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  1. There was a mom and pop store there, it may have been Annies, can't recall gas pumps or not, but he asked about a gas station, that to me is just that, a gas station, not a store or roadhouse. My Grandfather and his brother (Walter), built and ran the Conoco that use to be on Texas and 29th for many years until he died in '78. He opened that station in 1936, and it was Barnes Conoco forever. Him and my uncle Robert built the Automotive shop next to it in '68. It and the station was there until 2001 when we sold it to the City. My Cousin Billy Francis sold tires out of the old station for a few years. I worked there a few summers in the late 50's and early 60's, wiping windows and pumping gas. That's back when full service was full service. We had to wear bow ties and carry a whisk broom to sweep out the mats, as well as the normal check the oil, fluids, etc. Very few of those left. I think Sevcek's in CS is probably the last Mohican. Those of you from BCS of my generation may remember Grandad. Here he is with my Granny, this is possible 1970. Always in work clothes, he always had on work clothes. He also owned the Texaco in Northgate until it was torn down in '71.
  2. Where is it that you seem to think that Wellborn road intersects SH-6? Wellborn begins at Villa Maria, and runs parallel to SH-6 until it crosses 2818, then it becomes Old Wellborn Road, until Wellborn, (Koppe Bridge-Greens Prarie Rd area), then it's just referred to as FM 2154 and dead ends into SH-6 between Westbrook Rd and Prayer Ln. Thinking back fifty years or so cannot remember any filling station down there. Guess you'll have to fill in where you seem to think Wellborn crossed or intersects Sh-6, you lost me there.
  3. Oh quit complaining, it's nice and warm down there. Nabors 742 in the Bakken Shale play in Mountrail County, N. Dakota Date: Dec. 20, 2008 Time: 2:15 pm Temp: -20
  4. This has almost become laughable, when you start comparing The Houston Tunnel Complex to the Dallas tunnels. It's like comparing the NYC Subway system or the Chicago "EL" train to the kiddie choo choo that goes around Herman Zoo. It''s no comparison at all. The Houston Tunnel is highly functional and serves a great purpose to those that work downtown. If people have a problem with it, don't use it. But to those that love it, it provides a great service. If you work downtown for any length of time, and learn the system, it's a great asset, and to those that don't work downtown, it's just another thing to gripe and whine about. Let it go, it's here to stay, move on and go gripe about the never ending nightmare of the Katy Freeway.....................
  5. If you really want to try some really great sounds, try Pandora. Pandora is free and the sound is incredible. www.pandora.com Eventually FM and AM are going to disappear with the rest of the analog by 2012 if I understand the shut down process correctly. 2009 will be the analog low power VHF. and every year a little more until they clean up all the bands. Pandora is great on the iPhone
  6. ROTFLMAO! You must be thinking about a Koenigsegg CCXR, however it'll run you
  7. I'm pretty sure that old UPR Railroad Depot was on South Main in Bryan, right near where Roach Oil is. That Picture was probably taken in the early to mid 80's, standing on the Northeast corner of Homestead and So. Main.
  8. Well Tigger, I am not going to get into a pissing contest with you, because you seem to think you have it all figured out. You have your opinion and you are entitled to it. But hey you are under 21 and I can understand some of it, you'll grow out of it. All of my kids are grown and left the nest, so maybe my tolerance and my savvy on the current uptake it a little out of calibration, hey I'm just an old fart, that's set in my ways. I guess you lived there your entire life, I really couldn't be certain from your rant. And I was aware of some of your earlier posts, asking questions about Post Oak and Keysers, and things long since past. And if you remember correctly, I answered most of those questions for you, and was glad to do it. I'm rather proud of the way town use to be. Back in the 50's and 60's, it was a great place to grow up, kids now days take too much for granted. Vines mentioned going to Navasota or Hempstead some Friday or Saturday night, to see how things are going there. I'll bet down in Hempstead they still cruise from the edge of town out towards Prairie View to the railroad tracks and back for most of the night, until they find someone who can buy beer and then they sit on tailgates at the railroad tracks and drink beer, make out, and crash at somebodies house, who's parent either don't care or are out of town at a roping or a playday. Only difference will be the faces, but they'll be doing the same thing they were doing 50 years ago. Those kids are probably having a good time too, because they don't know anything else, and