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  1. Can't upload images from my computer. Here is the house I'm talking about: http://www.har.com/7250630 Is this a spanish style? (sorry, it's actually built in 1970s)
  2. It was built in 1960s in a good neighbourhood. It does not have a fancy new looking. In fact, I like traditional style better.
  3. I may buy a house with a "Spanish Style" looking. The house faces north (on a east-west stree), but without one single window facing north (i.e. no window at the front side of the house). I like the inside of the house very much, but not so sure of the style. Plus, all bedrooms are due west. I was told that this is a "Spanish Style". Is it correct? I'm afraid that when it comes to selling, it may not be attractive to a lot of people. What do you all think? I've seen a lot of such style houses in Texas. Are they normally tough to sell?
  4. I noticed that they're building something at the intersection of Beltway8 and I-10, at the west side of Beltway and south side of I-10. That area is always flooded during storms. I remember someone on this board has mentioned it...can't find the original post. Can someone please remind me?
  5. Thank you! By the way, do you know what "R/P" stands for when people talking about zones, like "ABC Subdivision R/P"?
  6. In a Corporate Relocation situation, who is the real seller of the property? Who decides yes or no to the sale price? I know there are some professional agents on this forum. Would you help to clarify?
  7. Harris County appraisal website describes some properties as "Cost and Design Partial ". Does this mean the house was built below average standard?
  8. Anything happened to the house on 12922 FIGARO? It's a few doors away from this one. I wonder why it's been on the market for so long. That lot is BIG!
  9. Thank you FilioScotia! I may try San Jacinto River. Have never been there...
  10. Galveston? Lake Houston? Conroe? Livingston? Somerville? ...... Anywhere within one hour drive? I live inside of the loop, not close to any of the lakes.
  11. Yes, Gaywood is nice. But, I don't see anthing priced below $400K there. Even houses in Wilchester are priced at $400K+. I guess now is not the best time to buy, is it?
  12. If the energy companies start to lay off, as they did in the 80's, would that impact the property value in the area?
  13. Hello HAIF! So excited to find this forum! Currently I'm looking for a property in the Memorial area, close to Beltway 8. I've heard that the price has gone up since the beginning of this year. Is it true? Anybody knows why? I've looked at the following subdivisions: Memorial Hollow Memorial Meadow Memorial Plaza Wilchester Nottingham Nottingham Forest My question is that would you pay a premium for living inside the Beltway 8? Or would you prefer going further west to Diary Ashford for upgrades and a lower price? I know that the schools are a little bit different. Just wanted to hear your opinions. Thanks.
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