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  1. I lived in the area 72-86. Started in Ashford South on Wedgehill, walked the short distance from there to Ashford Elementary for Kindergarten. Then moved to what I guess is Ashford Village, at Waldemar and Cherry Bend. Went to Ashford thru 3rd grade but then to Askew for 4th and 5th in some kind of Vanguard program. Resurrecting an old thread. Could not resist because it was speaking directly of my childhood. Went to Revere 6/7/8th grade, and am exactly the same year as boogaloo. Must know who he is, because I share all the same memories from there as him including the people and the shop teachers. I took woodshop and metal shop in 6th there. I didn't go to Lee, though many of my friends did. I think I missed out. I went to Strake for 9/10/11th then moved Louisiana for senior year which was a throwaway. Just partied, played heavy metal guitar, and grew my hair out. That was how you "fit in" there. Then to UT, luckily got in-state tuition. Strake turned out to be a blessing for preparing to go to UT engineering school though. It's a joy to hear all the memories that I share, plus the ones I don't since they pre-date me. It's fascinating the bussing that went on in the 70s when Rogers was the middle school, and how it went so far west to what really was the country and the time. All those kids being bussed so far away. Before there were really proper roads to go there! Also for many years lived under the flight path for Andrau, and when those Lear jets came over there was just no point in continuing conversations. Couldn't hear anything else but the planes. My family on both sides are deeply rooted in Houston so I love this site for gathering the "memories that never were" for me but are very relatable. Been in Austin since 87, with a brief break to Virginia in 93.
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