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  1. What music would you like to hear? There are several local dj's with talent around town but sometimes they are constrained by the club owner on what they can/can't play based on the crowd or other reasons.
  2. What is it called? Do you know if they have a web address?
  3. WHere was it? I know it only was around for about a year and a half but does anyone know anything more about it?
  4. What town was that? If you remember in the Godfather, Michael calls home after his dad was shot by asking for "Long Beach" and a number.
  5. When I was downtown last week, it seemed all the Jones Plaza entrances were taped off. Now they seemed to be cleaning but I wasn't sure if this was just for cleaning, or for some other reason. Is something going on here? Will Party On The Plaza return or has it been swallowed by The Main Event?
  6. I wonder when the name of the place will become "For Sale or Lease"
  7. Escobar on a Thursday is dead. Then they turn people away for something trivial about thier Prada shoes...
  8. Pangea closed, building is starting to come down it seems (partly on its own) fence up around the property. Anyone know what is planned for that space?
  9. escobar is great on Saturday nights and the dj is pretty good. he'll throw in some random stuff but everyone digs it. I heard Sundays they get a lot of strippers in there and strip club managers. Not sure about other nights, give them a chance. I know they have grander plans for the place to expand and such as they can. Also, is light bar open yet? Do they have a website?
  10. Well, sounds like most of that is the fault of Cordish.
  11. Its next door to Taxi taxi - haven't been yet but I think the people who own it used to work at The Next Door or Rudyards or something
  12. As Bayou Place seems to be dying some I was thinking of possibly some concepts that might help... Joe's Crab Shack or Cadillac Bar maybe... Hooters House of Blues Rick's Cabaret a country/western club maybe Then add some shopping in to that mix if they can or an art gallery or two... any other ideas?
  13. Maybe a group of people could get together for an excursion to try to search out old tunnels... would be interesting. Paris, France has a lot of old tunnels many of which are unknown to city officials. I read recently about one being found that had been set up as an underground club/restaraunt of some kind. Possibly for hipsters but I think it most likely said it may have been for some sort of secret groups of racist groups or cult.
  14. Marqee Plaza to downtown? Don't we have Bayou Place? just need to work on filling that up.
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