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  1. To all who may think that I am Racist or Sexist, I am not. I was just trying to make a point about America needing a change for once. It does'nt matter if you are black, white, hispanic, chinese or what ever. It is how you present your self and get the job done in a professional, respectful manner. I love black people because I am black myself. I love white people, I have many white friends. My previous comments were not about racism or anything like that, It was about my opinion that America could use a change.

  2. I just can't see picking a President based on race alone. In fact if I, being of a sound minded, tax paying member of society, Whiteboy would have made such a comment as "I only pick "WHITE" presidents", what do you presume the backlash would be on here ? Yet, you will get a pass from the masses. You do know how the elections in this country work, majority rules, and if your horse doesn't pull enough votes, then that horse loses. Now I will do a little predicting myself and wait for nmain to tell me about the 2000 elections. AGAIN ! ;):P:lol:

    It is not about Race, It is about a change in The United States of America that I think would be great.

  3. So, you only want Obama because he is "Black", well sure, that is an excellent reason to choose the leader of the free world, because of the color of his skin. If I felt Obama truly had his finger on the pulse of America, and had somewhat of a record in Congress, I could see him as a President, the problem I have is that I just don't feel he has cut his teeth on anything to justify being able to run this country.

    Chris, can you give me some bullet points on what his stances are on any issues currently being debated on Capitol Hill ? Try to convince me why Obama is the right choice. I'll take any comments form any posters on here, to learn more about him.

    Well I don't want him to win just because he is black, I want him to win because he's of another race. If he was Hispanic or something else, I would want him to win also. If he doesn't win I want Hiliary to win because she is a woman. I just think it is time for America to experience something different.

  4. Didn't he say he didn't want to be far away from Downtown? How could you recommend Klein in that situation. Klein I.S.D. is a good school district, though, but not the best in the Houston area. If you don't want to be too far away, try the Spring Branch area. Many tall pines and not as expensive as the Enclave Cities south of IH-10. It is also not far away from Uptown, though Downtown is a little more ways out (a few more minutes away than Uptown).

    He also said he originally was looking at the Greenspoint area. That's not exactly 2 seconds to downtown either. What is the best school district in Houston then? I was'nt saying Klein was the best in the city, I was just referring that is is great.

  5. This was such a shock to me. I still can't believe it. She was only 39 years old. Just before her death she gave birth to a baby girl, then shortly after that her 20 year old son died of drug overdoce. Yesterday her mon gave an exclusive interview with KTRK ABC 13. She talked about how she would always tell Anna not to get in the wrong crowd and to do the right thing. She also talked about how she would have to pull Anna out opf Stripping Clubs. Anna's mother is worried about the baby in the Bahamahs. Knowone knows who the father is. This whole situation is very sad to me. Who would have ever thought she would die at this young of an age. You just never know when your time is.

  6. The Spring, Klein, Woodlands area is the best in my opinion. There are several new and developed subdivisions with a wide variety and styles of homes to choose from. In this area of Houston you will get a nice, comfortable suburban feel. If you have kids I strongly recommend the Klein ISD. It is was rated by Expansion Management Magazine as being in the top 17% of school districts in the country. If you dont choose Klein ISD , then choose Conroe ISD in the Woodland Area. These 3 areas are sort of combined together in north Houston. There's lots of things to do here. This area is about 30-40 minutes from downtown Houston. I think it's certainly the best out here.

  7. The Theatre will be a success. There's a huge population to draw from out here. It is about 3-4 miles from the nearest Theatre at Willowbrook which draws from a wide radius.

    Now, they're renovating the old Home Depot near Willowbrook to become a Movie Tavern. Now I love these dinner theatre concept theatres.

    I dont think Willowbrook needs another Movie Theater. The AMC 24 is great enough. It's big, nice and in a good location. Is this the old Home Depot on HW 249?

  8. What channel 13 needs is a new anchor team. Channel 13 looks like they have a bunch of Ghouls sittin' up there. How old is Marvin now, 108, 109 ? C'mon, new blood, new blood !

    I think ABC 13 has a great Anchor Team. My favorites are Gina Gaston, Illona Carson, Tom Koch, Melanie Lawson, Dave Ward and Art Rascon.

  9. I dont know if anyone has noticed or not, but ABC 13 has gotten new music. When their newscast comes on evryday its a new Music Theme intro. They even have new little music inserts when they go to another part of the newscast. ABC 13 has been getting lots of new upgrades lately. It started with the new Graphics package, HD Outdoor Cams, now new music. Now they just need to get a new set.

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