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  1. Those people have electricity and some have satellite dishes. To get those you need to verfiy residence and get permission from the owner/landlord for the dish to go up. I don't think they are squatting.
  2. The HEB pulled out of that center because of shoplifting and other pretty crime. I know that for a fact because my neighbor's niece used to work there when she was in high school around 1998ish. They told them of the store closing and why a few weeks before they shut down. A giant HEB is a multimillion dollar investment and I am hoping they do not go for it. The only one in a bad area I know of is the one outside of the Belt on Beechnut. Although people who live in Westbury know it is not bullets and crack cocaine everywhere most people who don't live here think it is a rough part of town. The big HEBs are usually in newer McMansion development areas or heavy traffic older business/residential areas. Ever since Meyerland Auto moved to S. Post Oak that center seemed to have just gone further downhill. The ACE check cashing place is also a bad thing. What's next a pawn and smoke shop? The center was very nice when tennants were HEB, Meyerland Auto, the private and small 99 cent store, Eckerds, and Blockbuster. The only good thing to occur has been Advance Auto moving in. The store is immaculately clean and the employees are all very helpful. I kind of worry about 99 cent leaving and then some store like Save A Lot moving in. It is wishful thinking but if that entire center was demoed and wild grass grew on it like the Gillman Honda/Mitsubishi lot in Sharpstown I would prefer it. Although the Centerette was more of an eyesore, it was at least not a contributor to traffic and crime. In fact, that mechanic shop near the Discount Tire with all of the junk cars parked inside the fence had somewhat of a southern charm to it. But, I am glad to see it all go. You mentioned it will be a mix of retail and housing. Will it be a midrise building or at least 5 floors with apartments on top and retail at ground level? I can't see how retail would be successful there because the strip mall next to AutoZone was in good repair for years but just failed. The only store to hang on until about 5 years ago was the Sports trading card shop. Until about 2007 the spaces were all for lease but no one moved in. Then the plywood went on. I had been hoping that CVS would come back to the area and open a full size store on that land because they maintain their properties very well. Maybe a Quizno's or Subway shop could open next to Pizza Hut if CVS took the large parcel of land behind that corner.
  3. XXX movie drive in??? I thought Pasadena was very much a conservative and kind of Texas small town country back in the 1960s and 70s. Guess I was wrong on that. That is such a cool bit of trivia. The paint job on that fence was red as I recall; perfect color.
  4. This is apparently why he had to transfer to Houston. The footage was not live so it never aired but the tape was not destroyed. It's hillarious how he goes from composed and seemingly objective reporter to high pitched and rough gangsta in 5 seconds. NSFW but nothing in it that is really beyond what airs on cable TV these days. http://www.webtvhub.com/funny-fox-news-rep...g-in-his-mouth/ Not nearly as extreme as the clip above but here are some more outtakes: Lusting after some woman:
  5. 99 Cents Only was in the process of closing all stores in Texas due to economic conditions in the whole nation. I have seen a few close in Pasadena and hopefully the one in Westbury will go as well somtime in the near future. Actually, my mom is friends with one of the cashiers there and has already got a job lined up for her if the store is closed. They were supposed to close before the end of 08 but decided to keep some open and hold on. http://www.mysanantonio.com/business/99_Ce...xas_stores.html http://losangeles.bizjournals.com/losangel...02/daily26.html Now the sort of confirmed thing I know from speaking with a manager at Home Depot is that the Westbury store is not doing so well and might be phased out because the full size Home Depot opened up near Hillcroft and the Beltway. This is speculation and nothing is known for sure. I was the one that took all of those pics in 07 in this thread but I have not been back to the sold WS since the hurricane. There are for sure people still living there because you can see cars from the street. I also called the theater in WS for ticket info. and they say there are no plans to close at all. http://www.companyonstage.org/ What I would LOVE to happend is for the entire parcel of land from the Home Depot to the Chase bank to sold to a developer and single family homes to be built. Just connect to the existing streets on the other side and build a small neighborhood of 1600-2100 sq ft homes; no giant McMansions sitting on small lots. Home sales are soft now but this location is under 5 minutes from the loop, 15 minutes to the med center, and under 30 minutes in weekday morning rush hour to downtown. The homes would sell in the $180-220K range if built with basics and upgrades were left to the owner. I think the square is way beyond repair as a whole but maybe the theater building could be saved if the city partnered with them to somehow reduce costs of major renovations through some program. A giant HEB would be a money maker but the traffic would be a nightmare. BTW, any updates on what is going to happend with La Peak Apartments on Gasmer? The place looks like a warzone. Al Antonini is the onwer of this place as well. At least the city put stop to that cell phone tower that was going up on his land behind the HFD station on Chimney Rock.
