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  1. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Health and Biomedical Sciences Building 1, UH campus
  2. Saw this around noon on the way to Bravery Chef Hall. On a side note, have been to Cherry Block, Blind Goat, and BOH (today), and all are great!
  3. danielsonr

    Skyline update

    As hindesky’s photos here and elsewhere in the site illustrate, the views from the Glassell School roof are remarkable in all directions. It’s a great spot for residents and visitors alike to experience central Houston.
  4. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Hmm, this one is tough.
  5. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Haha! No worries!
  6. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Rice campus, Wiess College
  7. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    MD Anderson Cancer Center - Visitor Parking Garage, 6900 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77030
  8. No. https://www.riveroaksgc.org/public-rental-information/
  9. It may be the view looking west from Crockett, but it’s hard to tell. The fourth rendering in Urbannizer’s October 22 post is the Westheimer frontage. You can see Uchi across Grant from the building.
  10. I thought so. The reason for my confusion is that Google Maps indicates 6900 Main is where the Wyndham Hotel is located.
  11. So, it was on the west side of Main, across Holcombe from the Shamrock Hotel? I could have sworn it was across S. Main from the hotel.
  12. Wasn’t there a movie theater on the property, or was it where the Shriner’s facility sits now?
  13. Or just get over it and move on. This is not the National Archives. It is a free forum where a few people have graciously volunteered as administrators in their spare time without pay. Maybe I’m wrong, but I would guess that the vast majority of members on this forum don’t care if thousands of posts from previous years are restored or not.
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