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  1. How about O-Villa, O-Partments, or O-Joy? Some other possible names are Planet-O, O-Diddley, O-Factor, O-Henry, O-Men, and O-Kay!
  2. "Another Spire project is in the same block of Main as the McCrory Building. 509 Main St. is a Romanesque Revival building that was once home to the Foley Bros. Dry Goods Co. " This statement was found at http://www.ghpa.org/awards/2003/spire.html
  3. What about the Hotel Icon? Wasn't it built in the early 1900's?
  4. Painted Churches Tour http://www.texasescapes.com/CentralTexasTo...hurchesTour.htm
  5. I remember that phone test line. We did that too! We would set it up for my mom to answer. There used to be a "robot line" too. You could call it and it would produce some really unique noises to that time during the 1970's. 455-5555 or something like that. Maybe it was one of the first fax lines or something.
  6. I could not believe it when I moved back to Houston (1999) that Don's Records was gone. They could find anything from anywhere and this was before the Internet! Kudos to Don's!!!!
  7. I do remember the "magic store" in the Galleria. When I was a kid, we did not seem to go there unless we had visitor's in-town. So it said that we didn't do there very often, I thought it was perticularly odd that the same spooky magician man was always there! He would lure us kids in the store and proceed to scare us away! Maybe it's because we had no money.....
  8. I thought it was the pioneer to the "Jack Format." It would have been in 2000 or 2001 and I seem to remember the DJ's stating that our nation's radio stations and the national association of broadcasters were listening in on that radio station's format. I thought it was the first radio station to break the already-established formats. It had been an established radio station (country, I think) prior to being converted to this new format. Anyone remember?
  9. Does anyone have any pictures of the fountains in the Houston area? Also, I can't remember the name of a fountain that I remember being built. It's in the Sharptown area in the middle of the street. This street served a short cut between streets. A business park surrounds it. The name may have changed now, but wondering about the original name. Thanks.
  10. Monkey Wards and more at Sharpstown Mall. Westwood Mall. Gemco department store on the corner of Beachnut and Fondren. Sacco Bros. Grocery store, Homer's home center, and Henry's Barbeque on Bissonnet and Hillcroft. Globe Department store on Bellaire Blvd. and Hillcroft. Westbury Square.......
  11. I have a feeling that building is gone now. Looks like it's right out of Mayberry! I did manage to locate this link and if you look at the date, it's 1910. http://www.terrystexasrangers.org/newsclip...n/1910_248.html And this is really interesting: http://www.terrystexasrangers.org/newsclip...n/1902_208.html
  12. I like that boingboing website. Thanks.
  13. During 2000-2001, Houston had a station that played any type of music. Country, Rock, Pop, etc. Is that station still around?
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