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  1. The Spring ISD Board of Trustees approved the names for two new Elementary Schools and a Support Services Facility at its meeting Monthly Meeting on December 11, 2007.

    Elementary School #21

    *Booker Elementary School

    Elementary School #22

    *Northgate Crossing Elementary School

    Support Center

    *Spring ISD Support Services Center

    Both Schools are scheduled to open in August 2008, and the Support Center in 2009.

    Read the Full Article about the Namesakes Here.

  2. Has anyone noticed the new reporter Patricia Lopez on ABC 13? This past week she did a week long segment on Resale during the 4 PM Newscasts. Her reports have been really good. She's also pregnant. She's originally from Houston, graduated from Kingwood High School. She's going to do well at ABC 13.

  3. I was just reading more on the Spring Town Center and they've updated their proposed Tenats list.

    Next to Dollar Tree going down to Northcrest Drive.

    -Along with Palais Royal

    -JC Penny

    -Famous Footwear

    -Pet's Mart

    -Cato Fashions

    Chick-Fil-A opens December 13, 2007.

    The Lowe's and 24 Hour Fitness is about to begin cnstruction behind McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A and Panda Express. That property line will extend all the way down south of FM 2920 in front of the Kids R Kids Daycare Center on Kuykendahl near Windrose. There are a number of Padsites for additional Fast Food restuarants and Banks.

    The Lowe's, 24 Hr Fitness and Palais Royal will open 1st quarter 2008.

  4. I remember hearing Dr. Jim Cain, the Klein ISD Superintendent, say that when construction started on High School #5, that construction would start simultaneously on Stadium #2, as the current stadium would be woefully inadequate to service the needs of five high schools.

    According to the 2008 Findings and Directions plan, When HS #6 is built, a new stadium will be built on that same property adjacent to the school. The location for HS #6 is at the intersection of Huffsmith Korhville and FM 2920.

  5. Wow, is that really the plan of the school board? Maybe Jerry Courtney stepped off just in time!

    What "consulting experts" came up with this idea? PASA, again? Unbelievable!

    I'm glad my kids go to Northampton, Hildebrandt and Klein Oak even more now. All our schools are within the Northampton neighborhood, and although they might be getting old too, they're still within walking distance.

    I'll see some of the board members at the big play-off game Saturday at Moorhead Stadium in Conroe, when the Klein Oak Panthers (9-1) take on the College Park Cavaliers (9-1). Are you going to be there as well, ENGcons?

    I agree 100%. Why build a brand new high school for a new group of students who don't get to use it until it's 2 years old because another group of students is using it. If Klein ISD want's to rebuild Klein High School, then they need to do like they always do to solve a problem and just put 150-300 T-Buildings out behind Klein High School near the Annex for Klein High School students. I don't think it is fair for them to take advantage of someone elses new school. Plus, Klein ISD really needs this High Schooo #5. If Klein Collins recieves another 100-150 kids next year, it will not be good. I just have 2 questions.

    1. I also want to know who's idea this was because it's not a good one.

    2. When the bond passes, When wiill construction begin on HS #5?

  6. I think 13 is the worst. Dave Ward needs to find something else to do now along with Doug Brown. Their set is cheesy and old. Get with the times 13. Also there news is nothing but murders and robberies. I love the set for Channel 2 and the studio (being an intern there) is very cool and the people are hilarious. However, again, there news is nothing but murders. There is other stories in this town besides murders and robberies. Of course if you look at where the station is, you can see why. I like Channel 11's stories. I like hearing about development, improvements, fundraisers, news in the suburbs, ect... Channel 11 is best for that kind of news. Infact just last night they had a story about IAH. The headline was "Big Plans for an already Huge airport." However I don't care for their anchors, though I do like Greg Hurst, David Paul and Giff Neilson. Fox 26 overall (IMO) has the best news, set, and anchors.

    The only negative thing I can say about ABC 13 is their set, yeah they do need another one. Their newscasts are the most watched in the Houston Area. They have the best music and graphics. To have anchors and reporters there for 20-30+ years is a good thing. They feature other news other than robberies and murders.

  7. Any new progress over here? Is Camco going to be up and running any time soon? Where can I find updates on development in this interesection?

    What's Camco? The Chick-Fil-A should be up and running within the next 2-3 weeks. I believe there's going to be a Brake-Check next to McDonalds. I'm assuming the Palais Royal, 24 Hr Fitness and Lowes will begin being constructed soon. They are in the process of widening Kuykendahl Road at that intersection.