they make good with what they have. Same thing with Caldwell, or Navasota, cruise around, hang out and go home. BCS has multiple mega screen theaters now, I can remember when we had the Queen downtown and the Drive-in, that's it. Those kids in Caldwell, Navasota, or Hempstead don't have that. Kids in those towns would say you have a great life and would do about anything to be in your shoes. Speaking of shoes, that reminds me of an old Jewish Proverb: I remember when there was no mall whatsoever, and the old Woolworth downtown was it for shopping. I can remember driving to Houston to go to a Sears & Roebuck or JC Penny. And I don't mean driving to Willowbrook, there was no Willowbrook, it was a hayfield back then, and 1960 was called Jack Rabbit Road. We had to drive in to N. Shepherd Dr, because they had a new one there just outside the Loop, and it saved driving to the one on North Main. Forty years ago, people in College Station came to Bryan to shop, because there was nothing in College Station, except the College, and a few old shops on College Main and Boyett streets. College Station didn't come in till later, when some of the older town cronies in Bryan refused to budge when it came to improvements and progress. Before the days of Wal Marts and and Kmart's, you probably don't remember those days. But there was a time when things weren't so convenient, and life was a little tougher. See we didn't have a Nintendo or PS2 to occupy our time. We had chores to do, and then we hit the woods with a box of 22 shells and a croaker sack, to scare up some squirrels, that went damn fine with brown gravy and rice. Or hit the tanks with a fishing pole and a bucket, for fresh catfish. Damn sure didn't lay around the house, because Grandma would put your ass to work shelling peas or something. If you are bored one day, drive out the bypass to Tabor Road. Get off on Tabor Road and go east, just past FM 2223 Dilly Shaw Tap road "Y's" off to the right. Go down just past Riata Ct on the right, and you will see the corner brace fence posts painted green and white and the matching fence on down the left side. As far as you can see on that side of the road, and on up past Fawn Lake on both sides as far as you can see, is the Dairy I grew up on. You can drive all the way to FM 2776 and not run out of the dairy. A little over 7500 acres of cow pies and hard work, it's the largest independent operating dairy in the the state, and they still milk 5000 head twice a day there. If you read my Blog here on HAIF, it will talk about life there and how I got my way off the business end of that shovel, and my feet out of rubber boots covered in cow crap. You learn to appreciate things a little better, when you remember where you came from. You have to understand, things have come a long way over the years. Bryan was an Oilfield Boom-town in the 60'-late 80's, but in 1987 things were hit very hard, and things came to a stand still in development. The housing was way over-built, there were new homes just sitting vacant for several years, until the town recovered. The Large Wells Fargo you see at Briarcrest and the Bypass, I watched it change hands 4 time in 4 years. That was a new bank in 1987, and then one day there was a closed out of business sign, hanging in the lobby entrance, people had to file their FDIC paperwork to get their money from the insurer, and that bank was up and down several times, before it finally settled down. I have banked in that building for years, and I currently am a Wells Fargo customer. Point being, things have come and gone, over time. The TAMU enrollment is fifty thousand now, a far cry from where it was. But you know something, it's not a bad town. How many stop lights do you pull up to that have pan handlers out there wiping windows for wine money, or homeless standing on the corners with signs saying they'll work for food, (knowing damn well they won't), or some pitiful message claiming to be a Vet and needing help. You just don't see them in BCS. It's kinda nice not to have to deal with that. It's nice to turn on Channel 3 News and not see multiple killings in town every night. I mean BCS has it's shortfalls just like any town or city. But all in all, BCS serves it's purpose. College Station gives a base for the University, and Bryan serves as a County Seat for the Area. You have to understand, it's the biggest town in a very rural County, believe me it gets worse in other counties. Try San Jacinto for instance, the County seat is Cold Spring, population less than six hundred. The biggest thing that they have is a miniature Brookshire Brothers. See your life is just beginning, you are way too young to be so damn miserable. I don't know if you are still in school or what, but if you aren't get out and work your way to someplace, you're a little more happy with. If you're still in school, hit the books hard and make it a little easier on yourself. Either way, cheer up and good luck.