  6. That's defending the indefensible. UH offers a college education to people at a value price, or at least it used to. What you call perks, the completely wasteful spending and borderline criminal behavior of taking tourist excursions half way around the world for specualtive projects which do not even come anywhere close to materializing are not helping the status of the university at all. Tier 1 and affordable are not things than can co-exist. That's like saying Cadillac should sell you can Escalade that has a large V8 engine and gets 50 mpg priced at $20K; just not possible. The dirty little secret any university does not disclose is that once you get out of school and into a career you forget 95%+ of the material that is "book knowledge" and pick up 95%+ of the practical real world knowledge that is in your career. I had only one professor at UH admit to this. The idea that "we need to have world class instructors or our grads will be totally useless in the real world" is a total lie. The recruiters who offer people with a bachelor's degree a $20K+ signing bonus and a $100K+ job right out of school will still mostly go to Rice or St. Thomas. Alums of those private schools belong to an exclusive club and it is all about access. My reputation is based on my performance as a worker and the quality of my work once I entered the workforce. Getting that initial job was reliant on where I went to school. Now 7 years out it matters what I know and what I can do. UH become a tier 1 school or being driven down to junior college status will have no impact whatsoever on my life. The current students who will graudate soon are deeper in debt thanks to increasing costs and they face the worst job market in modern American history. This is the wrong time for the admin. to have a good time. I guess my crime is giving a rat's behind about students that are still there and what kind of things they are having to pay for that do not benefit them. BTW, do you work for UH or any public funded entity, govt. or otherwise?
  7. Just because other schools have this kind of compensation does not make it okay for UH to do it. UH is a very different type of school from the other you listed. This is not the traditional 4 years away from home and all you do is go to school and go back home for breaks and summer. There are many people who work full/part time to make tuition and most people live off campus so there are added expenses. A&M and UT are very traditional in that way and their students are not as strapped for cash as UN conterparts are; in my experince. Yeah, someone drove around the UH campus in an Aston Martin when I was there and I am sure some kids at UT and A&M eat ramen noodles as a staple by necessity. But looking at the bigger picture UH students do not come from as privilaged homes. No one with power at the univeristy seems to think "maybe if we quit spending $120K a year on alcohol or sold the 6 million dollar mansion that requires $400K of upkeep each year as well as cut other wasteful spending the tuition will not rise over 50% in 6 years". I have no personal beef with Khator but she is not saving anyone money. She, as well as any other chancellor, could set an example and say they will forfiet all of the perks and put the money back into the school to maybe start a chancellor's scholarship fund that is distributed in a way where the maximum number of students get a lower fee bill. Even a drop of a few hundred dollars can mean one text book that is less of a financial burden to buy. Wayne's report at least got them to cut the booze and food out of their spending; so they say. He should keep attacking them like a maddog. I'm no Wayne fan because the hurricane Rita reporting he did was pure stupidity but he's right on this one and I love when he goes after METRO and HISD officials that also waste money and just do not care about the consequences. If anyone defends their booze, $200+ lunches, and trips to India on the students' dime then you are defending the indefensible.
  8. EXCELLENT thread! In the mid 1980s when I was a kid I saw the abondonded remains of 2 of those drive in's on that map. The one at the HWY 225 and Red Bluff intersection had the screen still standing until sometime in the late 80s. I used to see it all of the time when we went to Pasadena. The one off of S. Main still had some of the concession stand structure and the poles that held the speakers there back in the 80s as well. I wish I photos. Anyone know when the power plant near S. Post Oak and S. Main was demolished and removed? If you look in google maps the exact space of the power plant is still there. Nothing has been built on the site; an empty pad exists. Was there contamination in the soil? A new residential area is built to the south and to the NE there is Houston sports complex. I've seen it in a photo of Westbury taken from the air in 1960. Sam Houston airport was still alive back in 55....wow....Westbury South sits right on top of it these days.
  9. No one at this PUBLIC school should make more than $150K MAX. The only perk the chancellor should get is to have reserved parking on the first floor of the garage. No wonder every administrator there has this laid back attitude of "I have a sweet deal, no way I will get fired, and we will never go out of business". I think I should apply for a job shuffling papers and going to lunch "meetings" where everything is paid for. The chancellor is under the microscope because of a job title. I bet the middle management has a very sweet setup. Put in about 20 years and get a full pension with medical benefits to retire before age 50 and live a low stress life. Nice work if you can get it.