  8. Klein ISD school board positions 6, currently held by Mr. Larry Allen, and 7, currently held by Mr. Jerry Courtney, are up for re-election at the November 6, 2007, election. Voting will take place at the Harris County Precinct Polling Places.

    I think Ace Gilliam should fill the position. We need a new face in the leadership role of Klein ISD. Mr. Gilliam is also an African American. I think this would be a great new change in a more diversified way. I'm not sure if any African American has ever filled a Board of Trustee position for Klein ISD. I believe that he will bring the district to another level. He has some great goals and assets for Klein ISD in the future.

    Below are each of the 2 Cannidates' profile and summary of why they think they should get the position.

    Ace Gilliam for Klein ISD Board Position #7

    Rick Mann for Klein ISD Board Position #7

  9. I also watch the news in the mornings as I prepare for school. Then if I'm home I'll watch the 4pm newscast. I always watch the 6pm and 10pm Newscasts. Of course I am a ABC 13 fan. Their morning Newscast are really good. It has more of a relaxed/fun feel to it than the other newscast. The other newscast are just news and serious, serious, but the mornings are great.

  10. The Klein ISD Board of Trustees will conduct a special meeting on September 25, 2007 to approve the newly modified Plan. This plan was created by the district's Vision Committee. They have changed many things from the 2004 Findings and Direction Plan. Everything in this plan is supposed to go in effect in the 2008 Bond Plan. This is just a few major things in the plan.

    Every Student is to have his/her own Technology device including teachers.

    All campuses and offices to be wireless including existing facilities.

    Self check-Outs in all Libraries

    Build a second Stadium/Multi-Purpose Facility concurrently with building the Sixth High School.

    Provide new facilities for DAEP and

    Provide new facilities for DAEP and TEP.

    Explore Early Learning Facilities to include children ages 3-5.

    Explore the impact of a full day 4 year old program on the capacities of existing schools.

    Design elementary schools for 850 students.

    Provide classroom space in every grade level to accommodate bilingual classes.

    Provide a larger space for Theater Arts classrooms.

    Provide a 2nd Gymnasium in Intermediate Schools.

    Provide a 3rd Gymnasium in High Schools.

    Define the optimum size for Intermediate Schools as 1200 - 1300 students.

    Define the optimum size for High Schools as 3000 - 3500 students.

    Design Intermediate/High Schools for grade level houses.

    Provide/create spaces to accommodate eating, studying and connecting (small learning caf

  11. Good points, all. I'm going to be at the next board meeting and will ask about this issue. I do wonder what the ramifications will be, if any, to the district's projections based upon the PASA report findings. Would this change anything, in the boardmember's minds?

    Also, regarding high school number five:

    Didn't someone on the board here mention that land had been bought and paid for this project? Has there been any clearing/any progress on this project? I heard contradictory statements from someone in administration who said that the land had not been bought and that no site had been picked out and that building was still five years away.

    Also, I'm hearing rumors that Klein ISD is shopping for land for a new stadium complex. I had been told that the land directly adjacent to Krimmel was slated to become the next new stadium, but since the Grand Parkway wanted to build their route there, that Klein was going to sell them that land and shop elsewhere for land.

    I don't understand why Klein ISD doesn't just start building their stadium on that land and force the Grand Parkway to go elsewhere. Last I heard, there still is no funding mechanism in place to build out Segment F-2 of the Grand Parkway anyway.

    High School #5 will be located on Spring Cypress Road east of SH249. Klein ISD purchased this land nearly a year ago or more. It was the 124 acres for a High School and Intermediate School. Also the Board of Trustees aprroved the process of hiring a district architect and planning company in the August or September Meetings. The architectural renderings and design for HS #5 are being drawn up as I speak. The land next to Krimmel is owned by a Church that is projected to go up.

  12. Each of the 4 High Schools in Klein ISD opened with atleast 3,000 students this year. Yes, Klein Collins has seen tremendous growth. It is actually kind of rediculous sometimes being in a school with almost 3,400 students. KCHS was projected to open with 3,246 but opened with way more than 3,300. This could be a rumor but there was speculation going around that there were about 1,000 freshman alone. The school has a total of 14 T-Buildings this year. Another thing that fustrated many students this year was lockers. There isn't enough lockers for everyone in the school, so there is a $6.00 charge for lockers this year. Not one student was issued a locker this year. Most students just carry backpacks from class to class, not to mention numerous books due to the lack of class sets. Lunch lines are most of the time crowded from bell to bell. Administration was supposed to add a 4th lunch this year, don't know what happened. It has gotten worst. Most kids don't even socialize in the halls anymore due to the over populated student body.

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