  9. Guess you don't watch enough CSI (forensic science television), to be up on the new "Scent Database" tied into the NSA mainframe at Ft Mead, and cross referenced to the Anthony E. Zuiker Crime Lab super computers. I'm sure they got a hit on CODUS in about 30 seconds, just like Horatio does every week. It's just a matter of time before this butcher is tracked down and in custody. :lol: On the reality side of this, is the only way this idiot gets caught, is he takes it into a legitimate taxidermist and get reported to the cops, or he brags to one of his friends and they turn him in for the reward. Other than that, Horatio Cain will have to come find him. Now we know what you watched last night, that seperation of print crap was a new technique they introduced last night on the Miami episode.
  10. What "we" need to do is promote HAIF more............Period!
  11. I know a few around here need to thank your lucky stars I don't hold the keys to this thread. I really think the originator needs to seek professional help. I'm not sure if it classifies as manic or not, but it darn sure is suspect. You start a thread first wanting to improve the BCS sub-forum, and bump it with no real response. Then you turn around and start a bash fest, and you see this as improvement? My family being one of the original settlers of Booneville, my roots go very deep in the Brazos Valley. (settle there in 1833 from Iredell County, NC.). I say if you don't like the way it is, stay the hell away, nobody invited you in. The area was settled before Houston, and has managed without you just fine. It's when the flighters from the south moved in, that things got so miserably screwed up. And yes TAMU is a huge supporter of the local community, I don't think that there any more that it needs to do. The only thing negative you here out coming out of the area, are people that weren't born and raised there, it's normally outsiders that move there, wanting changes to suit them. The locals, like it the way it is, and move at their own pace. The locals like it simple, and easy going. If you want huge shopping malls and skyscrapers, stay in Houston. And to make a statement that BCS has an obsession with sprawl? My answer to that is "Just say No". Place the crack pipe at your feet and walk away. You have no idea what an obsession with sprawl truly is. Go move the Fort Bend County and then start talking about sprawl obsessions.
  12. Red gets a pass, he's a native Tarheel, the have a built in excuse, enough said.
  13. Hands Down Phoenicia Specialty Foods 12141 Westheimer Houston, TX 281-558-8225
  14. No big surprise, identical records, UT won the Red River Shootout, that's the way it was suppose to end up. I can't see TT getting axed as bad as they did in the polls, Below So. Cal. and Utah, that was pretty tough to swallow. Oh well.............
  15. Do you really watch these games? As it stands right now with Tech losing to OU, they are already in a three way tie already (all are 10-1). If OU loses next week to OSU, they're out. With the three way tie as it stands now, the tie breaker goes all the way down to the fifth tie-breaker, the BCS standing. As it stands now the Horns are winning the tie breaker, by standing. That may change come Monday. I can't see OU jumping over Texas, since they lost to UT in heads up play. If OU loses next week, you'll see UT and Mizzou playing for the Big 12 title. The winner of that would play 'Bama for the title. Leach is out of his mind letting Harrell back in the game.
  16. The last time Mike Leach won a game in Norman, he was the OU offensive coordinator. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  17. For the most part, not a truer statement has been made in this entire thread, especially what I high lighted in Red. The rest is much of an editorial, which hits on points that are very true in point, some may or may not agree with them, but they stand on their own accord none the less. These days Socialism in term is thrown around rather loosely, and a lot of knee jerk rhetoric seems to follow the subject around, no matter what circles you are a member of. There is mass confusion amongst the natives these days. A lot of good people out here that are completely lost, don't know which way to turn right now. And even a greater number, never had a clue to begin with, and some those it's really of no fault of their own, because they've had their head down in the grind to try and stay ahead, that they've never come up for air long enough to get a chance to see. The rest of those have never really given two cents either way, as long as their check was in the mail every month. And I am not referring to just people on welfare, but the huge amount of people we have on trumped up disability, with the help of crooked doctors are riding out the system in an Oxycontin daze. Then there are those that fall in to either and just exist from day to day, by whatever means necessary. Barrack Obama is in a unique position, if he can pull it off, to go down in History as something far greater than just being the first black President. If he can put together a team of real ass kickers, people who will take it to the powers to be, and turn this thing around and pull us out of this tail spin we are in economically. This thing is a total wreck, and in havoc currently. The current powers to be are going through the motions, but not getting much done other than making sure there are enough life boats for them, should the ship go down. I've been paying close attention to these financial sessions they've been having, and I just haven't seen anything of any substance in in yet. Just a lot of posturing, and empty rhetoric. We are seeing however, those that are deep in the