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  1. I remember the jokes about the 3 nuns and also the mailman song from Moby. Things I don't think would be on the radio today.
  2. I remember Dentler's. They were in the brown and red bag. I would always find green or burnt potato chips in each bag. I thought that was normal back then. Poor little kid.
  3. I've also been trying to locate information for George Washington Jr. High. It is now the High School for Law Professions. I went there from 73-76. The school still has an amphitheater in the back.
  4. Hi, does anyone remember the following schools near the Heights? Cleveland Elementary, that was formerly on Jackson Hill. The original Ben Milam Elementary was on Center Street. Cleveland Elementary had a prime spot off of Memorial Parkway. After it was closed, it was part of HCC. It's been since torn down for apartments/condos. I attended there around 1965-1970. The architecture of the original Ben Milam struck me as kind of creepy as a kid. It was brick painted green, I believe and had a long series of steps on at least 3 sides of the school. Reminded me of a Mexican pyramid. The school was dark and creepy with wooden floors. The "basement" of the school was actually the ground floor. I believe the school was built around 1915. I think it was torn down in the '80s and rebuilt. Last year, it was closed down when HISD decided to merge it with Memorial Elementary. I attended this school around 1972-1976,
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