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  1. Thanks for all the replies so far. They have been very helpful. I am also wondering about how the satellite and digital cable services differ when you are dealing with multiple TVs. I would like to be able to watch TV in different rooms without having to pay an outrageous amount for a reciever in every room.
  2. Which is the best way to go? Advantages and Disadvantages? Having trouble making up my mind about which way to go on this decision.
  3. Which is the best way to go? Advantages and Disadvantages? Having trouble making up my mind about which way to go on this decision.
  4. ^ Agree 100% with this post. I just had my inspections with Fox 2 weeks ago and they did a great job. Also Tony did my termite inspectin and he explained everything very well and was extremely nice. These services may cost you a little more up front but I think they are well worth it.
  5. Yeah they charge me about the same. And my place sounds very similar to yours. I guess the added price is because of the older house.
  6. Ok so I have a general inspector scheduled for the structural & mechanical part of things but they dont do termite inspections on block & beam homes. Can anyone recommend a good pest inspector that will get under my house?
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. Has anyone used or familiar with Edgar Guilbeau at Classic Inspections?
  8. Hey guys, I just agreed to a sale price on a house in the Heights and now I am looking for a good home inspector. The house was built in the 1920's and renovated in the '80s. My main concerns are structural integrity, electrical, and termites of course. A friend recommended Fox Inspections to me but I just wanted to get some input from the forum before I committed to anyone.
  9. Once again thanks for the replys...we are really looking forward to moving to Woodland Heights. I think we are getting closer to an agreement with the seller on the price and contingencies. It will be nice once that is behind us and we can focus in on this one particular home. I will be sure to get a thorough inspection after the advice you guys have provided. Have a nice day everyone!
  10. Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for all the advice you gave me in this thread. After alot of searching and stressing out... my fiancee and have decided to place an offer on a house in Woodland Heights. Hopefully everything works out and the house becomes ours but it is listed at the very top of the range that we can spend. I would appreciate any additional advice you can provide on making the right offer, closing on the house, or maybe just adjusting to a first home. Thanks again guys.
  11. Thanks for all the replys everyone. You have definitely given me some food for thought as well as some new neighborhoods to check out. I will take a ride through the Fair Oaks and Eastwood areas today.
  12. Thanks for the advice SS Guy. Unfortunatley I am not very familiar with the East End and Idylwood area. I may have to take a ride out there to find out more. How long of a drive would that be to and from Downtown everyday?
  13. Ok guys, I have been a resident of Houston for about a year now and have been renting a place in Midtown ever since. I have finally decided that its time to stop throwing away my money and buy a place. Myself and my-soon-to-be fiancee both work Downtown and feel pretty strongly about not having to drive more than 15-20 minutes to work each morning. Because I am fairly new to the city, and also bc most of the people I work with live in Sugarland, my knowledge of Inner Loop neighborhoods is fairly limited. A friend told me I should visit this site and ask for opinions. Because I travel alot on t
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