pockets of these fledglings. They are fighting tooth and nail to see that these entities do anything but fall into the hands of the government, by being nationalized and the government bean counters and auditors get to combing through the books, and all the skeletons come falling out of the closets. If the truth were known about the goings on behind the closed doors of these companies, half of the congress would be under criminal indictments. As Red stated earlier, now is the time for the Democrats to put up or shut up, they can make a stand here and show that they really are looking out for what best for our country, or just fall in line with the rest and continue on the same road we've been on for the last thirty years. If Obama can pull this off, he will rightfully go down as one of the greatest Presidents in History. This is a fine mess we find ourselves in, and in all fairness, it will take more than a single term to really right this ship, and get it back on course. It is also going to take great strength and leadership, because he is going to face opposition from both sides, because both sides are dirty in the dealings at hand, it's not going to be easy by any stretch. A big thing Obama has going for him, which can be a two edged sword, is this rock star persona he has, and the media attention he draws. This could be his ace in the hole, when it comes to standing up to big business, big politics, and big brother. People are desperate for help, for change, for anything that resembles as progress, from the depths we find ourselves in. Obama can turn up the heat under the feet of those not willing to help him win this war, by using the media to stimulate the vote against these rebels come time to be elected, just the way he did in favor of himself this year. As Red so eloquently stated, Damn all this bailing out, and let them fall into pre-arranged Bankruptcy, restructure under those protections, strip them clean of excesses, including unions, and get back on track. Simply building different cars is not going to fix the problem, cutting out the billions in excesses will. That includes throwing 300 million a year into NASCAR, and cutting down some of the outrageous marketing crap. If the product is worth a crap, it will sell itself. Cut out the billions that are thrown away on developing cars that never make it to the assembly line, outrageous concept cars, that are not only out of the question, but just plain ridiculous. Build a better mouse trap, not fancier cheese.
  18. Pick up the phone and complain, they will more than likely kick in an extra month for the trouble. Their customer service is very accommodating when they screw up.
  19. In all actuality the Pacific coast issue has ZERO to do with Environmental impact, unless you consider those multi-million dollar mansions, that are currently burning up or sliding of the mountain on the next hard rain; if you consider their views "eye-sore" to be of obvious environmental impact. You can currently drill offshore California, as long as you don't put up a new platform to do it. The platforms six miles off shore, that's right six miles, are an eyesore to the locals that live across US101 aka PCH, when the sunsets. Have you really ever looked at a platform from six miles away. It's pretty miniscule. In Texas we let them in a little closer, no closer than 2 miles out. At ground level across the water, line of sight is about 9.5 miles. A platform at 6 miles is not much more than a speck on the horizon, it's seen a little easier at night, because of the lights, then it's not much more than a twinkle on the horizon. If you have a home up on the Hillside, then your line of sight is about 14-15 miles depending on your elevation, still that speck is no bigger. I designed and managed a drilling project from Grace Platform, 10.5 miles offshore, where we drill 17 extended reach wells producing in excess of 10 Bcf/day and 12K bbls/day, They have a ZERO spillage record, over $15 billion was spent on an environmental impact team to monitor activities, and ever since 2006 this local Oxnard Attorney and his wife have been on a crusade to get Grace shut down. They've come up with every doom and gloom possibility theories to try and convince anyone to listen to them. Thus far they've accomplished nothing, and they've trotted out all their "Celebrates" to draw media, even Gore made an appearance or two. Veneco has built Desalination plants to assist onshore water shortages, but no thank you from the peanut gallery. Any time a dead fish floats up within 20 miles of the place, an entire MMS EPA investigation is called out, and they never find anything that relates it to the platform works. There are offshore reserves on the Pacific coast that would make the Saudis blush if we were able to get at them. But you can only do so much with the restrictions currently in place. The existing platforms are already stretched thin. Simply put, more installations need to be implemented, but as it is right now they cannot put up any new structures. It's just a load of crap. Pelosi has help hold a strangle hold on any offshore expansion for years, so here we sit.
  20. All the years I spent downtown, the tunnels were the best asset by far.
  21. If I had to guess, I'd say it was meant to cover a Parlay type betting on a series, like maybe a five or six game homestand against one team, There weren't as many teams and travel was generally by bus or rail back then, so homestands were longer, and travel was limited to as little as possible I am sure. And the High was probably similar to an over and under type of deal. Just a guess!!! Either way, that a very cool piece you have there.
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