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  1. If I am not mistaken, the diesel train at Herman Park is the same one that ran at Playland Park on South Main at Murworth. I rode that train countless times out there, and I have ridden it at Herman Park quite a few times. It is still a thrill to ride it. So, smile when you call it a
  2. The place at 11th and Yale used to be an S&H Green Stamp redemption store. I think it started out as Top Value, but later it was Green Stamp.
  3. When a "happening bar" is no longer happening, it becomes a beer joint. I'm not sure where the dry line is, but there is a bar called Shiloh Club on Studewood just south of 14th that has been there for well over 10 years. I doubt if Berryhill is in a dry area.
  4. When I was a small kid the streetcar tracks were still visible along Heights Blvd. I used to play on the tracks and watched the trains operate along Nicholson. I would love to see METRO construct commuter rail lines along these same routes.
  5. The building on the southeast corner of Yale and 20th is the old Danburg
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