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  1. I agree. My family used to enjoy this festival when it was intown. But I can't think of any event I would drive to Hwy6 for.
  2. My friends agree, it's the perfect spot to gather with a cocktail and sun. Although the weather this summer has inhibited pool parties this year. The pool was redone in the spring with new coping, tile and some stair work.
  3. You only pay them if they successfully reduce the value so I don't think every other year would matter. For me it's simple convenience, they take care of it every year. Most years they were able to keep my appraisal from going up, which is good enough for me. One year there was a reduction and that is the only year I had to pay them.
  4. Uggh, yep you're right.
  5. The quote about National City is not correct. In fact the Chronicle has removed it from their online article.
  6. I remember watching this once. A character mentioned the evening news as the "11:00 o'clock news". I was like what the heck is 11:00 news, then realized in NY it's 11:00 news not 10:00. Way to go writers.
  7. There is a polaris model that doesn't require a pump, the 360 model I think. I got mine on ebay for a few hundred less than the pool stores. I've heard good things about the kreepy, they all do the job.
  8. O'Connor protests mine every year. It's total convenience, it's done and I don't have to think about it. In fact my employee went today to protest his at a hearing.
  9. Ditto that. Make sure the Home Warranty covers the pool, it's optional coverage. We take care of the pool chemicals ourselves so we're in the $40 range per month. Couldn't tell you the utility costs since my bills are sky high anyway due to the layout and construction of my house. Invest in an automatic cleaner (like a polaris or haywood) Best thing I bought for the pool to pick up leaves and debris for you.
  10. All the above in particular and these: 1) how all the employees seem to be hiding chatting on their cell phones pretending to be working 2) there were no baskets one day, I mean none. then as I walked through the aisles I realized that they were all being used by employees full of merchandise restocking shelves. This was on a Saturday morning at 10:00. ridiculous.
  11. I guess the condos on the news last week being evicted should have formed a tight-knit, law-abiding community and they could have kept their homes.
  12. It's not hard to do, just updating the equipment. Which might need updating anyway since it hasn't been used in awhlie. But actually a properly maintained pool shouldn't smell like chlorine. The only area that would really have that odor is where you store the chemicals which would be outside.
  13. Just what I was thinking. I dont' know about deluxe, but my house has the pool in the front behind a gate as well. Proudly still standing. And huge Sagos as well. I just wish I knew the architect of mine.
  14. I don't think the pictures do this house justice either. The layout is nice and the property is amazing. Hope this gets in good hands.
  15. I just read that article. Couldn't HD just create no loitering areas in their parking lot and enforce it? Seems to work at the Lowes where security and/or constables patrol the parking lot occasionally. Seems to take care of the problem.
  16. I like Demeris Shepherd at Alabama too. I prefer their sauce to the too tomatoey garbage I find at most places. I never got the appeal of Goode Co. It's just very "ehh" to me. I liked the burgers at Otto's, is it still open?
  17. Damn, TT&R and The Judy's in one thread. I'm having major flashbacks. I too still have my Judy's stuff including a 45. God I miss them. If I could make a ringtone I would. That would be pure joy everytime my phone rang.
  18. Have you been in the neighborhoods of Pasadena? Very family friendly. I grew up there and there was only smell about twice a year, unless you actually live at the refineries. It's too suberban for me, but very family friendly place to raise kids these days, particularly the newer areas near the new shopping centers. Also I got to second the city services in Pasadena, suberb. My mom called Pasadena to ask when the big trash trucks would be coming to her street next, and they just sent a truck and crew over and picked up the trash that day for her.
  19. Of course today would be the day that my company decided to block the Chronicle for "general news; spyware" resaons. I will have read that tonight from home.
  20. There's a place in the Kroger shopping center at Westpark & Buffalo Speedway. The name is escaping me right now. It starts with a P maybe. I'll see if I still have the menu in my desk somewhere.
  21. I guess you can miss quite a bit when you go out of town for a couple of weeks. Oh to anyone interested, TC is still single. I know this because when I've been unlucky enough to see him, he asks me out. Call me crazy, but I declined. Maybe I'm one of the "lesbians" on the Civic Club board he referred to. Since I won't go out with him I must be gay.
  22. How was the turnout? I had something come up and wasn't able to make it.
  23. There is a huge one in Pearland, I think it's called Coles. Everything from indoor stores with antiques to dusty outdoor booths.
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