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  1. Unless there has been a change of ownership, I believe the vacant lot behind there is owned by the owners of 3100 Edloe. It has been used as overflow parking for that building for years.
  2. From the very same article: “Instead, the company has plans to collaborate with other developers and explore the possibility of future residential complexes “in the medium term.”” I believe this statement conforms with earlier information in this thread about the developer utilizing the parking lot(s) at the site for the construction of additional structures after the initial redevelopment of the existing structure.
  3. That was my initial reaction as well. The building renderings suggest more slender tubes. But, the renderings are also from a different perspective than the photos of the actual installed tubes.
  4. Yes. From Steven Holl Architects website, here is a photo of what appears to be a mock up of the lighting...
  5. I did as well! I loved studying each new edition. That sounds right. That was part of the fun of each new edition.
  6. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Ah, great. I spent too much time trying to figure out what the business was, but Google Maps / Streetview was not cooperating!
  7. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Is this at Navigation / Broadway and Hockley? Is that the same crane that is there now?
  8. https://public.earthcam.net/MFAHPII/Museum of Fine Arts Expansion/MFAH Expansion - Work Zone Cam/View 1
  9. If that’s their plan, it should be complimentary to their strategy to create a pedestrian friendly sreetscape around Texas Tower, the Preston, and the Calpine building.
  10. Also from the Steven Holl Architects website, model of the completed building...
  11. From Steven Holl Architects website, a rendering that illustrates the Kinder Building's glass tube facade...
  12. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    Ah, I never associated this garage with the Wedge building since it has an attached garage. But, now that god awful pink (?) color makes more sense.
  13. danielsonr

    Where Am I?

    The parking garage at the northwest corner of Milam and Clay
  14. I am disappointed that the improvements don’t extend down to Holman / HCC. Does Midtown Redevelopment Authority plan to improve the streetscape between Elgin and Holman.
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