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  1. Does anyone have any information on Greatlands Reserve, a gated community going up in Tomball near 2978?
  2. I am looking at schools for my children and came across Cunae International School & their preschool Creekwood Village. It is locates in front of Creekside Village on Gosling right before you cross the bridge into The Woodlands. Does anyone have experience with the school or have any information pertaining to it? I would love to hear your input!
  3. An excerpt of the December 2006 Gleannloch Farms Newsletter giving an update to it's commercial proprties. FYI "...The other large commercial project to the west of Champion Forest has been working to establish utilities for their site. This has presented a slowdown to the project. At a recent site meeting with this developer they announced they were back on track and expected to complete the center by February 2007. New tenants to expect in the center are Powerhouse Gym, Lonestar Tae Kwon Do, Dry Cleaners, and MJ
  4. I love Kingwood. It is so pretty and the trees are great! Do you know what the commute is like in a car and also a park and ride commute?? Thanks!
  5. Yes they are considering renting, but they have a child in school with special needs, who requires as little change as possible. They were hoping to get as close to a potential neighborhood as possible as to not make the child change schools again. If they can find a neighborhood that they are happy with they can eliminate more change by moving directly into a home instead of renting and then moving again. They are moving from San Antonio. Again, I agree with you that renting would be smart in most cases, but in this one avoiding it, if possible, would be preferable. Also, 4bdrms , low commute, and their lower price range is the perfect scenario, but ofcourse we all know you can't get everything and work near downtown Houston. They are very realistic about this. The two things that are most important are 1. schools, and 2. their upper budget of $165,000 or maybe $170,000. Commute and size of home can vary as much as it needs to within reason. Thanks for your input.
  6. Yeah. It's a very specific house hunt as far as location, price, and school. They don't have very specific wishes as far as size goes. A 3 to 4 bedroom would be preferable, but square footage can be as low as 1500 to 1700 square feet and as high as they can afford. They are pretty sure of the commute time as they commute that much now. Ofcourse they would love for it to be less, but schools are much more important in their priority list as they can't afford private school. Thanks again for all your help. What about driving the whole way? How would the commute be then? I have heard Fall Creek is 30 minutes. How much farther is Summerwood? I have heard that it is a bear to get out of Summerwood. I guess at least the trees will give you shade as you make the neighborhood exit! . I will pass this info onto them. I appreciate it!
  7. They would like to spend $130,000 to $165,000. They would also like their child to go to public school. They don't mind an older house and in fact love the trees that come along with them. New is fine too. They would like to keep the commute under 40 minutes if possible. As I said earlier some have mentioned neighborhoods off Hardy Toll Road and also the Humble/Kingwood area. Any info on these areas? Thanks for any input you may have.
  8. My friend just took a job with AIG (American General) on Allen Parkway near Studemont. He and his family are looking for a good commute time with good schools. He has been told about Humble (Summerwood, Eagle Springs, Park Lakes, and Kingwood). Also Spring Trails off Hardy toll road. Anyone have info on commute times for these neighborhoods. Specifically Spring Trails (He was told commute from Hardy Toll Road would be 36 minutes at 7:30 a.m). As a side note they have no good info on older neighborhoods that might be good to look in. Open for any and all information on any parts of town with good commute (40 min or lower) and good schools to American General on Allen Parkway and Studemont.
  9. Yes that's the one. Any word on what is going in there from anyone?
  10. What is going up on the other side of Champion Forest Across from the Kroger? I believe it is the northeast corner of Spring Cypress and Champion Forest. I thought that was where the Barnes and Noble was going up, but it has been built for a month or so now and nothing is happening. I guess it would make since now that the Barnes and Noble is going up across the street instead. That particular shopping center is taking forever! It's been a bunch of cement walls held up by wood for months! Thanks in advance for info!
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