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  1. Not real sure where at this time. I know I want it to be in Midtown. I went driving around on Saturday to see what was around there and where I could go if I wanted to do work on my house in Midtown. I also took a look at what was missing from those stores. Franchising is not for me. Fees are outrageous and I would be restricted on what to stock and so forth.
  2. Thanks for the reply guys! I am thinking of opening a place around there. Real urban like (because that's me) something like an Ace but more of a building materials type as well. Something where someone could get some help on flooring some molding if need be. I am going to be real connected with the community unlike other places. Thanks again and keep em coming
  3. What do you all think about having an home improvement store around the Midtown area? Every time I need something for the house, I have to go all the way to Home Depot. I mean something that is not huge, but has pretty much everything you need?
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