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    Born in Houston, raised on the gritty streets of Katy, educated at The University in Austin, perfecting my architecture hustle in New York.
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    Architecture, Urbanism, Texas Longhorns, Houston Astros, Rockets and Texans.
  1. None of the designs for the Bank of the SW ever did anything for me. The winning design looks like the 2 tallest buildings they buily in Philly around the same time. Besides a few examples, mostly in Houston, I'm just not down with post-modernism. Houston's downtown skyline is almost perfect in several ways. I've always had a hard time imagining an addition that is taller than the current tallest 2 buildings, whatever they may be called nowadays. It'll happen, and for the cities' sake, I hope it does, but I don't like the proposals that have been submitted so far, regardless of whether they'll be built or not.
  2. Such a sad way to flame out. Thankfully, he left us with so much great work, among which is the most elegant, most accurate, and most poignant single sentence ever composed about our beloved burg. | | V
  3. Just like Intercontinental, it's always going to be Transco to me. I didn't like the new lighting when I was down for X-mas. It doesn't do anything for the building except make it look planer than it appears during the day. I hope it was just the uptown x-mas lighting and not something permanent.
  4. The closing of the Post was a travesty that Houston has yet to recover from. The Post was a superior paper in every facet than the comical. Ultimately, the comical had to resort to dirty tricks to take down the Post, and equally outrageous was that nothing was done about it. Houston would be a much better place with the Post still around.
  5. That's what Greater Katy is all about. Shouldn't surprise anybody. If you wan the old Katy, move there.
  6. HoustoniaNYC

    Great Mod

    I don't think the foil wallpaper is critical to the design of that house. The wallper simply makes the bathroom too dark, and from what I can tell, doesn't particularly go well with the blue tile, which I too love. I think it's acceptable to change the wall paper and/or colors of a house as long as the structure remains intact and becomes a home for someone. Anyways, that living room is fantastic with that bench and really is a more critical part of the house to preserve.
  7. It's not about "looking" cutting edge, it's about being honest, and maximizing contemporary materials, methods, and design to their fullest potential. An elegant, clever, or bold facade is one thing, but there's more to it. What is this building supposed to do and how do the architectonics of that building facilitate and/or accomplish this program? Ultimately, since the building has such a supposed high purpose in our society, then how does this building reflect upon that and therefore upon us? More than anything, this building isn't exceptional at all. It's quite banal, even with it's facade and tacky top. If we live in a representative democracy, a government for the people by the people (via elected surrogates), then this municipal building speaks of our government, and therefore us, as being as unexceptional as it is. I refuse to believe the city that built the Astrodome more than anything else as a monument to our ability to land a man of the moon as unexceptional, although there are many who believe it is. I'm not just talking about folks outside the metro area, but people who live and breath and make a living in this city without much less a damn or even contempt for their environment. It's called apathy, and it's a cronic disease this city has suffered through time and time again. This building is an exceptional example of that.
  8. Hey thanks y'all for the warm welcome. This site is a fantastic resource. I had no idea that this forum was older than it appears. I was just giving a suggestion to what seemed a young site. I'm looking forward to building this thing up again.
  9. Density folks! If we're going to preach it, let's start here! This site could almost be concentrated to 3 geographical forums: Inner Loop, Suburbs, Exurbs. Cities are diverse with everything interconnected in even the strangest ways. This site has everything too catergorized. Why shouldn't a thread on the Shamrock be right next to a Houston MOD thread right next to a Light Rail Thread. It's the way in real life. Just my $.02
  10. No, but I just wanted to start a topic flaming Katy.
  11. SWA is to blame for killing the preposed revitalization of rail in Texas. Imagine being able to go from Dowtown to downtown S.A., Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth with a few stops in between and not needing a car to get to and from the airport (which is often a nightmare) much less not dealing with airport security and such. The rail networks of Europe and the Northeast, in particular the one here in the NYC metro area should be envied. It's a wonderful way to get around and an incredibly efficient way to move massive amounts of commuters. But hey, we got the best highways in the nation (as we should, because more money on highways than education, but I digress) and they're almost never crowded with traffic, especially when they've been expanded to 50 lanes wide.
  12. My grandma lives off of old Austin highway in a small neighorhood down by the river. She loves it. She's less than a 1/2 mile from the HEB, the old HEB/walmart stripmall, and the supersized Walmart, but once you turn down the dirt road down the slope of the river you'd never know. They've built a neighborhood with standard detached housing you'd find anywhere right next to her little neighborhood, but it's hidden by a huge over grown undeveloped lot that will stay that way. She lived in an old house that was originally in Austin but she cut it in half and moved it down the highway. It's been a great place for her to retire and I have many fond memories being there. If you wanted more seclusion though, and I'd suggest the other side of the river from the development on the highway. Bastrop was so stupid to not build feeder roads and allow development to front the highway. It's practically a glorified boulevard now. I wonder if they'll eventually have to build a spur like La Grange did.
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