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  1. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Lol, thanks so much! I would like to thank all the little people who made this possible...
  2. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    That’s an easy one - Mickey Leland Federal Building. 😏
  3. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    I knew I had seen this before, but I couldn’t place it at first - 7400 Fannin.
  4. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Maybe, maybe not. 😎 Seriously, though, I like solving puzzles and I am pretty observant - I guess it’s my engineering background. And I have done quite a bit of exploring around Houston myself, although not on a bicycle.
  5. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Haha, I figured that out. 😉
  6. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Thanks, it’s a bit more difficult without a map of your bike route. 😉
  7. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Apartment complex on N Braeswood between Aberdeen Way and Brompton.
  8. That’s very interesting about the Kincaid School. There is a post office and the recently built Muse apartment complex there now. I believe there was an old, garden style apartment complex where the Muse is currently, but don’t recall what preceded the post office.
  9. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Navigation Blvd just east of N Live Oak St
  10. Is there an available site plan for the completed campus? I could not find one on this thread or HISD's website. There is a lot of open land after all the building demolitions.
  11. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Behind the Starbucks on Gray at Smith
  12. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    UH, between Blaffer Art Museum and Moore’s Opera House. It is “Mobius Houston” by Marta Chilindron.
  13. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/Two-BuffBurger-restaurants-shutter-15007249.php BuffBurger, a Houston-based burger brand, has apparently shuttered two of its three locations. A lockout notice for failure to pay rent was posted on the door of the restaurant at 1540 W. Alabama. And the location at 10550 Westheimer also is closed. The company’s website lists only the location at 1014 Wirt as open. Instagram also lists only the Wirt store as open.
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