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  1. Does anyone know what is going into the empty space between TARGET and TJ MAXX in Cypress Towne Center? (290 & Spring Cypress, south side of the freeway.) Also, something is going in between IHOP and Shipley's.
  2. Thanks, Rehan! Another small strip center - I boldly predict a Subway, a nail salon, and a dance studio.
  3. Anyone know what's going in at 290 & Mueschke? Next to Buc-ees. Lots of dirt movement lately.
  4. Hey Life Forms fans! There's a new listing on HAR in Trace Creek. It's a 1987 build of their Gazebo plan. The plan is actually in the listing, as one of the pics. Enjoy! http://www.har.com/95473340
  5. You're correct - those townhomes are really awesome. I also like the Stone Mill/Stone Creek Courts projects, though they don't have the same "woodsy" Life Forms contemporary feel of The Arbors. I would LOVE to see copies of their plans from Trace Creek, hands-down my favorite enclave in The Woodlands. I'm still devastated that LFH went out of business.
  6. Thanks! It was this Life Forms thread that drew me in. Fantastic homes -- I've been an obsessed fan ever since I move to the metro area. Especially those in VOIS and VOCC. I still can't believe they're no longer building. Their Summerlyn neighborhood in VOAB was really great, too. I wish more production builders would follow their example and quit churning out multitudes of bland brick boxes.
  7. Congrats, Parrothead! I can't wait to see the pics!
  8. I hear you. I always get a kick out of the multi-word names that are almost complete sentences. My favorite was S. Crisp Morning Circle in VOAB (One of the last LifeForms neighborhoods, for all you LF fans like me). Ridiculous name -- sounds like a breakfast cereal.
  9. Wow -- so I'm not the only one obsessed with Life Forms! I used to live in The Woodlands (in a nice but very typical/boring Pulte home) and loved Life Forms! I was quite upset to learn that they went out of business. I know of no other production builder that builds with such creativity and charachter. I looked into buying a home in Summerlyn (Alden Bridge) but they were almost built out by the time I started looking. It's a shame they fell victim to the whole EIFS debacle. Other than that I've heard nothing but praise for the construction and design of their homes. As far as realtors "bashing" them, I have no idea why they would. Look on HAR or in any real estate magazine and the listing proudly mentions the Life Forms name. I just don't understand why more production builders don't follow their design example.
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