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  1. The Market has not been nice to the players lately. Hang in there it's still early. Once they get the volumes back up, the Market should stabilize some. Too much money on the sidelines lately, and small things bring big swings with these low volumes.
  2. What I find so comical is how he Liberal Left, accuse Fox News of distortion of the truth, and out right lies, when they report something controversial on their candidate, and when they report something on the other side, they want to fall to their knees claiming it's the gospel.
  3. I think these words should be embossed somewhere, and read by all. You will not find a better concession speech in the History of our Country. And thing about these words that makes them exceptional, is the very fact that you know John McCain sincerely meant every word of it. President-Elect Obama's words in response to these, were just as powerful, and I feel just as sincere. We can only hope or future is in good hands, and that the best things for our country in the for-front of ever decision made from here on out. It was also reported that GWB has put together a transition task-force to insure the his replacement has all the tools he needs to perform his job from day one. It was brought up to the reports of the lack of this that was done behind the Clinton's. Something was said to have compared the condition of the executive wing being left in the condition of an evacuated frat house. Something like $15,000 worth of damage. President Bush has assured there will be no such issue with this change of power. Which I think this is a good thing. Life goes on, we can all take a break now.
  4. Watched the TiVo several times after you mentioned it Red, and from what I am seeing the player got his head inside the right shoulder of the defender, and that's all it takes, and if you look at it from both angles, it shows it clearly, it was a borderline judgement call, but by the letter of the rule it was legal. the ref that threw the flag was on the wrong side to make the call, that's why the conversed over it and then picked up the flag. Either way it is what it is, the Red Raiders to it to their ass and won the game. I tell you it was a hell of a game, Tech has their work cut out for them, in the next few weeks.
  5. Talk about a wail of a football game. That freshman makes that tackle on Crabtree, the game is over and UT wins, or it the inception was made on the play prior to that, game over UT wins. I am sure they will remember that for a while. Heck of a game, thought the Horns were going to pull it off. Leach just prepared his team, and the line of scrimmage was dominated by TT. Just had to sit there and say WOW!
  6. I'm sorry to tell you that that officer, doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. He really needs to go back to writing parking tickets and hope he fills them out correctly. Now I am sort of confused as to what was really said, because originally you said in the house, now you are saying outside, but I have news for you, if a criminal comes on your property and refuses to leave, or if he has so much as a stick, club knife, rock, gun or whatever in his hand, and you feel threatened, he can be legally shot, and if by chance he dies as a result of those wounds, well it's just his bad luck. I am not saying you can shoot the UPS guy, or the Amway salesman, but if someone comes on your property, and you feel that they mean you harm, or they are going to rob you, you have the right to shoot them. PERIOD. If the officer is telling you anything different, he has no clue. Clue. Most officers have 60-70 hrs of college. The majority of them get it at places like Lee College, taking their grassroots CJ courses, just enough to qualify them to become a patrolman. If the officers had actually been to Law School, he would be a Lawyer instead of a Policeman, it pays better. A lot of Police Officers like to think they know the law, when they don't. To be perfectly honest with you, the conviction rate would be a lot higher if they actually did, and they wouldn't screw up so many cases that the District Attorney Offices would have to throw out because of botched procedures, and mishandled evidence and paperwork miscues. It's cops that think they know the law that are the worst. They need to stick to making solid arrests, completing all the paperwork correctly, and leave the law up to the lawyers. I would guess that 90% of the guilty people that get off on technicalities, get off due to Police screw ups. This is no joke.
  7. Well next time he tells you that, laugh at him, because if they are in your house without your permission my friend, they ARE committing a felony. If they are on your property and you feel you are in danger, drop the hammer on them, it is your right by law. "Imminent Danger" is a judgement call, so if a trespasser makes you feel any condition or action, on their part, which is such that a danger exists, which could reasonably be expected to cause you death or serious physical harm, can be classified as "imminent danger". So if you feel you are in harms way, boom, dead bad guy. My father spent 60 years in Law Enforcement, (over 40 as a Texas Ranger) and he always said if they don't belong at your house, shoot to kill. If they step across the threshold, shoot them twice. Trust me if some steps in your house or kicks your door in and you shoot them dead, You will be cleared of any wrong doing. There have been instance where an undercover cop was shot kicking in a door, without properly identifying himself, and the shooter walked on the shooting. Example comes to mind in North Houston, several years back. An undercover narcotics cop, was acting on a tip, didn't call for backup, kicked in the door of the wrong apartment, and he was killed by the occupants. Seems like it was a Hispanic, possibly Central American Guy, and if I remember right the actual apartment he wanted was across the foyer. None the less he was killed, and the shooter was No Billed. How ever tragic it may be, the shooter had no idea he was a cop, just thought he was a thug.
