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  1. Klein ISD is by no way a racist area to live in. What part of Klein are you moving to?
  2. Yeah, I think they got the E-mail I sent to the 2008 Bond E-Mail address. It's nice to know they responded to me.
  3. Construction has started on the Lowes Home Improvement Store, and the Blue Wave Car Wash is now open.
  4. Go Barack Obama, For Texas March 4th 2008.
  5. I'ts about time he resigned, I wonder what finally made him do it, Enough people already wanted him to.
  6. I actually meant that Klein could do a major remodel not update. While this is taking place, Place Students in T-Buildings. 4 Elementary Schools had to do it when their school was full of mold and had to be rebricked. They didn't move these kids to Frank and Benignus just cause they were new and unused.
  7. It's a budget thing. The district saves money on Architectural Fees because the architect doesn't have to design a building, he already has drawings from the previous Klein school. The Architect only has to design a siteplan because every piece of property is different. For example Benignus, Frank and Elem. Schools #26-27 will be the same design, the district just spends money on making the school's fit to it's site.
  8. Klein ISD believes in reusing Architects and Floorplans, HS #5 and HS #6 will most likely be a redesign of Klein Collins, adding new features like Grade Level Houses and a 3rd Gym. They have to go by the Findings and Directions Plan. The new Schools will most likely be redesigned by RWS Architects, the Architectural Firm who designed Klein Collins HS.
  9. I think the best alternative for Klein ISD to do at this point is to first put the 2nd High School #6 back on the Bond, and just do a major remodel and update to Klein High School. Then they need to build High School #5 and open it for the students who are supposed to be zoned there only. While Klein High School is being remodeled, Students can have class in T-Buildings and have Lunches held in the Annex Building. I don't think adding a new wing to Klein Oak will be very wise because when HS#6 opens, it's going to tke a big chunk of KOHS's Enrollment not to mention taking Gleannloch Farms and a couple other subdivisions when HS #5 opens. The way Klein Collins High School is growing, There might need to be a new Wing added to it. There is literally no more room to add anymore T-Building at KCHS. We already have about 14 lined up on the side of the school now. Klein Collins will not be relieved until the next Bond Program which could be up to 5 years from now. Klein Collins is the largest and newest high school in Klein ISD and can only hold 3,131 students to be exact, and there's about 3,260 almost 3,300 students in 113 classrooms and 28 T-Building Classrooms. Let's just face the facts, All 4 KISD High Schools are facing Overcrowding Issues. They can't all be delt with at one time.
  10. #11 is Mittlestadt Elementary (Klein ISD) #12 is Westfield High School
  11. I hope and believe that Barack Obama will be the Democratic Candidate on the ballot. By the way it's looking now, He's on a role. It will really be awesome if he can get Texas on March 4th. There's supposed to be a democratic debate on February 28, 2008 at the GRB Convention Center. Hilliary has committed to participating, but Barack has not yet committed.
  12. Bell towers are just Architectural Elements that the architect uses in the building design? Yes, I am still a student at Klein Collins High School. The board releases information before the board meetings, and I do intend on becomming a Klein ISD Board Member one day.
  13. #6 is Cypress Ridge High School #10 is the original Klein High School (1938)
  14. It's called a Bell Tower because ther's a bell inside of it/Main Entrance.
  15. Klein High School Klein Oak High School Klein Collins High School Where's Klein Forest High School?
  16. These are more pictures of Frank and Benignus Elementary Schools. Elementary Schools #26-27 will be an exact repeat design with minor changes like adding Billingual Classes in each pod and eliminating 2 outdoor Courtyards. I put some Krimmel Pictures in here also. Also in the newer schools Klein ISD uses Ceramic Tile instaed of Terrazzo Flooring in wet areas. Benignus Elementary School Frank Elementary School Cafeteria-Inside Frank Elementary Gym Frank Elementary Pod Courtyard Frank Elementary Gym-Inside Frank Elementary Main Entrance-Bell Tower Benignus Elementary School Frank Elementary School Benignus Elementary School Krimmel Intermediate School Krimmel Intermediate Long View Krimmel Intermediate Main Entrance Krimmel Intermediate Library-Cafeteria
  17. Yeah I'm sure, I saw the floorplans and siteplan. Kaiser and Greenwood Forest Elementary Schools are on each side of Klein Forest High School. Due to the growth in the FM 2920 area, It won't be a problem at all, Elem. School #26 might be full at 2 years of existance.
  18. I've just learned that the location of Elementary School #26 will be located directly behind Krimmel Intermediate School. The district already owned the land which was originally planned for a new Multi-Purpose Stadium. I think the school will be connected to the Klein Meadows Subdivision. The Architectural and Siteplans are already drawn up.
  19. As of Today, The Klein ISD has created an E-Mail address for Community Members to post their thoughts about the 2008 Bond Plan. The E-Maill Address is bond08@kleinisd.net
  20. Yeah, Klein ISD doesn't use those kind. Some schools that have electronic Marquees have companies that have donated them to them, like Spring High School's donater is Planet Ford.
  21. One thing that knowone probably has thought of that needs to be on the bond, is to construct a Marquee Sign for Klein Collins High School. It should have been constructed during construction but it wasn't. The newer schools have them built durung construction. KCHS is the only school in Klein ISD that doesn't have one to my knowledge. Many events and activities take place and the community dosen't know about them like they would for the other schools.
  22. I also think it's a great idea, but yet and still we can't forget about other parts of the district like the Klein Forest Zone.
  23. Yeah, You have a point and I agree. The whole Klein High Scghool situation is just crazy and dumb. In the report from the Chronicle, It says there's money for additions to Klein Oak High School. Why would Klein Oak need additions? This may be the hardest bond that Klein ISD trys to pass. If the Bond Election is in May, How will land for the new schools be cleared in March and April? Elementary Schools 26 and 27 will start construction in March and the Strack Fine Arts Center will start construction in April. I can see your point very clearly now that you put it that way. Klein ISD should just build another High school south of Klein Forest.
  24. Does anyone have any more info on Erik Barajas taking Tom Koch's position on Eyewitness News at 4PM?
  25. One solution that could work that Klein ISD has not thought of is to build a 9th grade Center for Klein Forest. That would eliminate 1,000 students alone. I think that would be the best solution. All they have to do is include it into the bond. There's enough land adjacent to Klein Forest to construct a 130,000-200,000 square foot facility just for freshmen students. Therfore the main campus would have only 2,500 10-12 grade students at the most.
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