  10. I doubt it. For one the broadcast aired the night of the Rockets game and on a Friday night so not as many people saw it. A Monday 10pm time would have been better. Oh, and all of this is legal because it is in her contract and fully approved by the university/ the board of regents.
  11. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=...&id=6804334 Just some of the notable things: $425K salary rent free/bill free living in a $6 million mansion. $3600 per month cost of maintaining landscaping at mansion. $50K car for free with driver, free gasoline, and free washes. $14K a year membership to the Houstonian. Opera tickets $500 bed sheets Large screen HDTVs with pretty much all channels that exist. Free housekeeping etc.... I am an 02 grad and back in those days I saw increases in tuition each year as projects that were a total waste of money were being started or completed. Since then, the most major things to have gone up at UH are the parking garage and the fitness/health center which were both a total waste of money and multimillion dollar projects. Um, that was back when the economy was still growing each year. The times in which we now live call for frugal spending at a PUBLIC school. If this was Rice or St. Thomas they could pay the chancellor more than Alex Rodriguez and that would be fine with me. It's deplorable that students have to take on debt to pay ever increasing tuition with the excuse for said increases being inflation or expansion of the university for a better experience when much of it is just blatant in your face wasteful spending. Scroll to the end of the page in the link to see an XLS file on tuition increases from 02-08. This is DEPLORABLE and I was disgusted by this video.
  12. I was at an estate sale today at 1826 South Blvd. 77098 and it was like going back in time several decades. Well, it was a little more special for me cause I went to Poe Elem. School just a 1/2 block away when I was a kid and must have ridden my bike past this house a million times in the 80s. Anyway, the house was built in 1931 and is compeletly historic. Just walking though the rooms you get a feel of how life must have been for the well to do Houstonian of the 1st half of the 20th century. The house is up for sale for just over a million bucks and I am sure the next owner will just demolish it and build a 4,000 sq ft monster on the lot. It belonged to the late Dr. Rudolpho Miliani. Scroll down this page to read the Chronicle article about him. http://kathmanduk2.wordpress.com/2008/08/1...ance-8-17-2008/ He was a pretty amazing fellow and I kind of felt sad to see his stuff being sold off and the fate of the house being what it is compounded it. I think they close at 5 on Saturday but it is definately worth the drive. BTW, I am NOT affiliated with the estate sale in any way, I am NOT promoting their sale, and I DO NOT market anything being sold. I AM saying it is a wonderful chance for people on this board who appreciate old Houston homes to check one out. The bathroom on the second floor was stunning....looked all origional and such craftsmanship in there. I wish I win the lottery Saturday.....I'd buy that place and restore her to her former glory.
  13. Here are the ones from my street in Westbury. What I saw when I opened my door: Directly in front of my house 2 20-25 ft trees from the house on the other side of the street crashed and left me only a 6ft wide area to pull my cars out. My house is on the left of this photo but it is not pictured for online safety reasons (stalkers, killers, marketers, etc). Doing a 180 degree turn and looking down 2 blocks is another giant tree downed. I was lucky to have one street open or I would have been stranded for a LONG time. Sunday I went down to Victoria to buy a generator and supplies. On the way back I see a convoy of 20 State Farm cars and trucks to help with claims. Almost every car or truck coming up 59 had the 5 gallon gas cans and/or generators on them. The window A/C unit at Lowes for $125 was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!! I had not slept in 3 days...maybe 1-2 hours a night and nothing the night of the storm. I was VERY lucky....A few homes around here had trees fall on them and crush the roofs. My house and cars had no damage whatsoever plus I had water and natural gas the whole time. I lost power at 9:30 the night of storm and was hot and humid until last night. I am coming to you on generator power now. The sound of the wind and the debris hitting the side of the house is pure horror when you are borded inside. I think the gusts were 80-90 mph in this area. My pecan tree would have fallen if the storm went another few hours in my estimation.
  14. YIKES....I just flipped to KHOU and someone apparently said you should write your SS# on your forearm so they can identify you if you die. Who said that? Galveston area officials? They were in the middle of the blurb when I changed the channel.
  15. From what I have seen: KHOU....best weather men (Gene and Doc) who explain the most clearly and give wind forecasts. KTRK....best live footage from the field. KPRC....too much fear mongering. YES this is a major storm and it will cause bad things to occur but right now is not the time to scare people who are already nervous at best and devastated at worst. KRIV...pretty bad coverage...they use too many still pictures with someone on the phone to tell some story. It is supposed to be TV with moving pictures....not radio on the idiot box.
