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    I will miss the Fiesta on Dunlavy terribly. (My guess is that it will be history shortly after the opening of the new HEB). The Fiesta store is the only grocery store I've shopped at or shop at currently where the manager actually knows me and greets me and on occasion we discuss food or wine or whatever. I like that even though I'm a bit of an introvert. I even have a connection with some of the checkers who have been there for a while. Though the main thing I like about the old Fiesta is the small footprint of the store. Aging boomer that I am with lots of chronic pain, I hate the th
  2. We are widening an existing narrow driveway. Don't care if the part added on is of a different substance than the oriiginal concrete. I actually think this could be a good thing (plan to have an path extended beyond the new part of the driveway that would "wind around" front yard). To be environmentally friendly and also because something other than concrete would probably have better aesthetic appeal, would like semi-permeable, i.e something rain is going to go thru rather than run across and down into the gutter. Have done preliminary search on the web and found: turfstone envirost
  3. From my experience, I think taking a look at the attic is more important. Had I known then what I know now, I would never have bought this place. The attic had wire strewn (sp?) everywhere including burglar alarm wire and air conditioning ducts to the point it was difficult to navigate. The main conclusion I would have drawn (quickly without getting dirty) then had I known what I know now is that the house wasn't very well cared for. Lots of things remodeled very poorly just for it to look good, nothing new but I'm thinking now that the attic is a good place to get an "impression" of the q
  4. Since I couldn't get the quote option to work, I've cut and pasted from the nice info that Kinkaidalum reported and added a couple I think he/she missed: Nice places to walk in Houston and people watch... 1) Lower Westheimer Road starting near Dunlavy. Hit the antique shops. Grab a bite to eat at Brasil or Empire Cafe. Hit the vintage clothing shops and indie music stores. Stop into Sliders for pool and a frozen beverage. Go two blocks North of Westheimer when you hit Hugo's Restaurant to check out Cherryhurt Park and the great bungalows. 2) Rice Village. Walk the whole village and then hit t
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