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  1. I personally dont think any of the Bond Projects should be delayed especially the Blackshear Elementary School. Other Elementary campuses in that area need some relief.
  2. This is tragic, I loved Dave Garrett's Sky Eye reports.
  3. Klein ISD will vote on October 14, 2008 for the names of 3 new Klein ISD Schools. Elementary #26: Mueller Elementary School Elementary #27: Blackshear Elementary School Intermediate #9: Ulrich Intermediate School
  4. ABC 13 just debuted a new anchor this weekend to replace Stephanie Guadian, Her name is Adela Uchida. She's pretty good.
  5. My vote goes to Erik Barajas and Illona Carson on ABC 13's 4 PM Newscast.
  6. I wonder when will ABC 13 get 2 new weekend anchors to replace Stephanie Guadian and Mark Garay. Tom Abrahms has really been doing a great job anchoring the weekend evening newscast by himself though.
  7. Klein ISD Intermediate School #9 will be a repeat design of Krimmel Intermediate with slight changes to modify the new school. Krimmel Intermediate School is 177,000 sq. ft, and the new school will be approximately 196,713 sq.ft. One major modify to the plan was a second gymnasium, that tacked on about 10,000 sq.ft alone. It's amazing how Krimmel is one of Klein ISD's smaller Intermediate campuses and the new school will be one of Klein ISD's larger Intermediate campuses, and it's the same floorplan and design. The smallest changes can tack on alot of square footage. The board will approve the modified design on Tuesday.
  8. Bernie Mac died this morning at age 50 from complications with the lungs. According to Yahoo, The comedian suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body's organs, but had said the condition went into remission in 2005. He recently was hospitalized and treated for pneumonia, which his publicist said was not related to the disease.
  9. When is construction to start on the north side?
  10. Yeah, I'm sorry, I meant the 8th largest in the US, not the world. I knew it was the 8th largest something though.
  11. 49 out of 70 Campuses. That's not too bad in my opinion.
  12. I'm shocked Houston isn't on the list being that it is the 8th largest Airport in the world.
  13. It's crazy how they all just suddenly shut down. All their emplyees are now having to find a new job.
  14. There's a new Subway now open on FM 2920 and Falvel just pass CVS Pharmacy and next to Jack in the Box.
  15. As I've said numerous times on this forum, I am a big ABC 13 fan. If for some reason I cannot get channel 13, I go to channel 11.
  16. I don't know if anyone noticed, but speaking of Talent Tags and Opens, As of yesterday ABC 13 has slightly changed their Talent Tags. They've added a very small graphic before the big ABC 13 logo comes from the bottom of the screen. They also changed all of them to say Meterorologist in front of the meteorologist names instead of just their names. Just small changes I noticed.
  17. I know this may be a little off topic from the topic, but does anyone know how to use either Premire Pro, Final Cut Pro or Photoshop to make video clips using and editing with graphic clips?
  18. I mean Houston, I live in Houston. I'm the biggest ABC 13 Fan you'll ever meet, especially the 4PM Newscast.
  19. That makes alot of sense, I didn't think about it that way. I wonder will ABC 13 get a new HD open or Talent Tag like ABC 7 Chicago? They also have really great graphics, even though no one beats our ABC Station.
  20. Yeah, Today I wanted to watch some news at 5 and ABC 13 came on at 5:30, so I flipped down and noticed that KPRC did finally go to HD. I didn't know today was the first day though. They don't really need a new set, Their's is fairly new and really nice, not a ABC 13 set but nice. I have noticed that every station debuts something new on weekend newscast. KHOU debuted in HD Super Bowl night. KTRK debuted their new set on a Saturday. KPRC debuted in HD Sunday. What's with weekends?
  21. It's amazing how the #1 station is an example. Now that ABC 13 has gotten a new set, Channel 11 is building one. ABC 13 has the best no matter what. Channel 11's temporary set is really nice though.
  22. Klein ISD made PBK Architects reduce the size of the building from 644,000 square feet to 620,000 square feet. The main entrance was also lowered in height, and the Central Plant was taken out of the design due to cost effeciency.
  23. Here are some pictures of the new Set and Weather Center. From ABC 13 Over the past couple of weeks we've been moving into a new weather center. You'll see it when you watch 13 Eyewitness News, along with new areas for news and sports. The company that built our new set said this is one of the biggest projects they've worked on.
  24. I'm now watching the 10PM ABC 13 Newscast, and it appears they have a new set. It is really nice. It's about time they redo their set/background. The weather set is awesome.
  25. Cypress Lakes and Cypress Ranch High Schools are each at about 95% complete with minor finishing touches being made before August. Cypress Ranch High School-Aerial Cypress Ranch High School Pictures Cypress Lakes High School-Aerial Cypress Lakes High School Pictures
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