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  1. I do remember the diner/soda shop inside the Walgreens. I also remember the Ferrell's Ice Cream parlor in Almeda. I'm really enjoying the all the pictures and the store listings. I live in the area now, but grew up in Pasadena before there was a mall there. So we shopped at Gulfgate & Almeda. I really hope something positive happens in Almeda. My Civic Club president said she heard that Ed Wulfe was looking at it for a renovation similar to Meyerland/Gulfgate. I pray it's true. But I don't know where she got this information or if it's just hopeful thoughts on her part.
  2. Theaters are long gone from Almeda. Almeda has also already lost the Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Just for Feet, and a book store just to start. Going soon I heard is the KB toy store in the mall and the JC Penneys (looking to move to Baybrook is what one of the employees told me). Most of the stores moved to the Fairmont/Beltway area in Pasadena. And I doubt the future looks bright for the Foleys there since I can't imagine that Macy's is going to put their name on that location. Especially when there's the brand new nice Foley's in Baybrook.
  3. Well the neighborhood doesn't have a theater so it could use if if they could make room for it. I think the only place on Gulfgate property would be the space behind HEB. Almeda has tons of empty space and the new Walmart Supercenter going in. It's prime for redevelopement. And it needs it or the whole mall is going to close.
  4. They are 2 completely different worlds. I don't think you can compare the 2. But here's my quick thoughts. I'd kill for a Kroger Signature store in Glenbrook. But when I first bought in the Heights I said the same thing, the HEB wasn't even there yet. There is a regular Kroger and the big HEB in Glenbrook. I personally shop by my office in Greenway Plaza after work. Resturants are plentyful in the area depending what you like. You can't beat the East End for mexican and taquerias. But I do miss the little breakfast place on 11th in the Heights. I know more places have opened in the Heights sin
  5. I think the theater was just a suggestion of something nice for the neighborhood.
  6. I chose Glenbrook Valley for many of the reasons of rps. I found the neighborhood because I was looking to get out of the Heights, but still stay close in to work. My boyfriend lived in Clear Lake and preferred to live out there. Glenbrook was a nice compromise between staying in town and still being relatively close to his family/sports activities in Clear Lake. The minute I saw the mid-century house I bought, I fell in love with it. I was so unlike anything I had seen but had everything I wanted. I've been there almost 4 years now. I'm right on Santa Elena.
  7. The Starbucks on Woodridge is part of Magic Johnson's project. I was surprised when it was going in (elated, but surprised). I go there once a week, usually after work, and I'm never alone when I'm in the drive through and there are usually several people sitting outside.
  8. There's a Walmart Supercenter going up near Almeda. I went by Gulfgate today and the signs around the new construction just say new retail space. I really hope something useful goes in when they develop the empty land behind HEB.
  9. I'm with you. But since 24-Hour Fitness just opened a new gyme at Almeda, I doubt they'd invest in another new building so close. I guess Bally's would be the last hope for a large gym.
  10. I'm in and I'm claiming Midge as my house name.
  11. Didn't know if anyone was privy to what, if anything, will be added to Gulfgate. There is still the huge empty land between 610 and Donaraki. Also there appears to be some kind of construction action in the parking lot in front of the Marshalls.
  12. I'd love to see pictures. I saw the article today and I used to live on that block of Arlington.
  13. No worries. Just Donkerita's for me!
  14. I second Caserez. Yum! Also Del Sol on the Broadway/Parkplace circle is yummy and cheap. My boyfriend is a new fan of the "green bus" a taqueria out of a green bus on Belfort just east of 45. It may have a real name, but he calls it the green bus. I haven't tried it yet.
  15. Did anyone go to this? I couldn't since I had a Civic club meeting. But I'm interested in landscaping that is true to the architecture of my mod home. Anyone have good books to recommend? I'd love to one day completely redo my front yard to better reflect the house's features.
  16. YAY Drex! Thank you sooo much. I promise I will give them a proper home. I have no problem paying you for them. Please email me at stolitx@hotmail.com or stolitx@gmail.com
  17. I'm in for Glenbrook Valley. Just let me know what you need from me. I'm already member of Houston Mod also if that matters.
  18. The Dot at Gulfagate was always a Dot. Great food by the way. There was a Big Boy in Pasadena, it's long gone with the others around here.
  19. I've searched in vain for a ceramic/porceline tile that even simulated terrazzo to no avail.
  20. Why o why couldn't I have pulled up the peach carpet to find terrazzo!?!?
  21. The planes aren't bad at all. I rarely hear a plane here. I'm a bit further from the airport but I think that the flight patterns avoid Glenbrook.
  22. So much for "to each his own" - there's no need to call it crummy when you don't actually live or work in Glenbrook.
  23. I live in Glenbrook Section 1. And it does have amazing 50s achitecture. Sadly I recently learned it also is a section with the most vague Deed Restrictions on building changes. Hence what was allowed to happen to the formerly wonderful Parade Home.
  24. Thanks for all the info, this is beyond helpful! Actually most of the switches work, but some don't. Some work only after you hold the switch on or off for a long time. The ones that don't work we can't figure out what they go to anyway so it hasn't been an issue. One of the switchplates is missing. So I'd love to find a replacement for that. However for now my crafty mother fashioned something out of balsawood to fit the unusual shape of the switch. Which is better than a nice brassy replacement. Sadly I bet some of these plates and switches from other houses in the 'hood are in the city dum
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