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  1. here are photos for those curious.
  2. This sounds exactly like my system. I know the master switches can control the garage light which is detached from the house (if the gargage light worked). My system is low voltage too. Now to find the central relay box. There is something in the laundry room/pantry that may be it. I thought it was for the intercom system that is broken, but I will go check it out. Everyone's information is very helpful. I will try to email the photos to those that asked. I have them on ofoto & snapfish. The ones from ofoto are showing up for me in the post. The first ones aren't. If anyone has tips for p
  3. Yes I think so rps. I have 2 master control panels to control all/most lights. Although most don't work or we have no idea what it's supposed to turn on. Then all the other switches are the same odd shape, but with just 1 to 4 swiches for the room. Neither my inspector or electrician had ever seen them before, but neither are specialists in MCM homes either. I'll email you the pictures.
  4. Maybe these will work. I moved my pics to a different online directory
  5. Can anyone help? I have these interesting light switches and switchplates. They are all original to the house and come with one, two, three, four and even nine switch sizes. One in the house is missing and a couple others are cracked. I cannot find anything like them anywhere. I send the pictures to Atomic Ranch magazine today and the editor has never seen anything like them before. Now my curiousity is killing me. Where did they get these light switches & plates?AR mag editor said she belived they could be custom. Is that possible that someone would custom design light switches? She may f
  6. Thanks! I love cork, but didn't see it anywhere. I will hit up the Lowes to see about special orders!
  7. Thanks for posting these rps & thanks for the compliments everyone. What's so intersting about the house is that the pool is really in front of the house. The house is set far back on the lot. Still looking for some perfect retro patio furniture. The dining room light is original. I love it! It wasn't working when we moved in but thank God for brothers that are small contractors. He was able to fix it for me. There are reproductions of similar lights in Rejuvenation's catalog. The bar even looks different now. We added a mirror to the back to better reflect light and I did a major clear
  8. I can't stand littering! If you see someone throw something out of a car window you can report them to TXDot. Go to the Don't Mess with Texas website and look for a link at the bottom called "report a litterer". With the license plate number they will send a letter out to the litterer. Even though it's against the law, they can't issue a ticket unless they see it. But it gives me great pride to report the many (at least once a week) cigarette butt litterers I see. On the subject of ditches, I personally liked them when I lived in the Heights.
  9. Looks like rps & I will have to organize a tour of Glenbrook Valley for all you guys cruising on Sunday afternoons.
  10. But, I think you will admit that it takes an adventurous spirit to choose that area for your home. That's what people told me when I bought in the Heights. Many years later I got out and moved to Glenbrook Valley. I guess I'm adventurous.
  11. I love the East End as well. I've been in Glenbrook Valley for about 3 years after defecting from the Heights. I really love it. There are great restaurants that are treasures. My friends often had puzzled looks on their faces when I told them where the new house was. But once they visited, they loved the neighborhood. The East End is not for everyone, but it's got quite eclectic choices in house styles and it's close to downtown without the Midtown & Heights prices. I love driving through Eastwood and Idylwood.
  12. I LOVE it. I so covet those bar stools! I desparately need 3. You'll see when you see my place (this is Shannon).
  13. I love that! Of course I have my own mod already. But I wish I had the cash for that one. I love my mid century specifically because of the layout and design. It's so open and built for entertaining. Oh sure the kitchen counters and appliances need to be updated, but it's a small price to pay to not live in a copy of my neighbor's home.
  14. Found this site with great shirts commenting on today's McMansion nonsense http://www.cafepress.com/oasisdesign.11406003
  15. I have lived in Glenbrook Valley for almost 3 years now. I love it. I can't speak to the schools as I don't have children. It's a wonderful little pocket of mod fun close to downtownn with an active civic club working hard to keep the neighborhood up.
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