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  1. I'm told the department store was a Globe. It was something with an auto repair department, the overhead doors are still there. The future International Ballroom. https://www.concertarchives.org/venues/international-ballroom-9f8ac876-9893-40c5-9aed-8a6ef9b4622f?page=1#concert-table
  2. They also had a location across from the AMC theatre at The Fountains in Stafford. Also in Hobby Airport! Miss them.
  3. You sure that's not Meyer Speedway in the pic? Asking cause there looks to be a high school stadium in the background....
  4. It is on cinematreasures. http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/15583/photos/162439 Was actually located at Hwy 90 @ Ulrich. If you look at the daytime photo (with the Sugarland Express marquee), you can see in the background the building which is now the Foster Law Firm.
  5. The building's gone. According to a poster on Nextdoor, the land sold for $1 million. The good news is, it won't become yet another gas station/convenience store because it's too close to FBISD property to sell alcohol. Someone also noted that the store was seen in the movie "The Sugarland (sic) Express" which for some reason I haven't seen.
  6. Went by the general store site today. Looks like the land's been sold, they've cut some trees down and it looks like they're about to raze the store and houses on the property.
  7. There were also radio studios in the building, the old KAUM/97 Rock had studios there.
  8. A few years ago I ran across a local hip-hop act with a "song" called "56 Airline" (the Metro route from Aldine/Greenspoint to downtown). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXEnJf4SgJk Greenridge north represent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKY44B7WMHc (Both videos NSFW language)
  9. Where was the Diamond R Ranch "near Jetero Airport"? Same thing as H&H Ranch?
  10. It would be smack dab in the road if it were moved to its original location. There is some roof damage in the back. Surprised the local homeless aren't squatting there (or maybe they are)...
  11. I had heard that would be an e-commerce hub for Amazon/Whole Foods.
  12. They did have GW Carver High (later ACE, now GW Carver again), which was/is Aldine ISD.
  13. Correct, now the Fort Worth Hilton. Stayed there a couple of years ago.
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