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  1. I don't know any specifics. But I knew someone who worked in Foley's Corp. I asked about Almeda and she said at that time it wasn't on a list that would indicate it was closing. But I don't know about the others you mentioned or if this information has changed since then. Don't forget Pasadena Town Square. I doubt that Foley's would become a Macy's.
  2. This place looks fab-u-lous. It'll be open on Sunday. So those of you out at open houses this weekend, come say hi. I'll be there taking another look. If you buy it you will have my neverending envy. I love my house, but this looks sweet with a much better location in the neighborhood than I have. 7711 LAKEWIND I can't post pics or links from work but I thought rps posted an exterior photo in another thread. Here's the HAR listing. http://www.har.com/8780128
  3. I don't think it's premature considering most visitors stick to the French Quarter which had minimal damage. I was there last November and enjoyed it. Friends of mine went for Mardi Gras and much more is open including Harrah's.
  4. Exactly. They did it before the construction too. During the construction many still did it using the extra wide shoulder area as their personal lane.
  5. Where on earth in Pasadena are your people in? My mom lives there (has for 30+ years) and hasn't experienced any of the above issues.
  6. There is activity in a corner spot of the new retail building. But I didn't get close enough to see a sign of the new tenant. There is a Panda Express going up across the street in the Lowes parking lot.
  7. When is the tour? I didn't put it on my calendar. Is anyone planning to go? Anyone interested in a Houston Mod meeting to go together?
  8. "hidden" is the way all my friends described Glenbrook when I moved in. I drive to Greeenway Plaza every day. I get on 45 at 7:00 am and the commute to the downtown exits is usually 10 minutes. I'm sure it's longer later in the morning. I thought it would be worse than it really is. I used to go 610 to 288 to 59. Then found out that despite how horrid it looked, 45 to 59 was faster. If you work downtown you have the option of the park and ride at Monroe if you'd rather not drive. I'd probably do that if I worked downtown. Good luck with your search wherever you decide to buy.
  9. Answering the Glenbrook call. rps is right about the Airport plans. Also Broadway is set to undergo a makeover. I dont know when it will start but the budget is done and the contractor is hired. Repaved streets, landscaping, sidewalks, etc. The city has plans to help make this a more appropriate look of Houston for the vistors coming in and out of the Airport. We are just starting a Hobby Area Chamber of Commerce for the area which should help with some of the blight areas and work to attract business. This benefits Glenbrook and the surrounding neighborhoods like Pecan Villas, Garden Villas
  10. I won't really be using a contractor for this. Just a DIY project with the counters and backsplash. My brother is a small contractor in Clear Lake area. He'll be helping me. Or in reality I'll be helping him. We've both done tile projects before. Luckily my cabinets are original so I only re-painted them and put original chevron handles back up. I found them in a bag in the garage. Jason's house is gorgeous so I would second his recomendation on his contractor.
  11. I was out getting signatures Saturday night and Sunday. Were you at the volunteer party Sunday night?
  12. Thanks for all the tips and links. I love the Boomerang, and have some samples. But once I choose my mosaic tile, I had to go with a solid laminate. The Boomerang clashed too much. I'll post some pics once I get the project going.
  13. My boss is opposite of you, she's moving to Ohio in a few months. I expect my job to be relocated there at some point. I'll be staying here. Just keep saying this if the humidity gets to you "You don't have to shovel it"
  14. I'm finally doing some minor remoldeling to my kitchen. Currently there is laminate/formica countertops and laminate backsplash. There is the small piece of metal "molding" where the countertop and backsplash meet. It appears to be aluminum, but not sure. I'm getting new laminated countertops in solid black and changing the backsplash to a mosaic tile (in white, lime green and black). Here are my 2 questions: Does anyone know where you can find the metal "molding" piece? Or even what it's officially called? I'm not sure in removing the original if I will be able to save it all. But I'd like to
  15. I'm lauging that we all must have run into each other at the Bellfort Kroger and didn't know it. I go there for basics. Like Danax I work near a really nice Kroger Signature and the Whole Foods so I just grab items on my way home if I need things that the Bellfort Kroger doesn't have. Mostly Boars Head deli products and decent meats/seafood. But the Bellfort Kroger does now carry St Arnolds beer. That's a major improvement I avoid the HEB at Gulfgate like the freakin' plague. It's beyond the mess that is Walmart. Also there is major retail and upgrading going in at Almeda. While not super cl
  16. It's amazing how great it is. I can't believe this project is running that far ahead of schedule. I ride 59 to and from 45 everyday. I'll be so glad when the inbound is done. It doesn't matter if I leave work at 4:30 or after 6:30 it's a mess.
  17. I attended the Hobby Area Chamber of Commerce meeting this morning. It was mentioned that the owner of the Santa Rosa theater property & the new retail/medical offices ajacent to it is still talking of saving the Santa Rosa. Possibly leaving the stage in place and using it as rental space for the community. We'll see if it happens. Unfortunately the owner also said they might stucco it to resemble the retail space developed next to it. Uggh.
  18. Opening 1:00 - 6:00 3221 Milam Street
  19. In case you didn't hear, Retropolitan Ballroom is reopening and having a party for shoppers looking for a sneak peak at her new merchandise. It's next Sat March 18th from 1:00-6:00. Retropolitan Ballroom is at 3221 Milam. It's located upstairs. Downstairs are other great retro shopping spots.
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