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  1. Hi again! Well, I just found out that my full-time 3D rendering employment for a local company (Katy) will cease at the start of 2009. This means I am once again available for 3D architectural renderings. The good news is that during the last 1.5 years, I've learned to use VRay for my employer and have a new set of skills to add. If you feel you have any relevant connections please send them my web address: www.enriquecamacho.com Thank you!
  2. Hi all! I just discovered this website and am pretty excited to join in. I am originally from California (Central Coast) and am offering my services of 3D Architectural Renderings. Since this type of work is prime for telecommuting, I can take on jobs from Houston to College Station to Austin with a personal visit to an architectural firm, if necessary. After visiting the 'Going Up' forum, it seems that Houston never rests and hope to help out some architectural firms with their presentation materials. My website is www.enriquecamacho.com feel free to give me any feedback. Thanks, Enrique Camacho
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