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  1. I'm sure it's just being refurbished. It needed some care. Maybe we can have a party for the re-installment.
  2. Thanks for the info. I travel to Pittsburgh quite a bit lately for work. So one of my trips in June I'm staying over the weekend to see FW and probably Kentucky Knob too. I really like Pittsburgh. Haven't explored as much as I would like to yet. But had some great food and a trip up the mountain. PNC Park and the Andy Worhol Museum are on my list of places to visit. Wish I could find a brewery that offered tours/samples. Only one I found only sells Growlers to take home. For FW I'm leaning towards getting the "In depth tour" since they allow picture taking on that tour and you have more access
  3. I'm going to visit Falling Water later in June. Has anyone been? Tips for times to go or anything else? Lunch in the area? I'll be there on a Saturday but haven't gotten the tickets yet so not sure what time I will be going.
  4. I have neighbors in Glenbrook that just put a door kit from Crestview. Looks great from the photos I saw. I don't know details about difficulty but they haven't complained about it and they did it themselves.
  5. It turned out gorgeous. I love it!
  6. Get the number to Jamie's yard guy. He's reliable and very thorough. He's who we would use if Rob didn't take care of ours.
  7. Not in flood plain. The house is a mess, but that isn't a problem.
  8. I never go in this store because it drives me insane. But as I keep seeing this post I just might have to break my rule and stroll through just to enjoy the music.
  9. The one in the Greenway Plaza food court closed. I didn't care for it much personally. I found everything I tried to be incredibly salty. I'm still surprised they closed. It seemed fairly popular.
  10. It has gotten worse in my opinion. I find I'm now approached as I walk out of the store. I read on this forum that the Lowes is on Wulfe property and Wulfe supplies regular patrols. Likely the day laborers prefer to avoid patrol cars of any kind.
  11. Mine might make the list since I took down the vapor lights. Although I think I'm in section 5 not sure if we're savable at all or not. Can't wait for more expert advice.
  12. What does it say, they like a game room?
  13. I know several friends who have used Shan's and were extremely pleased with the price, product and installation. I plan to use them myself.
  14. I do remember all the selection of candy canes. I remember selecting root beer once and regretting it greatly.
  15. Funny I grew up in Pasadena and couldn't picture this restaurant ... until rock candy was mentioned. Yep ate there many, many times. Don't remember much but remember every trip wondering if we would be able to get rock candy or not on that visit.
  16. While that Target is in serious need of a facelift, I will miss not having a Target close by if it moves to Pearland. At least I can get in and out of that store quickly. I wish they would open a SuperTarget around Gulfgate or Almeda.
  17. Wow yall got alot done this weekend! Looking good.
  18. The concrete path is already done on Sims. Just don't know when the rest of it will be done like benches and lighting. Hurricane probably set it back like everything else. But I still prefer the soft running track at Memorial to the concrete. There is a bar on Airport called Cockpit. Used to be pretty cool dive bar back in the day. Pilots and crew used to hang out there too. But I haven't been in years. Like I said, I think about going out for a drink after work and end up just going to a neighbor's house instead. It's been open for over 20 years that I know of.
  19. Decent, well-lit running trail? Someplace safe/populated if running alone - new walking/running path being built along Sims bayou. But boyfriend just heads to Memorial Park from here for his runs. I do see folks running in the neighborhood, but not as scenic as Memorial Park. Interesting restaurants or cafes in the area - there are a few local spots. In fact there is a group of about 20 residents who get together every other month for dinner out in the area. either to try something new or revisit an area favorite. There's not much in the way of cafe to sit outside and people watch. but some go
  20. I'm surprised the city waited so long to talk about separation so the vegetation could be picked up separately. My debris, like most of my neighbors, was out on the curb by the Sunday after the storm. Not a big deal for me as most of mine is fence and carpet since I don't have trees on my propery. But it was out there for a week before I heard about separation of debris.
  21. I'm going to print out these pictures and put them on my fridge as part of my new diet. Because when I look at these I lose my appetite.
  22. No serious flooding in Glenbrook that I know of. But this storm seemed to be more wind than rain. There was high water where Stoney Dell and Santa Elena meet, but that is flooded during any rain and usually runs into several houses' garages that are below street level. It does apprea that a sewer line may have broken in that area. We were worried about flooding since early Friday Sims bayou was flowing backwards with storm surge already pushing back. But it held the water just fine. Like most of Houston, tons and tons of trees down. Still no power except in a handful of lucky houses. I'm one
  23. Great idea and it would be wonderful. But Glenbrook doesn't have an HOA, only a civic club. The and whopping $25 annual dues are voluntary. There just aren't the funds for the civic club to take this on. But I hear there are a few folks interested in this great house who will do right by it. Hopefully one of those will work out soon.
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