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  1. http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/...-person-around/ It seems that your posts are a more likely inspiration for that site. I don't think many people would call Chuy's "authentic" but it is really good food. Honestly, when you try to eat Mexican food outside of Texas, this is the kind of place you miss. I can find plenty authentic food made by Mexican immigrants in Chicago, but none of the overly cheesy, overly spicy Tex-Mex you get at Chuy's.
  2. I live next door to this. All they have done thus far is move dirt around.
  3. El Rey on Washington at shepard has good fish tacos, but I would still put berry hill's higher
  4. No, it's in between heights and studemont on washington. It occupies the entire southern side of Washington on that block. It's relatively new but pretty low end for the neighborhood. It's a huge lot and the space isn't used very efficiently (exclusively surface parking.) Most of the other complexes in the area have much nicer apartments and use their space a lot more efficiently. I hope the redesigned complex allows for some retail along the washington side.
  5. I think they're elm trees. I agree though. The area around Rice with all those big trees is maybe the prettiest area in Houston.
  6. Does anyone know how close the Rudy's is to completion? That's my favorite BBQ place in Austin and I've never been able to find anything like it in Houston.
  7. I think that's the new MD Anderson garage on Braeswood south of Holcombe. #4 on this map. http://www.mdanderson.org/departments/newconst/
  8. I don't know who's actually building the garage (the TMC or one of the individual hospitals on their own.) Either way, most of the garages in the med center are open to the public but expensive (~$10/day). That parking lot was an employee only lot though so who knows.
  9. I forgot I posted this. I walked by a few days later and looked closely. The poster on the side of the site said that it's going to be another parking garage.
  10. One of the park and ride lots at the smithlands light rail stop has been closed off for construction. Does anyone know what project is going on here?
  11. Why would A&M want to play LSU every year? It's an automatic loss on your OOC schedule. Is it going to help their recruiting to get manhandled by the Tigers in Houston each year?
  12. http://publicaffairs.uth.tmc.edu/media/new...ndbreaking.html From UT - Houston's website I don't think the Menninger Clinic is likely to be on this block. Aside from the Kroger at OST and Cambridge and the Marine facility, the rest of the block is owned by UT and MD Anderson. Menninger Clinic is a Baylor thing.
  13. These "Premium Outlets" aren't quite the same as the other outlet malls mentioned. They have much higher end brands than your typical outlet mall. My fiancee begs to go the Allen one whenever we're in Dallas to see my family. check out the list of stores http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=5
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