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  1. We had Ritz-Carlton and couldn't sustain it. I think there's no way in Hades that they would EVER "give" us another one.
  2. Hubby and I are attending an event in the Heights. Would love some recommendations on a good restaurant to go to afterwards. Thanks in advance.
  3. Please forget this horrible post hopefully you'll get the spirit of it thank you.
  4. I saw 1 typo already. I'm not trying to salad the house I am trying to sell it.
  5. I am trying to sell my parents home on River Drive in Park Place. HCFCD ( flood control) owns part of the land of the house it's on and that's called an encroachment. We pay them rent for the land and I guess that part of the house every year. So before I try to go salad I approach them first I asked him if they'd like to buy the whole parcel of land 1.12 acres and the house. They say no. Then I get a second survey because they wanted the first survey to see what I own so I got a second survey to see what they owned and asked if I could buy them out. Again - no. So the house has been on the ma
  6. It happened to me, too. I just clicked the x in the box, and it left!
  7. Have to have estate sale. Thought I had one company, but after only one appointment that the person made, the other four were missed and I wasn't even called to be notified that they weren't going to be there. Arbor Antiques can't do it until November. I just need some suggestions. It has been sitting there ready for a sale - just ready to have it.
  8. It has been a coon's age since I've posted, but I need some advice, and just my HAIFers to know what's going on. I was born in a house in Park Place that sits on Sims Bayou. That was my home for 29 years. My parents lived their until their deaths, Dad in 2000, and Mom on June 4 of this year. To make a long story short, I get the house, land and contents. I was getting ready to have an estate sale sometime in September, when I get a lovely note today from Harris County Flood Control (herein HCFC). HCFC owns a portion of the property, and my parents rented it for years. Now. HCFC has deci
  9. I haven't been around since Ike, I think, but anyway, I am glad that I re-visited this thread. I looked at the Google street level map and saw a lot of the old homes that I remembered and visited in on Laurel Drive. I found this site http://www.trulia.com/property-sitemap/TX/Houston/77021/Laurel_Drive/ to be extremely helpful to me. The last time I was on Laurel Drive, I thought that three of the most beautiful houses that I had ever seen were gone. They weren't. I might have been on the wrong block of Laurel. I saw them on the Google Map, then that website above told me the years they
  10. Snobbish and ignorant I know one, unfortunately. Now they weren't like that in that 70's. I dated one.
  11. Demo it and pave a parking lot. It's the Houston tradition I'm serious. Me too!
  12. My Aunt lived at 7105 Sims Drive. It was a beautiful 1 1/2 story colonial. Have no idea what it looks like now. I am very ill at the moment, but would love to see the house. Could someone who lives in GV go by and at least look at it for me and tell me what it looks like? You can PM me if you don't want to put it on this thread. I loved Garden Villas.
  13. My kids LOVED that thing. They literally cried when it was taken out.
  14. Chinese Food from 888 Bistro in Clear Lake. Shrimp, flounder, crabcakes, hushpuppies. Cornbread Pinto beans Cole Slaw Stuffed Baked Potato with chopped beef Breakfast James Coney Island Chili, and cheese coneys with onions, and chili-cheese fries (alas, we don't have one in Clear Lake any more!) Mexican food from Gringo's And, I guess I am not a "real" HAIFer, cuz I don't drink.
  15. 5-7-9 Casual Corner I cannot remember the name of the store downtown that carried junior clothing Foley's Sakowitz Joske's Gap JC Penney's Margo's LaMode in Almeda Mall
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