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  1. I doubt anything will be going in where the building stood. The north side of Pasadena is economically depressed and is shambles. The major retailers have almost all pulled the plug on the mall. The strip malls and restaurants are on the low end of retail. No one is getting into bidding wars to purchase residential real estate in that area. The city will pick up all of the rubble and leave the pavement/parking lot as is then put a lot for sale sign on it. The only way some major investment in a structure will be made is if a local, state, or federal building is constructed in
  2. Great thread. I've lived in the area about 17 years and these are the changes I have seen: The shopping center next to Westbury Square: Blockbuster closed about 6-8 years ago and became a cash advance store The anchor store was an HEB in the late 1990s. They had a chronic problem with shoplifting and finally called it quits around 2005. The store identical in size at Chimney Rock and S. Brasewood still exists. The HEB that closed became a 99 Cent Only store. In 2009 that chain was going to close all Texas stores but they changed their minds. Meyerland Auto used to be at the Chimne
  3. I was the complete opposite; I used to hate Studio 30 because of the giant parking lot and how that whole area in those days had the wannabe "racers" with car culture going on. They used to drag race at lights on Westheimer all of the time and it kind of lead up to that notorious HPD raid in the K Mart parking lot where they grabbed pretty much anyone who was young and hanging out there that weekend in August of 2002 to charge them with trespassing since they were not even in vehicles and could not be charged with a moving violation. Over 200 people got arrested because that's how bad the st
  4. I remember all of those things very well. I went to Lanier from 91-93 and we lived in that area when I was a kid. Next to Academy was a Western Auto store that had glossy black glass like flooring. The car dealer was Hub Buick that moved out to 290 during the 90s because the value of the land soared. My dad would have his car serviced at that dealer and spent $800 something once to repair the a/c which was a freakin lot of money in those days. But he once bought OEM GM made in USA shocks for his car from there around 1986 and paid about $12-15 each which tells you how the purchasing po
  5. UPDATE The Westbury Centerette, the Exxon ruins, and the strip mall next to Autozone are history now. The teardown started about 2 weeks ago and they have already hauled off the waste. Now they are breaking up the pavement to go down to soil that has not seen daylight in over 50 years so I assume they will start building soon. In other words, this is not just a tear down and leave it looking ghetto with the foundation and parking lot still there kind of deal. These were taken yesterday March 30, 2015 facing southwest on Cedarhurst at Moonlight. The laundry place was right at the corn
  6. In the late 1980s is when I last noticed that sign; sad to see it gone. They were fools to cut it up. It could have been sold to a private collector if they did not want that roach to be associated with the company any longer.
  7. I just need a little over $9.5 mill and I would buy it. http://search.har.com/engine/2307-River-Oaks-Bl-Houston-TX-77019_HAR17501491.htm The county records show a major renovation was done in 2007 so I doubt it looked exactly like that in the days he was there but still kind of a cool part of history to own. He actually died in the house in 1993. http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl/1993_1121241/frank-sharp-dies-in-sleep-at-age-87-success-scanda.html
  8. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7310659.html The red light camera issue was nothing compared to this. Most people I know don't even know about the downtown cameras that already number in many and will soon number in many many more. How soon before they put a camera in your house and your car so they can "help you" if you are in trouble?
  9. Really? In the same location? It had shut down for a few years. Last time I was there was maybe 2007ish.
  10. GREAT thread and I'm glad I found it. I actually went by that Sears in Santa Monica, CA in January of this year. The famous pier is just a short walk away and unfortunately the LA traffic kept me from doing both attractions so I chose the pier. FYI it costs $5 to park in that Sears but the pier parking is free if you stay under an hour in the winter time. Anyway...getting back to Sears downtown Houston. My memories with it go back to the early 80s when my dad worked downtown and would go at times to buy tools. He took me there sometimes on the weekend and I distinctly rememeber the escalato
  11. Excellent photos by all in this thread. I flew in to HOU on gloomy and cloudy days this year. The pilot kept swaying the plane right and left on the most recent flight so it got very quiet inside. I'll have to take photos the next time. LoneStarMike, what camera did you use and what airline had windows so clean you can't tell they are there in photos?
  12. I recently completed the final treatment with a local Houston area doctor and would reccomend him to anyone in town because of the outstanding service and attention to detail. It would be kind of nice to have an area of HAIF someone could go to read up on a doctor, car dealer, painter, etc... Perhaps to avoid any liability with phoney bad reviews written out of spite only allow postings of positive experiences so those businesses and people can get more business from HAIFers who know will know where to go for good service. The bad things kind of tend to weed out themselves if people know abo
  13. They should get rid of both Greg Hurst and Lucy Noland. Both seem very phoney and like plastic people. They are a poor fit for a historically southern town that is not about those things. They will never find another Steve Smith but maybe give Len Cannon the top job and find another lead female anchor. Cannon is pretty good and does not sensationalize or BS at all. The interview he did with Rick Perry the last time he was up for election was awesome. Greg Hurst did one as well but his was not nearly as good. Ron Trevino is also a good anchor at KHOU and should perhaps do the morning show
  14. I voted against all 3 props. because we do not need a rain tax and because IMHO residency requirements to run for local office should be more like 5 years instead of even 12 months. We should not have outsiders who do not know the city well and have been a part of it become leaders here. If they want to become true Houstonians give it time and then qualify. On the red light cameras; I am against them because: -$44 million dollars pretty much went and left the city economy; to Arizona in fact....did not even stay in Texas -The disgusting relationship of city govt. and private business to stri
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