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  1. Time when Klein ISD released these plans last week I have been looking and admireing the new Klein ISD High School #5 since I want to become an Architect. PBK Architects did a tremendous job with this design. This design will be more impressive than the Klein Collins High School design in my opinion. The floorplan is arrange so well and the exterior of the building has so much character and detail. Front Elevation-Klein ISD High School #5 Front Elevation II-Klein ISD High School #5 1st Floorplan-Klein ISD High School #5 2nd Floorplan-Klein ISD High School #5 Siteplan-Klein ISD High School #5
  2. The Klein in Touch e-mail sent out yesterday said 2008 Bond Projects to be initiated this summer is as follows: Construction on Elementary #26, Design for High School #5, Design for Intermediate #9, Design for South Transportation Center, and a number of misc. Projects.
  3. Now all they need to do is go HD. They've got a nice set and OK Graphics.
  4. Doug Brown's picture and bio is still up on the website also, and he left nearly 2 months ago. They appearently don't update the news team page often.
  5. Does anyone know what happened to Stephanie Guadian? She has been absent from the weekend 6 and 10pm newscasts for the past month or 2. Tonight on the 10pm newscast, they didn't roll the talent montage with their pictures and names, Instead they just rolled the "You're watching ABC 13, Houston's News Leader". I believe she no longer works for ABC 13, Looks like they need another new Anchor now.
  6. Elementary #26 -Right behind Krimmel Intermediate -Site was supposed to be cleared this month High School #5 -Spring Cypress, 1 mile west of Gleannloch Farms -I believe construction will start sometime this year I not 100 percent sure, but I think construction may start on Intermediate #9 this year also. I have no idea where the location is.
  7. The Bond did pass today: -For-4,732 -Against-4,420
  8. Has anyone been out to vote early for the bond?
  9. Mike Konicki of the KCHS Athlectic Dept. passed away this morning after a long battle with Cancer. The Cancer had spread to other parts of his body. Assosciate Principal Steve Matheson came onto the PA sysem at approximately 12:20 pm to make aware the school of what had happened. The rest of the day was sad and heartbroken for the Konicki Family. He was a major, great and successful asset of Klein Collins High School and will be greatly missed. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
  10. Even though I really do think that the KFHS Zone could be included a little more, It's a good Bond Plan for our side of the district, so I think everyone should vote YES.
  11. The Klein ISD wants you to go out and vote for the new 2008 Bond. The $646.9 million Bond will address Growth, Technology, Buses, Equipment and other needed items throughout the Klein ISD. WHEN: Saturday May 10, 2008. WHERE: Your Zoned Elementary Campus. WHO: All Klein ISD Residents.
  12. Yeah, It's the same article I'm talking about.
  13. According to an article in the Houston Chronicle with accurate facts by Klein ISD, The new HS #5 will be 640,000 square feet and will have a capacity for 3,500 students. The school will be among one of the largest int the USA and the largest in the state of Texas. One of the most recent schools built in Texas over 600,000 square feet was Seven Lakes High School in Katy ISD just topping 610,000 square feet. Many other local school district leaders and committees have criticised Klein ISD for building such large facilities even with Klein Collins High School opening in 2001 topping a nearly very large 560,000 square feet. The new High School #5 will also be one of the most expensive in the country and the state of Texas. The new school has a large price tag of $116 million.
  14. ABC 13 just confirmed on the 4PM Newscast today that Erik Barajas starts Monday with Illona.
  15. Erik Barajas just did his first report for ABC 13 at the top of the 6:00 Newscast, I'm guessing he starts the 4PM Newscast tommorrow, but I could be wrong. According to ABC 13, Tom Koch will just be working the morning shifts which means the 5am-7am Newscast with Sharron Melton.
  16. When does he start? What's happening to Tom Koch?
  17. This is new information released from PBK Architect's Website. PBK has been chosen by the Klein ISD Board of Trustees to design the District's newest high school (#5). The project was awarded through a very comprehensive design competition process. The new high school is programmed for 550,000-square feet, will accommodate 3,600 students and has a budget of $116 Million. Once complete, this will be one of the largest stand-alone high school facilities in the nation (that doesn't have a 9th Grade Center attached). Dan Boggio, Irene Nigaglioni and Ian Powell will lead the charge for PBK's management of this project.
  18. What happened to ABC 13 Reporters Craig Bell and Katisha Cosley? They like disappeared.
  19. I think architects can work with the current Klein High School property. The district doesn't have any other land that can be for the Klein HS Zone. Parts of the school that were built recently like the Fine Arts Building can be incorporated into the new building.
  20. No, I don't think so. It will most likely be one of the following-SPA, SHW or PBK.
  21. An addition to Klein Collins is in this Bond Package? Wow, I'm glad they are adding a wing because KCHS is really getting more and more crowded.
  22. Yeah, It probably won't be just like KCHS. It will most likely be nicer and more of a detailed design. Anyone who has seen any of PBK's work know that they build very nice schools. Cy-Fair ISD has used them for all of their latest High Schools.
  23. I just found out that PBK Architects will be designing Klein ISD's 5th High School.
  24. Wow, It is hard to see Doug Brown leaving, I've also been watching him for a very long time on ABC 13. I think he originally did the weather for the morning show yeras back even before Casey Curry came along. That's probably why he is doing his final forecasts tomorrow on the morning newscast rather than on the weekend mornings. I wonder will they hire a new replacement or do some rescheduling.
  25. Klein ISD is by no way a racist area to live in. What part of Klein are you moving to?
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