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  1. Again, I think you too misread. That's the MO of the wannabe-hip crowd. The ones that can't actually afford the lifestyle they're trying to emulate. You can watch these creatures in the wild at Meteor. Gays are some of the worst.
  2. Well its still shown as a "project" on Allen Bianchi's site: http://www.allenbianchi.com/projects_des.p...ct_auto_id=4904 But then I'm sure you could still find the Chariots of Fire Tower listed somewhere as a "project". I love the design and think balconies would be a horrible idea. I've lived in two high-rise apartments on the 18th and 28th floors and the balconies were tiny and way too windy to do anything on. You couldn't have a grill (city ordinance) and two chairs barely fit out there. When I'm paying a premium to own a high-rise condo in a market where you can get a 5000sf house for 250k, I want every square inch of it to be year round livable space. I think the location is a good decision. Every room in every condo above the 3rd floor would have amazing, unobstructed views, and isn't that what most high-rise dwellers buy for? Putting it in the galleria area or downtown or the med center would lessen the availability of of those views and risk having an office tower or faux lofts built right next to it.
  3. Reading the post might help. I didn't use code words. I quite blatantly said wannabe rappers and pretend ghetto gangsters. I'm not sure where the code words are in either of those terms. It was brought up earlier in the topic about the and shootings in both downtown Houston and the parking lot at a club in Dallas. Whether its black, white, hispanic, or even Asian, a culture (explained: rap & hip hop) that uses fear, denigration, and hate as a means to control others is not something most "young urban professionals" (explained: self-reliant, financially secure individuals) feel comfortable being around. No one likes being outside of their social group whether it be hipsters, rappers, or countryboys.I mentioned kiddies in reference to the fact that large-scale 21 & up clubs in this area eventually lower their entrance age in order to keep their attendance up. Hence "kiddies" (explained: kiddies = 17 - 20.99 year olds).
  4. I'm looking for an old church building that has great, classic design that is either condemned or abandoned within the city limits (preferably in the midtown area). I saw one once near all those Urban Lofts near PE but haven't been able to find it again. It looked like it was just the walls left. Does anyone have any photos or suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Upon further research there doesn't seem to have been a remodel -- just a name change. Our design of the club cost nearly 8 million dollars -- I doubt they remodeled it again after just 4 years. Guidelive says this: "Downtown
  6. On the nightclubs issue. I'd have to agree with the poster that mentioned the "thug life" element killing downtown. It happened in Dallas with Deep Ellum and even a club my firm helped design (Blue). We created it to be "the" place to go with a restaurant, amazing sound system and light show, and several floors and VIP "levels" that, depending on the membership you purchased, you were given access to. When it was done, it was amazing and billed as one of the downtown destinations to visit. My old business partner still lives there and said the last time he went (a year or so ago), they weren't charging a cover anymore and it was filled to the brim with pretend ghetto gangsters (that probably lived in Frisco or some suburbania) with big asses and boobs all hanging out everywhere. There was a supposed drug related shooting in the parking lot in 2005 which made it all the more thug-like. I looked around and I don't even think the club is open anymore -- their website is down and there's a new one in its place called Cirque.
  7. I found an article (a while ago) that said they weren't going to start on this project until sometime next year.
  8. I hate to point out the obvious, but the naysayers have a foundation for their /our/ skepticism. Orion... Scamrock... both had pretty little sales centers/models/trailers and neither amounted to squat. When the sales offices mysteriously close and will reopen "soon", emails are sent out saying that floorplans and pricing aren't "available", and the website information isn't right and is "being updated", something's up. Websites don't take months to update, brochures don't take months to print, and established pricing that's now being refigured means the plan they had isn't going to work and they're having to make changes. Sure they may be building the apartments and thats great. But I'm not going to buy an apartment/condo conversion. They're usually built on the cheap and I don't want to hear my neighbors walking around upstairs no matter what the view.
  9. Has anyone heard anything about this project lately? I know there are construction cranes, but has anyone seen them DOING anything? I went by there Thursday (around 10am) and Friday (around 3pm), the sales office was locked, no cars in the parking lot, and all the lights were out. I went back this weekend (1pm on Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday) and there's now a sign in the door that says "The Sales Office will open again soon." edit: I just got an email this morning from the marketing director for Phillips saying the Sales Office will reopen again in a few weeks and that brochures, floorplans, and pricing are not currently available but that she'll email me when they are. Which is odd... since the floorplans are already posted on their website. I smell something...
  10. goodfella-- MAHARISHI GLOBAL DEV FUND was the previous owner and I don't remember what the Director's name was.... just that he personally answered the phone that was listed on the organization's website. Must be a big company with a lot of employees. Oh... and he had a REALLY bad squeaking chair.
  11. houstondevelopment -- any word on whether there's a buyer for 2727?
  12. Are they not working on other parts of town? I could have sworn there was some sort of construction in the Galleria area. And Midtown. And the Heights. Wait a second, Houston's ALWAYS under construction!
  13. Saturday I was told they said 130psf. They don't have a lender... They are sort of, without going into much detail... government?
  14. hmmm... i'll have to ask who they spoke with and how much they offered (ballpark). last time i spoke with them i was told 145/150
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