  16. KPRC was at their best in fear mongering again late Thursday night when Billingsly said power transformers snap and fail around 70 mph wind speed and it may take weeks before power is back on for most people. I was a kid when Alicia hit and power came back within 2 days. We lived about 2 miles from the St. Thomas campus at the time and I can clearly recall going to sightsee the Dunlavy overpass on HWY 59 where people were swimming and using small boats in the 5-10 ft of water in the freeway to pass the time when the lights were out. 25 years ago they did not have the technology to find exact locations of power failure as they do now and HL&P was a regulated and much smaller organization than the now deregulated industry which is much larger. This is the 4th largest city in the US and not having power for weeks would cripple the national economy. I would think the Port/refineries will get top priority but after that it will be the people. Shame on KPRC again. As for KTRK, least this time Wayne Dolcefeno was actually on the Gulf with some choppy waves instead of going to the east side and acting like the sub 39 mph winds of Rita were over 100 mph.
  17. I took her class in 91. She taught english I think....probably a hippie of the 60s cause she was obsessed with Simon and Garfunkel. The albino kid was named Trevor and was very good at art. There was also a kid that went there during that time who was burned like on 100% of his body. I did not know him perosnally but the story was that he was in a car wreck where his dad's car bust into flames and they did not manage to get him out in time. His skin was all scar tissue but surprisingly the other kids got along with him well. Usually at that age (even adults) lack the maturity to just let things be and not make a big deal out of something that is in someone's past.
  18. I used to watch nearly daily before I had an internet connection at home in the 90s. These days I just watch the 9pm CW news a few times a week cause they tend not to sensationalize or dumb down the news as the other do. Well, KHOU is also pretty good but they lean too far pro-yuppie and seem to hate the status quo when it comes to Houston; watch them maybe 2 times a week. KPRC and KTRK fear monger like crazy so fogetaboughtit with them.
  19. I agree. I started listening to the oldies on 94.5 around 1996 or so in high school. Those songs you don't hear anywhere but internet radio. Whatever Clear Channel touches turns to garbage. When the Afghanistan and Iraq wars were started they pulled all of the anti-war Vietnam era songs from the playlist. First of all they have no business forcing their politics on the listeners and secondly a majority of the people think "who'll stop the rain" is just about a rainy day and some weatherman named Bobby.
  20. There was a similar street just north of W. Bellfort on the east side of where it meets Beltway 8. The road branched off of W. Bellfort and was a shortcut to the belt. It shut down a few years ago for the same reason. This road was outright scary at night....trees on both sides about 10-15 feet tall...trash...no one around for at least a mile. It was destined to be murder site or for dumping of bodies. I think it is still accessable on foot but I wouldn't reccommend checking it out.
  21. Search reveals locations so I thought I'd ask someone who has been through it already if such a person is on HAIF. My 68 yr old dad got a ticket for making an illegal right turn on a red light. I think he slowed down to under 5 mph and wrote the court a small memo about how that is how people drive in the real world and he thinks the ticket is unfair when a policeman in a squad car would not pull someone over for doing that. Anyway, his appeal was denied and they still want $75 OR he has to pay $10 file for another appeal where he will be able to make his case to a judge in person. He is pretty much outraged that it costs $10 to see someone who is supposed to be working for the public to begin with. KTRK recently did a story where a similar case was thrown out when the defendant had 3 of these tickets against her. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=...&id=6152611 Anyway, he is not a lawyer by profession so he is willing to pay up to even $150 (twice what the ticket was for) to have it thrown out. Better the money go to someone who is doing something to help people being swindled out of money than the criminal govt. that is making deals with private companies to raise cash and talk about safety when the cameras have done nothing to change accident stats.; he says. He is retired and has tons of free time to play games with them if they want to. Questions 1&2 are: Who is a good lawyer that takes red light camera cases and wins? What can this cost? Question 3: What will happend if he just does not pay? He owns his house outright, his cars are all paid for, he does not use credit cards, and he will not be buying another house/car on payments ever, etc....in other words a good credit report is meaningless to him. He canceled his last credit card the week he retired about 8 years ago and never looked back. Someone told me the ticket is a matter of civil court so if you do not pay they just had it over to a collection agency which will mean they will call him and send letters to make him settle. He does not pick up his phone 95% of the time anyway....when I call I have to say "dad....it's me if you are there pickup". If it was a criminal offense then they could issue a warrant for arrest and you could go to jail next time a cop pulls you over for a moving violation. What would you suggest? He's really been pissed off at the municipal courts since 2001 when he got his first ticket after 35 years because a cop was behind him on the freeway and kept trying to go around but couldn't pass so he flashed his lights. Dad thought he was getting pulled over but the cop says he wanted him to move aside to let him pass. Anyway, dad slowed down....the cop was still trapped behind his car so when dad pulled over to the side of the highway the cop pulled over too and gave him a ticket for failure to pull over fast enough or something like that. The cop himself said he wanted to pass but then said the ticket was for not pulling over....kinda contradicts itself there. Dad said he could not get over fast cause traffic was heavy. It cost him something like $125 plus defensive driving. Anyway...since then he's been pissed at the court and does not want them to get a cent of his money.
