. Be sure to let me know when the PASA report comes out, will you?

    Yeah, I will let everyone know when the report comes out. I failed to mention that Klein ISD also purchased 102 acres of land for an Elementary, Intermediate and High School site. The property is located on FM 2920 and Huffsmith Korhville, but part of the property is at Mahaffey Road and Huffsmith Korhville Road. The high school zoning will be weird having 2 new High Schools very close to the border line of the district. The other one is just south at Spring Cypress and Huffsmith Korhville.

  7. The area has a lot of history as far as the German and Czech immigrants who settled there and had farms on the land. I guess I just assumed that it would always stay the way it was. I wasn't meaning that the developers ruined anything that was already there. I know it was just trees, but the trees made for a pleasant surrouding for homeowners. Now the trees are gone, you have a lot more traffic, and you have an intersection that looks like a complete mess. Not only is it full of mega-chains, the stores and strip centers also have cheap looking architecture, and the overall aesthetic is horrible. I-45 around the Gallery Furniture Store looks more well planned than that intersection. If you are going to develop it, at least keep it tranquil looking so that you feel like you're in Spring, rather than just generic urban sprawl anywhere in America.

    Look at the intersection of N. Eldridge and Grant for an example of getting it right. There's a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market rather than a Supercenter, and even though it's a Wal-Mart, it actually fits into the surroundings pretty nicely, as do the other things developed at that intersection.

    I think the architecture is pretty nice looking. What is the difference between a Wal-Mart Supercenter and a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market?

  8. True.

    This means no peanut products available on campus or allowed to be brought in (PB & J sandwich, peanut snacks...). Some kids can have fatal reactions due to allergies.

    Are you serious? That is one of the craziest things I've heard. No one apart of Katy ISD can engage in peanut products because a very low percentage of students are allergic? What does that have to do with the majority of everyone else or students?

  9. Makes you wonder why they built Krimmel all by itself, with no high school nearby. Also, why they built Krimmel so close to Hildebrandt, which does share their fields with its' connecting high school, Klein Oak. Weird.

    Well Klein ISD had already owned the land that Krimmel sits on for a number of years prior to the construction of Krimmel. Maybe when they bought the land they planned on buying the land adjacent to the west of Krimmel for a future High School, but a developer bought it and The Lakes of Avalon sits there currently. The reason the land is so close to Hildebrandt is because the district knew it would have to build in that area in the future due to the fact that the Hildebrandt zone is the largest Intermediate Zone in the district. It is still also the fastest growing along with the Klein Oak zone even though Klein Oak has the smallest High School enrollment in the district. That entire area near FM 2920 and Kuykendahl is booming at a very fastly past. Klein ISD also owns another Intermediate site north of FM 2920 at the intersection of Kuykendahl Road and West Rayford Road adjacent to Metzler Elementary School. I'm assuming when Krimmel reaches tremendous growth and Hildebrandt reaches tremendous growth again they will begin construction, Or they might just build the one on Spring Cypress first. We'll see what the January 2008 Bond Plan has instore. The new PASA Report should be released this comming up month according to Klein ISD.

  10. Ummm, NO. I can only hope you're joking. Why not just name it Eversole High then? UGH!

    On a related note:

    Has anyone else driven past Krimmel and thought that it looked a lot like a minimum security prison, complete with a stadium to rival Klein Memorial and tons of tennis courts? Do most intermediate schools nowadays get all this?

    I drive past Krimmel atleast twice a week. I think that it is a beautiful school. You can tell it resembles Schindewolf. The reason it has numerous tennis courts and a pretty nice size stadium is because it's new and does not share it's site with an Elementary or High School. Schindewolf has 2 tennis courts but not as many as Krimmel. Schindewolf does not have a stadium because everything is shared between Klein Collins and Schindewolf. When Klein ISD builds a High School and Intermediate on the same site, Fields and Equipment is usually shared. This is not the case with Krimmel. Another new thing in construction Klein ISD is doing is putting nice Marquee Signs in front of new Schools with Ingraved school names and addresses. Benignus and Krimmel have them. In the 2008 Bond Program they need to provide money for Klein Collins to have a Marquee Sign. It's the only High School in the district without one. Krimmel will have it's grand opening and public tour August 8, 2007.

  11. Located at the northeast and southeast corners of FM 2920 and Kuykendahl Road, Spring Town Center is strategically located at the heart of vast residential growth in Houston, Texas. Situated approximately four miles west of Interstate 45, FM 2920 is a vital artery leading to the Tomball area, as well as other developments in northwest Harris County and Montgomery County. There are 115 residential developments in the immediate vicinity of Spring Town Center, and Kuykendahl Road provides access to the highly successful Woodlands

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  12. There are 87 different Elementary, Intermediate and High School designs featured on the page. Career and Technology Schools and other special campuses are also featured. When you click on each school name all floorplans, siteplans, Architectural Renderings and Pictures are available. Some familiar Houston-Area Schools on this page are Cy-Fair ISD's Kahla Middle School and Conroe ISD's Woodlands College Park High School. Katy ISD's Cinco Ranch High School and Klein ISD's Klein Collins High School were featured on another report from previous years. Schools in the link are from the 2006 report. The 2007 report will be out soon.

    CEFPI School Designs, Floorplans and Architectural Renderings

  13. Politics can get ugly, especially when you're Rosie O'Donnell.

    The former co-host of "The View" is getting heat from fans after posting a photo on her blog -- rosie.com -- that depicts her 4-year-old daughter Vivienne wearing a toy ammunition belt.

    Many are accusing her of inappropriately exploiting her daughter to further her own political beliefs. O'Donnell is known for being a staunch anti-war activist and has spoken out against the National Rifle Association repeatedly.

    full article

    doing this to your own child is ridiculous.

    Yeah, I saw the whole story on Inside Edition. I think it's pretty pathetic also. I'm actually sick of hearing about Rosie O'Donnell.

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