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  1. I'm getting bids to resurface my pool. It's your basic 20x40 simple rectangle. I'm trying to decide about tile options. The pool co. showed me your basic blue tile and some other that are more rustic. None I've seen are hitting me as something that compliments the my mcm home. I've looked online but can't find any close up pics of mcm pools to see the tile details. Anyone have photos of classic mcm pools? Any ideas? I've bought some great mosaic tile for my kitchen. Would that work for pool tile? Seems it would be more complimentary to the house than the normal pool tiles.
  2. Pap I understand that if you work there, you have a different perspective. But to some of us Mission Burritos isn't just a concept, it's quality food at a good price. Sorry I can't say the same for Casa Ole (and I am a native), Tortuga's or Monterry's. To me Casa Ole and Monterrey's are along the lines of a frozen tv dinner. So I'm more than a bit concerned.
  3. Red Scare the Houston/Harris County Kinky campaign office is open. 1915 Commonwealth at the corner of Welch. Open 10-5 M-F and 10-2 on Saturdays. Merchandise, literature and yard signs are there. Although last I heard the yard signs were going fast.
  4. Exactly, the people I'm speaking of were probably 33 at the oldest and not necessarily from Houston or Texas. So to them it wasn't news. They weren't born yet or were very, very young. To us 39 year olds living where it happened, it was all too real.
  5. I remember it well since I grew in Pasadena. Before OBryan we were able to visit strangers houses, host halloween games and parties in your garage, enjoy homemade treats, etc. Then nothing. I'm in another forum that is national. Some how this topic came up on that forum last year. I was surprised that the majority of people had always thought that this story was an urban legend since they were much younger than me and not raised in Houston. They didn't know that Halloween died because of a real case and a real child's murder. One girl called her mom to apologize for calling her paranoid every
  6. Bumping. I was at the 1940 Airterminal tonight for a group function. What an amazing building and how blessed we are that she's still standing. The plans for the continued restoration will truely make this a showplace of preservation in Houston. I encourgage everyone interested in architecture to go see building in person. Also every 3rd Saturday they host Wings & Wheels where old cars and planes are on display for visitors to tour and touch. That event is $10 for adults and only $5 for kids and includes lunch. Proceeds help fund the restoration. Go check it out for yourself if you haven'
  7. NOOOOO! I love Mission Burritos. Who is this MRI? I'm not familiar with what they own/operate. I'm guessing Monterrey House from the other posts? If that's the case they aren't near the top or even middle of the barrel that's for sure. Chipolte is lousy. Tried it 4 times in 2 different locations, nasty and boring. When I travel to Ohio for biz people try to take me there for lunch which I refuse everytime. They like that garbage for some reason. But then again they choose to live in Dayton OH. I like taquerias/taco trucks, but I like my Mission Burritos too. When I'm in the mood for my taco tr
  8. Agreed. It's one of the few teams where the banter and jokes don't seemed forced. Tom Koch is the best. There aren't many who can report serious news with the tone it requires and then joke with their co-horts naturally. He's the master.
  9. How did it go? I wish I could have made it out there.
  10. Damn, it was just a question. PapillionWyngs, I live near Park Place in Glenbrook. There has been some revitalization in the area since I've moved in 6 years ago. Will it ever look like a suburb, no. But the civic clubs are working hard to enforce restrictions that in many area seemed to be ignored. And a new Chamber of Commerce was just formed for the area to help improve residential and business in the area. There are plans like street improvements/beautification on Bellfort, Broadway & Telephone. But I don't know if any of these improvements and their impacts will come soon enough for p
  11. We had a girl night out there. It was fun and the turnout good. We too started at Buchanan's, then caught a trolley to olala on Studewood, then took a cab to 19th instead of waiting for a trolley. Ended the night with a trolley to Berryhills for some grub. Bought some cool items, we're ready for the next one. The trolleys seemed to disappear as the night went on. I wonder if they underestimated the crowd and didn't have enough.
  12. Question, isn't most of what we pay at the pump taxes anyway?
  13. An employee in the Almeda location store. Since they are the last open business in the strip center (well once Hancock officially closes) I asked if Best Buy was building their a new store like Circuit City did. Apparently they are, in Gulfgate.
  14. I love Naomi's on Park Place near 45. And also Taqueria Del Sol on the Park Place/Broadway circle.
  15. Rumor has it at minimum the land behind Ameda is getting razed. I know on one block behind the mall the the Best Buy is moving to Gulfgate, Circuit City has already moved (next to the new walmart), the Payless alredy closed/opened in Gulfgate, and the Hancock Fabric is running it's going out of biz sale.
  16. All the mod baby options I've heard of are online. But congratulations on the addition to your family!
  17. Actually it also helps those of us who work along the line. I'm not jumping on a bus from my office in Greenway to hit area business for shopping or food. But I would jump on the rail to go to lunch or shopping.
  18. I almost went to that fundraiser but my car repairs required my fundraising money. The local Kinky campaign store/offices will be opening soon in Houston.
  19. what was the rough $ of this? I have a flat roof and can't insulate.
  20. I'm going to try to go this Sunday.
  21. The format has definately changed. Old Creed and En Vouge for Christ's sake. I already turned off 104 in my office. It's what I used to keep on all day. And I'm very far from the 20 year olds that Corporate Radio Hacks think were attracted to the Atom and Maria show. I may be old but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy a rap or hip-hop song. I loved Maria Todd and thought Atom was a good mix to her. Thank goodness my iPod speakers for my office came in the mail yesterday. Not a day too soon.
  22. Space Age, I completely forgot about the ones you mentioned. I'm going to check those out. I haven't made a decision yet on what to do. I have lots of space to cover since I'm planning on 4 rooms and a hallway being the same flooring. I'm not sure if I can financially swing the Floorazzo for all of it with all my other projects that have to get done. We'll see. Maybe I'll do travertine
  23. personally I'd rather see Super Target at Almeda than Gulfgate. Woodridge is an such annoying stretch of road. I've stopped shopping in that area unless it's to Lowes and I can slip in and out on Telephone. I can only imagine the hell it could become if a Super Target was around. But a Super Target at either location would make me a very happy happy girl. Now I pay a toll to hit the Pasadena Target or haul to the one on Main street.
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