  22. I went there and graduated in 97. Hopefully, the principal is not the same one we had then. Mrs. Collins was obsessed with the power of the job and really did not seem to care about the students. She only remembered the names of the few kid that were brown nosers. Now Mr. Robinson was VP around 1995 and was the best administrator I had ever known anywhere. He knew EVERY SINGLE student by name, said hello to everyone he passed in the hallway, and never behaved like he was high and mighty while everyone else (except the principal of course) was beneath him. Honestly speaking the school was good as far as safety and class size. There were a few kids that smoked weed but there was no serious crime problem with stuff like gang activity, drugs, assualts, etc.... BUT....people cheated like crazy on exams and papers. The math and science program was intense yet I'd say maybe 5-10% of the kids took things seriously. Even the nerds mostly just cared about what was needed to get an A instead of learning something new and getting the big picture. Baylor College of Medicine probably funded the equipment and facility needs more than anything else. The preceptorship as a senior where you go out the work in the med center for 3 months is good exposure to real world stuff but again people did not take it seriously. My class started with about 270 people and only 137 graduated. No one failed and was held back; losses were mostly due to transfers back to the home school. Starting in 1996 Baylor started giving 10 students in each class full paid tuition for a 4 year BS at U of H followed by free med school at Baylor with the condition that you must have had at least a B+ GPA as an undergrad. I think only 6 of the 10 in my class made it all the way to an MD. The program was completely cancelled sometime around 2001 when my sister graduated from the school. I have no idea what kids are like in that part of the world but if they are anything like kids in the HISD version the school will not do what it was intended to do for as many kids as they wanted to build medical careers for. BTW, I didn't go into a medical career and neither did 5 of my closest friends. In fact, of the 5 kids with the top GPAs 3 became lawyers.
  23. What years did you go there? I was in Vangaurd from 91-93. Mr. Freeman was also a great teacher. I think he became an administrator in subsequent years. He used to teach American history in 8th grade and made the presentation fun. He also made us do a political project in 1992 during the election months where we went to the Bush, Clinton, and Perrot Houston campaign HQs and got info, buttons, stickers, etc...I must still have that stuff somewhere in my house...wow...it has been 16 years already! I wasn't a popular kid in that school of roughtly 3200 but I kind of started liking it in 8th grade cause I got used to things. I think the block schedule format was put in starting in 92-93. We used to go to 7 classes a day prior to that and the day flew by with less than an hour each place. There was some guy named Seth Stone that the whole school worshiped....I think he was class of 91 or 92. Even the teachers used to treat the guy like a VIP.
  24. HAHAHA..I do remember he had a comb-over around 1993. The guy always wore suspenders instead of a belt. The administration's office space in that school is magnificnet. I opted out of gym and worked in the mail room during 8th grade because I had broken my arm earlier in the summer and it was still in a cast. I met Lanclose in her office the day I started. The place was jaw dropping....deep carpets, highly polished ebony furniture, etc...like a 5 star hotel. Most other school just have particle board covered with simulated wood furniture. Lanclose had the dream job. Was Mr. Moore (art teacher) still there? He bought a new Mitsubishi 3000GT in 1991 when they first came out. This car was well out of the price range of what a teacher's salary could buy. He also dresses in silk shirts daily and had lots of expensive jewelry/watches. I think he was a drug dealer, pimp, or gigolo on the side. Who was the dean of instruction when you were there?
  25. oops...it was Cook road at Bissonett. Look on google maps...it is the large building on the SW corner. The X-mas store used to be in the center anchor space of that strip mall. The year was probably 1988 when I was last in that store.
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