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  1. Just got mine yesterday. Great feature on a great house. Congrats Jason!
  2. We might even share mimosas with HAIFers. Is there some kind of HAIF gang sign so we can identify each other.
  3. You should post this question in the Houston Mod section of this forum. There are several folks there who likely have recs for you. I only personally know Kathy Heard (she's on Richmond). But the Houston Mod folks will get you more recs and additional information.
  4. They are also conducting their first Galveston pub crawl this Saturday in The Strand district. Starts at 4pm at Old Cellar/Molly's on Post Office.
  5. Are you serious? Not in my area. Permits smermits. They don't even stop for red flags, just work at night when the inspectors are off duty. Not everyone building or remodeling in this city is legit enough to care about rules and regulations of the city or the deed restrictions of the neighborhoods.
  6. You'll have to trust me, it's not that hard. The advantage is you never accidentally step in it.
  7. He should drop his issue with the gays and make a sign that says "Whores welcome here" I guess you can't blame him, with myself and Papillion Wings turning him down I guess a guy's got to do what a guy's go to do.
  8. Thanks for the updates. I'm still hoping for a decent Bally's. The closest Bally's in Pasadena was pitiful when I first joined 20 years ago.
  9. Toulouse's house is even more amazing in person. The river rock house would give you amazing views of the water flow. Since it sometimes flows right through the garage in a storm.
  10. We tried it out. We try to stay away from buffets but we'd go again. I think it was around $9 for dinner but I can't remember exactly. I don't care for sushi but it looked fresh and there was a nice selection. I've been to a few chinese buffet places where the sushi had yellow mustard and/or ketchup drizzled on it. This place didnt have that, if that helps anyone gauge that it's not the worst in town. Decent selection of all the usual suspects you'd expect at a chinese buffet. The decor and service were nice.
  11. I'd have a hangover every morning if I had to use that shower. Headache and dizziness without the benefit of a tasty cocktail.
  12. agree with rps, check the maps to be certain for the area of Glenbrook you are looking at. I'm in Glenbrook Valley, near Sims, and not in the flood plain. I pay a couple of hundred for flood insurance.
  13. I did, I did. Pair of scupturas with original cushions for $50. Great house too. I didn't have time to look around too much but looks like it's in decent shape for it's age. Nice patio with built in bbq.
  14. I'm bummed I didn't know about it sooner. It would be awesome at my Christmas party.
  15. I love the St Arnold's pub crawls. I usually make this crawl, but I have a garage sale to run Sat morning. Pup crawls with Christmas Ale and Saturday mornings don't mix. I recommend attending if you haven't before. I hope to make the December crawl. Luckily we scored a case of Christmas Ale earlier this week so I can still enjoy a one Friday night while everyone else is crawlin'.
  16. I played with the box settings and fixed the problem I don't have quite the same settings listed, but was able to get it on one that fixed the problem. Thanks to all for the tips. Now if I could just fix Comcast's problem with the shows freezing up I'd be happier.
  17. All channels are stretched. But the analog are the worst. I'll try the box. We've tried all settings with the tv, even pulled out the manual. Nothing has helped.
  18. Try the BBB. I think they have information on them and other set-ups like this.
  19. I believe that is what we tried and it didn't help. It's just strange that 2 weeks ago it was fine and now it's not. Same tv, same box, same settings.
  20. Anyone's picture stretched out? It just started in the last couple of weeks for us. To the point that people in the scene speaking could be missing from the picture. The station logos in the corner are cut off by half or more. We have HDtv and the HD box. This is on our HD channels and non-HDchannels. No matter what setting we put the tv on, the screen is noticiably stretched out. We also noticed that on the non-HD channels the empty space on the sides is now gone and the picture is stretched to the edges. Is anyone else having this problem? We're assuming it's Comcast since the tv hasn't
  21. Point taken, but I just threw up in my mouth a little when I saw this picture. I know it's not constructive activism, but so be it.
  22. It's the least they could do with the rate increase.
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