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  1. Yeah you have a point, but Klein ISD does not plan to relieve Klein Forest in any way, so thats the only solution that could work. Klein ISD usually does stupid zoning sometimes. For example the Main Entrance to the Village of Avalon Lakes is located on FM 2920 and Alvin A. Klein Dr. Klein ISD buses those kids 3-4 miles down FM 2920 and up Kuykendahl all the way to Schultz Elementary. These kids pass right by Benignus Elementary everyday, I mean Benignus is right across the street, and yet they go 3-4 miles out the way. I don't think it's fair to relieve every Klein ISD High School except Klein Forest. I think it would be a great solution.
  2. Why will you be voting no on the Bond Plan?
  3. Yeah, Sure. The colors should be lighter now so you can see all of the street names.
  4. You think residents of Champion Forest would be upset being rezoned to a brand new school?
  5. Wow, This is shocking. When is his last day anchoring the 4pm newscast? When will Erik start? Will he still be anchoring the morning newscast? I wouldn't think KTRK would fire him. He does a great job. He's one of KTRK's top anchors, and has been with them since the 1980s.
  6. No, This is just my own opinion in what I think the plan should be in order to keep the enrollment at Klein Forest down. Klein ISD's Plan is not too much different from mine. They just plan to decrease enrollments at all the other High Schools except from Klein Forest. I just don't think it's fair.
  7. (MAP) How the 2010 Klein ISD High School Zoning should be Klein High School -Gains Greenwood Forest Subdivision -Everything south of Spring Cypress Rd. -East of Champion Forest Dr. Klein Collins High School -Everthing East of Gosling Rd. -Everything East of Kuykendahl Rd. -East portion of Klein ISD. -Does not Gain Windrose. Klein Oak High School -Keeps Windrose -Everything west of Gosling Rd. -North of Spring Cypress Rd. -East of Stuebner Airline Rd. -Partial North of FM 2920. Klein Forest High School -Loses Greenwood Forest -New Zone Border above Wunderlich IS/ South of Greenwood Forest. -South Portion of Klein ISD. New Klein ISD High School #5 -Everything West of Champion Forest Dr. -West of Stuebner Airline Dr. -South of FM 2920. -Gains Gleannloch Farms. -Gains Vintage Lakes. -West Portion of Klein ISD.
  8. Nissan Titan or Toyota Tundra
  9. I wonder why they would place concrete in Krimmel. They also have the rubber at Schindewolf though. When I was a student at Schindewolf it was great and comfortable, but kids aften liked to write on it. It's the perfect material to write and do grafitti on. That may be one reason they went to concrete. The rubber does ware after years. It's probably time for Schindewolf's to be replaced.
  10. Just Thought I would post a Picture of Krimmel that I took a while ago.
  11. It would actually be a waste of money to build a new HS south of the beltway. Klein Forest would have 1,800-2,000 students with the new HS with about the same enrollment when the building capacities are at 3,000 students.
  12. Just a little more information om Elementary Schools #26 and #27. Both buildings will be the exact replicate design of Benignus and Frank (Obviously if you veiwed the schematic designs). The 2 new schools will be 9,540 square feet larger. Benignus andd Frank are both 106,149 square feet and Elementaries 26 and 27 will be approximately 115,689, the largest Elementary school design in the district yet after Kreinhop, Metzler, McDougal and Korhville come in at 108,000 square feet.
  13. I agree that this Klein High School thing is crazy. I wonder would the district have done this if it were Klein Forest, Klein Oak or Klein Collins? I have Posted the new 2008 Klein ISD Bond Plan.
  14. The Klein ISD is currently in the process of developing the new 2008 Bond. The Bond Plan will include 15 new Schools (10 Elementarys, 3 Intermediates and 2 High Schools). Other District Facilities will also be included. Many schools and Facilities will also recieve upgrades due to age and ware. The district will also be recieving new buses and technology equipment. The Election is currently proposed for May 2008. *10 Elementary Schools $148,979,308 Elementary Schools 26 and 27 sites to be cleared in May of 2008. Elementary School #27-Huffsmith Korhville Rd. at Lacey Rd., 1 Mile south of Korhville Elementary School. *3 Intermediate Schools $114,318,714 *2 High Schools $318,518,351 High School #5 site to be cleared in March of 2008. High School #5-Spring Cypress Rd., 1.5 Miles east of SH 249 and 1.5 Miles west of Gleannloch Farms *Other Schools/T-Buildings $37,050,701 *Support Facilities $24,206,126 *District Wide Projects $40,959,186 *Technology $105,889,588 *Program Contingency $1,000,000 *Bond Issuance Fees $3,954,610 TOTAL BOND PLAN 2008: $794,876,585 with 7% Inflation Klein ISD Instructional Center Addition: 5 Meeting Rooms, 4 Computer Training Labs, Offices and parking. Strack Intermediate Fine Arts Addition: *To begin Construction in April 2008. Athletics: *Remodel KMS Home Side Pressbox *Klein Forest HS Addition/Track Resurfacing *Schindewolf Locker Room Additions *All Campuses Gym Floors, Electric BB Goals, RRs and Concessions. *2nd Stadium to be built with HS #6 *Klein ISD did own land adjacent to Krimmel Intermediate and did plan to construct a 2nd Stadium there, but the predicted Grand Parkway route would have collided with the new stadium. The district still owns the land. Multi-Purpose Facility: *A Multi Purpose Facilty to support the CATE Ag Program, District Wide Development and other District Programs. The current Klein Ag Center on the Klein HS Property opened in 1983. Buses: *Klein ISD has been purchasing new IC Corp Buses since 2005 now. Each new 71 Passenger Bus cost approximately $90,226 each. They come equipped with lots of features like AC, Intercom System, Low Emissions, LED Tail/Brake Lights and much more. Each Handicap Bus cost approximately $88,203. *2nd Transportation Center Elementary Schools #26 and #27 Schematic Design Strack Intermediate Fine Arts Addition Schematic Design
  15. Yeah, It was crazy. I watched the entire conference live on ABC 13's 4 pm Newscast. They couldn't show the phonecall due to explicit language. After the phonecall they came back in the conference live and Roger answered questions until one reporter asked one that kinda pushed one of his buttuns. He then left out of the room after about 25 minutes of answering questions. I personally don not believe Roger Clemens took steroids. But then again, why would someone make this whole thing up.
  16. Yeah, This story also disgusted me when I heard it. People are just becoming more and more pathetic and stupid these days.
  17. Yeah, It's all about Barack Obama. He will do a great job leading our nation.
  18. When I heard this story last week, It just upset me. How can someone be that stupid to leave their kids at home for 2 months with no food, money or nothing.
  19. I have a hard time wondering why Chuch Rosenthal would even want to remain on the ballot after what he did. You would think he would be happy to take himself off, but it was the complete opposite. I don't think he would have gotten that many votes anyway if he remained on the ballot.
  20. I think it was before May or June, I could be wrong.
  21. The Texans have been doing better. They played a good game today.
  22. It's been over a year now since Minerva Perez left. When are they going to put a permenant anchor to co-anchor with Melanie Lawson on the 11am newscast. I think Sharron Melton will be a great choice.
  23. Last night on ABC 13, They said it was one of the top worst performing stores in the country.
  24. Klein ISD owns land next to the Elementary School.
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