  8. Let's not forget Sirhan Sirhan who offed Bobby Kennedy, who by chance William Ayers Dedicated his book "Prairie Fire" to afterwards....... Talk about 6
  9. Do they generate varied by hits or pings, or just a straight monthly rent?
  10. Yes he does, kinda quiet around here today.....guess I'll go for a ride.
  11. I guess I missed the punchline too...
  12. He's got 13 videos, watch them all. some are pretty funny, a lot more entertaining than the normal youtube rants on the net.
  13. So you're saying it's time out for those that can't play nice with others? Shoot, I better watch myself or I may wind up there too!
  14. There are a lot of Forums out there that give a lot less bells and whistles for free usage, people here should be thankful. There are quite a lot of forums that if you are a none subscribed user, you have only a choice of four or five stock avatars, usually 80x80, and nothing animated. You cannot post images, no custom signatures, nor do you have any of the trick buttons like yo have here. Some of them are only $25-$50 per year, for the basic thing, and with that you get to customize the avatar (still only 80x80 but it can be animated), signature, and post images, but no attachment storage. With the upgrade which is usually $72-$100 per year, you get the bigger avatar (130x130), image storage space as well as attachments in posts, and on some access to areas for VIP's only, which cuts out all the trolls, which is nice at times. My point being HAIFers get a lot for free, and no ads on the upgrade, that's basically it. Being that the base unit for HAIF was to provide a full free service, it's easy to understand the structure it's in, to date. But incentive to join is basically goodwill. Out of our top forty posters four are paid subscribers, Today member #7211 joined, and out of the thousands of active members(it's less than any 7000) Fourteen (14) are paid subscriptions. That a pretty low percentage. I know for a fact that no one is posting from under an underpass, and even if you are not a regular subscriber, a donation every now and again, goes a long way. $10 a month is pretty low rent to be full time, or $100 bucks a year. Now there are some people that have really tight budgets, especially students, I remember those days. But in the same note, however some people are just too damn cheap. But people that can find time to average 6-8 posts a day, should be able to find a way to pony up something. Bandwidth and hard-drive space is not free. I think people sometimes don't realize that. If 3000 members gave just one (1) dollar as a one time donation, do you know how helpful that could be, it's more than you may understand I am sure. Now I don't want to be sounding like I am out hear begging for HAIF, and it may sound that way. And if I am out of line, slap me down editor,and I will go to my corner and wear the pointy hat. I am simply trying to raise awareness of what goes on here in everyday life, and I think it may just get over looked. Look how many joined today, just on a passing remark, guilt or no guilt, I can assure you it's was a welcome sight anytime some revenue can be generated, above the normal ad tax. I really was impressed that some people had really no idea, so that's why I am saying this very thing. You tight assed old timers, know who you are, don't know what to say about that. So I will pass. Okay done now, sorry Ed if I am out of bounds.
  15. Once this election is over Sara, you will find we probably have a lot more common ground than you know. I lean right, not fall on my face right. I consider myself a midstream conservative. But I also have many things that my far right brethren totally disagree with. On the surface Red and I thrash at each other, in what I call a gentleman's jousting match, but deep down there is a lot of common ground we can find peace with. See I fully understand Red gets a perspective on life that some of us never get to see a lot of, being the top flight Barrister, as he most certainly is. And most of it is from one extreme to another, and I admire that.
  16. Good thing. Too many take the right to vote for granted. No matter who you vote for, always vote. People died for that right to do so. Now you get to get the cool vote tag in your margin.....Rock on.
  17. Don't sweat it man, you know those kids that stand in front of the mirror with their sisters curling iron or hairbrush, and maybe even a tennis racket. They want so badly to be a Rock Star, so badly they can taste it. They just don't have the chops. (quit laughing Gary). They buy the right clothes, they grow the long hair, they even developed the Billy Idol snarl, down to a pat. But all in all, even though they try to walk the walk, deep down inside, when the artificial smoke clears, and their parents scream up the stairs to turn that damn music down, they really know deep down inside they are still that punk kid, living in dreamland, whacking his pud to the the Victoria Secret ads he steals out of his sisters bedroom. Okay Gary you can go pee pee now.
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