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  1. All I know is more retail space. But no clue who is leasing.
  2. I won't laugh. I love Target. Thanks for this info, now I can't wait.
  3. I watched Fox cable news for a second on Friday morning. The anchorwoman was an idiot. She was looking at map and listing off the major highways out of Houston (290, 45, 10). Like she givng some insightful information. Um, I would hope that citizens knew which way to go to evacuate. What? I-10 leads out of town? Thanks Fox News for that helpful tidbit.
  4. I saw photos of people standing along to roads offering free water those stuck in traffic.
  5. Location: Glenbrook Valley/Hobby Status: Riding it out. We're as ready as we can be. Enough wood to board up one or two solid rooms. Tons of water, food, dog food, batteries, battery tv & radio, flashlights, propane for grills, generator, ice, extra gas, etc. (Even some booze) We also have a pool to help cool us off. There will be about 6 of us here (my family and some friends who didn't want to ride it out alone) and 5 dogs. Only 3 of the dogs will have owners in the house, the other 2 had owners who evacuated but asked us to watch their dogs. Interesting update - around 8:00 my mom got
  6. So Danax, there is still wood at Gulfgate, just not the cheap stuff? My stupid boyfriend spent Tuesday helping a friend prepare for the storm instead of our house. He's a firefighter so he's working today. Tomorrow he's going to try to find wood. I don't care what he pays for it, as long as he gets it.
  7. Congrats! And thanks for saving that great house. Please keep us updated. I know many will want to know what is going on. I'd personally like to know how the insulation process goes. I too had a previous owner who didn't come clean about the utility bills when I asked. I had no idea a flat roof could get insulation.
  8. I made a step towards flooring, samples of Armstrong VCT are on the way. Just waiting until Fall for the equity loan. Then the floors, pool resurfacing and small kitchen updating will be done and ready for photos. Are your push button light switches like the reproductions in the Rejuvenation catalog? The have the reproductions of my dining light fixture. But unfortunately not my switches.
  9. I know! And thanks to this forum I got a few replacements too! Now I just have to finish a few projects and get some photos done. I'd love to submit some pics the their homeowner's section. I can't wait to see the issue and book with the Houston homes.
  10. who's up for a roadtrip?
  11. I haven't had experience with either Marvin or Akin, but I think you should pursue that route. Especially since you have tried to involve the city and nothing has been done. TV vultures, I mean reporters, love that angle. You may even want to call Adrian's office again, this time telling them that your next call is to Marvin so that the whole city will know what is not being done. Might help.
  12. rps is helping to save Glenbrook one mod at a time. Of course my flat-roof mod is right next door to a McMansion. At least they didn't tear down a mod to build it.
  13. If there is no redemption, do you think we could at least get in and get some of the fixtures? I'd love to have that fireplace and I'm sure there are those here who would put the cabinet hardware to good use.
  14. From your mouth to God's ears. Actually all I desparately want is the Target. But the gym and bookstore would be nice too.
  15. My issue with Pasadena Town Square are the stores, or lack of, in between those anchor stores.
  16. Found this online - "In 1956, Gulfgate Mall opened to great fanfare as the first enclosed mall in Texas." First in Texas, not just Houston.
  17. I would imagine that the Foley's in Almeda and Northwest Malls would be likely to close. I can't imagine that Macys would put their brand name on those locations. Those are the locations of the big Foley's shoe department clearance sales. I will miss that most of all.
  18. The previous owners of my house in Glenbrook Valley sent both of their girls to DeBakey for High School. I don't know where they went for Jr High. I know Glenbrook Valley was just taken out of the flood plain even though Sims Bayou is just about across the street from me. So Garden Villas may be out too.
  19. Correct, the Globe is now Mervyns. Across from the Foley's that is now a mall anchor. But back in the day, there was no mall in Pasadena. We just cruised Foley's. And they had a little music section that sold records.
  20. Me too. It would be sad to see that building go. The mall behind it is in bad, bad shape.
  21. Check out 735 Arlington in the Heights. There are only 10 units but last time I drove by there were one or two for sale. They have 1B/1.5 and 2/2. The one bedroom had a separate study. All have garages, patios & balconies.
  22. Agreed. If you are buying there, buy up and in the back.
  23. Here's one of the slogans I remember from Sage billboards: Rudolph shops at Sage, red knows (nose) You know those billboards are one of the things I remember specifically from childhood that first got my interest in going into the advertising field.
  24. Check on the post on Gulfgate in the East End folder. Lots of great photos and stories of what was there and speculation on what they may be adding.
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