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  1. We could just get rid of 290. Upgrade the segment and call it I-10N and re-sign the Katy Freeway as I-10S.
  2. Sick: Dead bear cub covered in Barack Obama posters found at university
  3. I never order because of names. If there's an ingredient I don't like, I skip it.
  4. McCain was asking Russia for money. That's after taunting them last summer, so the Russians apparently told the media.
  5. Now it's on-topic. Do you have any insider information?
  6. Do you crib all of your posts from pamphlets?
  7. Lawsuit abuse. It's driving all US doctors into the poor house.
  8. Should this thread title be edited? Like the Phil Gramm one?
  9. D Magazine's editor endorses Obama: (Since I cannot post the whole thing, I will just choose an excerpt.)
  10. So why do you believe Obama would be bad for the economy? Pretax income has been higher across the board under Democratic presidents. That leads to higher tax revenues, which helps local governments to sustain lower rates.
  11. That would be two trillion dollars. Has it been that much already?
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