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  1. And now Circle K has taken over Valero, the descendant of Stop-N-Go. In a roundabout way, U-Tote-M has won the convenience store war.
  2. My parents didn't like the cluster rooms, so they sent me to Colonial Hills (Odom) instead of Thompson.
  3. Substitute street names and places, and it could apply to just about any first-ring suburb of the time.
  4. It was next to the apartments behind what is now Best Buy/World Market, right? It's now either an empty lot or office building, depending on where exactly it was.
  5. You can see it in the distance driving south on the Hwy 6 overpass over Hwy. 90. A couple more shows have been announced: Don Henley in January, and Steve Martin/Martin Short in April.
  6. Opening night is January 14, with a performance by Jerry Seinfeld.
  7. I thought KRBE was originally on Kirby Drive? (hence the call letters)
  8. I remember there being an apartment complex where the Cafe Express is (not the complex that's behind it now) next to The Summit as recently as the early-mid 80s.
  9. 9101 Long Point? To my recollection, it's always been a VFW/Bingo Hall.
  10. That happened to a few areas during this time (Greenspoint/Aldine, Alief, Sharpstown). Went from upper middle class to ghetto almost overnight.
  11. My grandmother actually lived in the Gulfton apartment cluster in the 70s when she managed a shop at Sharpstown Mall.
  12. Dan "Hoss" Blocker was one of the original owners of the Bonanza/Ponderosa chain.
  13. My grandparents lived on Forum Dr., a stone's throw from the DQ. Three houses on that street were torn down, it appears they're building a couple of McMansions there.
  14. They were open 24 hours. Once at IHOP, (again, in the wee small hours of the morning) I witnessed a waiter go off on a customer after she said something snarky to him. The manager almost literally threw him out the door and the lady got a free meal out of it.
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