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  1. i'm just noticing on the 10PM news that ABC13 has HD studio and some HD remote cameras.

    Yeah, I just finished watching the 10pm newscast also. It's actually amazing. Everything looks different. Even their Graphics and the 5-day Forecast Weather Icons have changed. The Graphics are more 3-D looking. I think it's a really nice improvment. Like I've benn saying for a while, now all they need is a new set and they will be complete. More Houstonians already watch ABC 13 news over all the other local news.

  2. I thought Whoopi was gonna take Star's place and Sherri was gonna take Rosie's place. So it's just Whoopi alone now?

    I guess so, I would also like to see Sherri, she was so funny. I think one reason for Barbara picking Whoopi was because of her name and it being another big person like Rosie.

  3. Barbara Walters announced today on "The View" that Whoopi Goldberg will be the new Co-Host Moderator starting the day after Labor Day. I think the choice was right but Sherri Shepherd was very funny and would have also made an excellent choice.

  4. The ABC 13 Staff has dedicated all of today's Newscasts to honoring Marvin Zindler. The On-Air Anchors and Reporters all wore Black today. Flowers, Calls and other Items has also flooded the ABC 13 Studios today. I thought that indeed was very special. I will be viewing his funeral on Wedensday at 11am.

  5. As I was perparing to begin viewing the ABC 13 10pm Newscast, They showed a picture of Marvin and it read 1921-2007. I was speechless and couldn't believe what I was seeing. It's almost like it wasn't real. I was not expecting Marvin to die. I just knew he would fight it out. I have been watching Marvin and ABC 13 News since 4th Grade. I will most definately miss watching him on the air. No one will ever be able to replace him. The nearly 1 hour long Tribute to him was an Extroadinary, Tremendous presentation by Dave Ward, Gina Gaston and the ABC 13 Team. I wish Marvin's Family Peace during this tough time.

  6. Yes, these days they do.

    The days are gone when all that was needed was two unarmed 'deputy dogs' whose job it was to make sure nobody's car got broken into and make sure the traffic cones were in the right place to ensure proper egress from the school parking lots.

    The context in which this particular quote was used was just so depressing.

    I think ultimately the campus will benefit from smaller class sizes and more individual attention that can be made possible by a rezone.

    Klein Forest High School would benefit from a smaller student/teacher Ratio but the district doesn't seem to handle the situation after viewing the PASA Report. There does need to be a rezone because KFHS will be at 3,567 students after new KISD High Schools are built, but if Greenwood Forest is rezoned to Klein High School, then Klein High School would be at 3,500 students or more. Yes KFHS would be down in enrollment but we didn't solve the problem because Klein HS will be way over capacity. I don't know if anyone remembers this or not. During the creation/formation of Bond Plan 2004, Klein ISD actually considered making the current Wunderlich Intermediate a Ninth Grade campus for KFHS and building another new facility for Wunderlich. I think that would be a wise decision to consider because it would actually be a waste to build a High School in the southern portion of the district where most of all the development is complete. The Ninth Grade campus would cut about 1,300-1,500 students from the KFHS Main Buildind bringing it to nearly 2,200 students after the new High Schools are built. In this case Klein ISD would not have any major capacity issues in the HS System. If I was a KISD board Member I would strongly bring this situation up because it's not fair to have Klein Forest be majorly crowded like that and the other 5 High Schools are comfortable with Klein HS being the 2nd most crowded with only 3,003 students.

  7. There's police at all the high schools in Klein ISD. That's the norm. They don't have police at other high schools?

    Yeah, There are Police at all 4 KISD High Schools that actually work from offices in the campus, Other KISD Police Officers work at the Police Station joined with the Annex Building, and they are assigned Intermediate Campuses and Traffic Areas near all Campuses.

  8. Maybe not now. But ten years ago, KF was regarded as rougher than Westfield. Unfortunately, the change at Westfield was dramatic and has probably surpassed KF in that area.

    I'm not trying to spark up any racial issues, But I believe people steriotype Klein Forest because of it's lower percentage in Caucasions than the other 3 High Schools in Klein ISD. Students at KFHS are just as smart and intelligent.

  9. It's been done before and by practical standards, should be done here as there won't be another HS built in the Southern part of the district, all that can be done to reach optimum enrollment levels is to shift boundaries westward - which is what they're proposing to do. Common sense solution.

    The kind of reputation where they had to come up with a kooky concept like "A School Within a School" just to protect the kids that actually wanted to learn.

    When has that kind of zoning been done before in Klein ISD?

    It was Westfield before Westfield was.

    I don't believe Klein Forest HS is as rough as Westfield, Klein Forest may be in the southern portion of Klein ISD but it's still a decent school that has won just as many awards just like the other 3 KISD High Schools.

  10. Oh my god, channel 2's graphics are the worst. They're so ridiculous and sensational. Cheesy really. If it was a murder they are reporting, they'll have the sillouette outline of a dead person with one arm up and one down in a little box in the right hand corner of the screen with a yellow CAUTION banner going across. It's disgusting.

    I'm not a big fan of KPRC's Graphics either. They do have one of the best sets I've ever seen though. Starting in September of 2007 their 4pm newscast will go from 1 hour to 30 minutes. They want to focus more on there 5, 6 and 10pm newscasts. ABC 13 and CBS 11 have the best Graphics.

  11. Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard anything about which neighborhoods might be re-zoned to the Spring-Cypress/Huffsmith-Kohrville high school? I'm sure Gleannloch, the Vintage neighborhoods, Charterwood -- those are fairly obvious. What about other historical Klein HS neighborhoods? We live in Memorial Northwest, and as a Klein grad, I had really hoped to send my daughter there as well.

    Well of course that school will open in 2010, so construction should start next year. Subdivisions who lie east of the SH 249/Huffsmith Korhville District Border, South of FM 2920, West of Stuebner Airline, north of Spring Cypress for about 2 miles and then north of Louetta will attend the new High School. The new HS #5 will consume about 48% of the current Klein HS Zone and about 44% of the current Klein Oak HS Zone. By looking at the maps Gleannloch Farms and Memorial Northwest could be split between Klein HS and HS #5. It seems like the west Klein HS border is 1/4 mile west of Champion Forest Dr. In the center of both those subdivisions lie Champion Forest Dr. Louetta Road is also a south border for the new HS #5. Vintage Lakes Subdivision will go to HS#5, but depending on numbers Klein could change their mind at any time due to the fact that it could go either way. To sum it all up everyone currently attending Klein HS that lives south of Spring Cypress, west of Champion Forest, north of Louetta and east of SH 249 will attend HS #5.

  12. Klein ISD spent $70,000 on this updated 81 page report that we could have done?

    The report is actually much longer, about 3 inches thick. However, the Board allocated $70,000 to have the report made, whether they spent the entire $70K is something I don't know.

    Wow, If it's 3 inches thick I wonder why would they only release 81 pages to the public?

    They should go ahead and rezone Greenwood Forest along with the aforementioned neighborhoods.

    Do you mean rezone Greenwood Forest Subdivision to Klein High School?

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