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  1. I would think most news personalities in the top 15 media markets make 6 figures or more per year.
  2. Wow, ABC 13 is always a trendsetter, now the other 2 stations want to follow behind.
  3. Does anyone know the reasoning behind this new 30 minute edition to Eyewitness News This Morning? I think it's great and brilliant. No one else has a 4:30am newscast. It flows real well, I love it. Casey Curry now has her own entry montage like Tim Heller.
  4. A new Church's Chicken will open this month. It's located at FM 2920 and Falvel in the same shopping center as Subway.
  5. Yeah, I totally agree Illona Carson and Mia Gradney should have made the list and been in the top 5.
  6. Yeah, I've seen that a couple of times a while back.
  7. Wow, I didn't know alot of these incidents could occur at a news station. I want to be a reporter/anchor for KTRK, and I hope none of that happens in the near future.
  8. Does anyone know the real reason behind News Stations not giving public tours? I was at KTRK ABC 13 today and they said because of security reasons they are not allowed to give tours of their studios. I just don't understand, Whats the worst that could happen. I could be totally wrong but I'm just wondering.
  9. Steel Frame work has begun on Ulrich Intermediate School.
  10. Laura Whitley's last report aired yesterday on ABC 13. She will apparently be spending more time with her children and husband. I will miss her alot. She was one of my favorite reporters. She also did a fantastic job as a fill in anchor Sunday mornings as well before Katy McCall came. Hope she decides to come back one day.
  11. Yeah, they have started clearing the site at that location. It looks kind of small for a grocery store to me.
  12. I love ABC 13 and wouldn't watch anything else. I plan to actually intern there in 2 years, but is it me, or does anyone else think they need to place a permenant co-anchor along side Melanie Lawson during the 11am newscast?
  13. Wow, I just watched the videos, sad. Did he really get laid off, or is he really retiring. I wonder who his replacement will be.
  14. If anyone has passed by, construction on Ulrich Intermediate School is going well, they already have the main drop-off loop and a portion of the parking lot laid now. One fact I pointed out before I believe was how close this school will be to Spring Cypress Rd. There really isn't that much space between the parking lot and Spring Cypress Rd. Krimmel has a large amount of space from the school and FM 2920, but that plot of land is totally different from the Ulrich site. Construction on Mueller Elementary School is really going pretty fast also. Construction crews have bricked a large portion if not all of the building. The entire parking lot was laid months ago. The tin roofing has also been laid, and it is green just like the roofing on Frank Elementary. Unlike Ulrich, Mueller sits in the middle of knowhere behing Krimmel.
  15. Yes, I will attend either University of Houston or Sam Houston State University for a BA degree in Broadcast Journalism, and yes ABC 13 takes interns every year. I've already done a great deal of studying about this field of work, so I kind of know alot, but still way more for me to know and learn.
  16. Actually I don't work for ABC 13 yet, but I will begin my Internship with them in 2011. They could promote a reporter to be an anchor but some reporters dont want to be anchors due to comfort zone or other reasons, and then if they make a reporter an anchor the station would have to hire a new reporter apposed to keeping people in their current positions and just hiring a reporter/anchor whose already done both sides of the job. As far as a permanent anchor for the 11am newscast, they may have not found the perfect person. Sometimes stations look for a specific look. IE: Hair, Race, Man-Woman, Size, Experience especially doing a weekday show.
  17. KTRK-ABC 13 has hired a new weekend anchor/reporter. Her name is Katie McCall, she did a live report today for Live at Five. She will begin tommorrow morning with Andy Cerota at 5am.
  18. Actually I believe it's the Ulrich Intermediate Site that has been cleared. Construction could start anytime now.
  19. Does anyone know why the Sizzler shut down?
  20. The new HEB originally planned for FM 2920 and I45 is now scheduled to go up at FM 2920 and Hannover Woods Drive across from the new Wachovia Bank and Auto Zone. New HEB on FM 2920
  21. The new HEB planned for FM 2920 and I45 is apparently now planned for FM 2920 and Hannover Woods Drive across from the new Wachovia Bank and Auto Zone. NEW HEB on FM 2920
  22. It was awesome, I was so excited.
  23. Taco Cabana is scheduled for construction on the corner of FM 2920 and TC Jester across from the new Denny's.
  24. I personally dont think any of the Bond Projects should be delayed especially the Blackshear Elementary School. Other Elementary campuses in that area need some relief.
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