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  1. Its Doc's motorworks (I think thats who you meant). Their facebook page confirms: Doc's Bar & GrillMay 30Construction for Doc's Motorworks in Houston on Westheimer & Yupon is set to begin and fundraising is going great! We're getting excited for another Doc's to add to our family! Get on board and get excited with us!
  2. This property is under contract by a residential developer who is not adverse to retail on the ground floor, so keep your fingers crossed.
  3. The license is actually for two concepts. The wine bar will be next to Byrd's. Byrd's should be open in a few weeks. Everyone should check it out and help make it a permanent institution. Heres a pic I took of it.
  4. The Origin deal died mid last year when the market fell apart (or even just before). The owner has assembled more dirt together, I think its about 45 or 50,000 sf now. But his cost basis is high and simply put, nothing makes sense to build here right now. Especially if its not a dense project. Even if he had a 50% leased building its hell to get a loan right now. Trader Joes would be great anywhere in the inner loop, but they wont come to Houston unless they do Austin, Dallas and San Antonio at the same time and retailers are trying to survive, not expand right now. However, email them and t
  5. Check out Winter Street Studios. They have over 80 local artists in the space. http://www.winterstreetstudios.net/
  6. From this thread of course! Thats how I heard about it also. You should put the building demo video to Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack! (great movie if you haven't seen it)
  7. Yep, Im in those pics. My girlfriend and I showed up late to the party. We had gotten in from the bars/Tacos a gogo around 4am, so waking her up at 6:30 was not fun! I don't think she actually woke up until the explosions went off.
  8. Thanks for the viewing tip! There was only 10 people on top of the garage and it looked like a few hundred at the "official" viewing area. My camera buffer filled up on all of the "pre-blasts" before it fell down, but I got a few good shots. You can see all of them here
  9. I do love the beef ribs at Pappas. Goode company is a houston classic. Ive got to add Beavers to the list, especially if you like the Carolina pulled pork with vinegar.
  10. Beavers just hired Jonathan Jones (who was the head chef for Maxs when they opened and recently worked for Cordua) as the head guy. Hes really cooking up a storm. If you havent been, check it out. If you have been and didnt like it, give it another shot. The sweet potatoe fries are getting a makeover as well. Take 2 min and watch the video review below. Kristen 2 Go's video report
  11. Beavers has been cooking up food and serving drinks since Monday. www.beavershouston.com
  12. Beavers on Washington has been cooking up good BBQ since Monday! With a new head chef, the foods better than ever. www.beavershouston.com
  13. I finally made it by the last day of the show today. Some of the photos were really great! This looked like a cool event for the first one, but I would really like to see it take over more of the gallery next year, as there are lots of great amateur photographers in the 600 sq miles of our city.
  14. I am in the process of creating a startup retail concept and I am looking for an assistant who has a personal passion for green design and seeks to take meaningful steps things to change the world. Up for a challenge?? Some retail / design experience is a plus. This is a green startup and I need someone organized, efficient in Microsoft suite programs, extremely enthusiastic, adaptive, good with paperwork. This startup has the opportunity to become a large scale rollout and this person would be involved on the ground floor with the possibility of upside in the future. About the Company This i
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