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    Vote for Houston

    I agree. They aren't going to add Austin unless it makes sense to do so. But I voted anyway and would love them at Hobby.
  2. I just threw up in my mouth a little looking at these
  3. No thanks, I get plenty of fireworks on Chinese New Year from the apartments on Broadway to last me all year.
  4. At some point you and your family's well being has to come first. It sounds like having a home care person come in regularly is a good option if she won't move into a facility. You might want to talk to people at your church. Maybe they know of church based programs in the Park Place area that could help with volunteers checking in on her and watching the dogs when she is in the hospital. Anything to alleviate your daily stress. Since you wanted advice I will say this, it doesn't sound like uprooting your family is the right thing to do. Particularly for someone who it doesn't appear would app
  5. I'm also looking for a drainage company. I have one area of my house where water drains into the house with heavy storms (very heavy storms not the average t-shorm). My house is an "L" shape and the drainage problem is in the corner of the L. I would look into installing french drains myself but the majority of space filling the L area is concrete and a pool. The house also sits at the back of the property line so the distance to the curb is huge. I think I need an expert to appraise what my options are.
  6. I tend to agree. All hype no ice. But that hasn't stopped one of my employees from calling me to see if we're expected to be at work tomorrow.
  7. I love stainless, but I think subway tile would be perfect.
  8. Now I'm going to be singing that in my head all night. You guys are really sending me down memory lane with all these references
  9. The Habitat for Humanity store on 610 (near Wayside) has tons of doors for free. We stopped in today to look around and all the doors outside were free for the taking. All sizes and types just stacked in piles and leaning against the walls. Just an fyi if you are looking for doors for any projects.
  10. Ferttita could move it to Kemah and make a ride out of it.
  11. Actually I was at that show. A friend of mine got tickets. I'll have to check out the dvd. And just to clarify, I don't stand in line either if I get concert tickets. I meant that more as a figure of speech not literally. Kind of like if I was to say "I got the new George Strait cd" what I probably meant was that I downloaded it from iTunes.
  12. Sugar Land, Pat Green, & ZZ Top. Los Lonely Boys would be good. It's not like I will stand in line for tickets. But hopefully I will know someone with tickets who doens't want these. I've seen all these acts in much more pleasing (read small) venues so I don't work too hard to go. The first time I saw George Strait was in Gilleys in the 80s. I've seen him at the Rodeo and I just find it annoying to watch a spec spin on a stage.
  13. I don't think posting signs is going to stop this activity. I second musicman's suggestion.
  14. I have noticed this more lately myself. I went into Gulfgate Home Depot before the Holidays and there were a couple of men loitering around the exits, not out at the end of the parking lot. I know a few people who have hired out of the parking lot, usually for help with moving.
  15. Thanks for having the open houses on tour today rps. We loved it. I loved seeing your home and the Colgate house. Great day. I know I must have been passing other haifers there since the crowds were quite large. Too bad we can't seem to get the mod next to me to shape up and participate.
  16. Exactly, I'm very much a regular at the Gulfgate Lowes. But for convenience you can't beat the smaller stores. And you can find an employee who can actually help you and answer questions.
  17. I always go to Lowes. HD only if I got a gift card or something. I also like the True Value/Ace place (I forget which it is) on Telephone. I've surprised myself many times finding what I wanted at a reasonable price. And I can get in and get out. I'll have to try the food-a-rama. Rob has been there before because the firefighters shop there. But I have never ventured in. I haven't stepped inside the Gulfgate HEB in probably a year. The last 2 trips before that I walked out and left my basket in disgust. Disorganized, no self checkout and people with a basket full of items clogging up the only
  18. Myself and several other friends will be taking the tours. See you tomorrow.
  19. Another vote for Violetta. And rps, I love the kitchen. I hadn't seen it yet.
  20. Does anyone know if there is a website that would show the channel listings for XM vs Sirius? I've thought about delving into satellite radio, but not sure how each compare. And before someone asks, I'm not a Howard fan so he's a non factor for my choice.
  21. Glenbrook Valley Holiday Party/Open House This Saturday 12/23 4 pm - 9pm 7834 Santa Elena I know there are several new HAIF residents in the area so come say hi. You can see the new kitchen facelift and admire all the work yet to be done Shannon
  22. I'm not sure how I feel about this until I hear more. There are some complexes on Broadway that I frankly dont think they could be saved. There is no way they can be brought to code cost effectively. They've been ignored too long. Also I think that if Broadway was to be upgraded to be more welcoming as one of the first streets visitors see, the apts should be replaced with retail establishments not re-painted crappy apartments owned by some slum lord.
  23. Now I don't feel like I can complain about my messy house and sore back after our kitchen make over that started this weekend (new counters, sink, faucet, and backsplash only). Can't wait to see more pictures.
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