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  1. My girlfriend teaches at Alief, and she is leaving at the end of this year. She is fed up with all the crapulence she has to put up with there with unruly students and an administration that does not stand behind the teachers. They don
  2. Rosemary, you just described a good part of The Houston Heights. I thought if any part of Houston had Sears houses, the Heights would. I tried looking for them using your book, but it was a hopeless cause. If you are serious about coming to Houston, you might contact the Houston Heights Association. I
  3. I choosed 290 because it's the one that takes me to Bastrop!
  4. Teebox view of the 11th at Pine Forest in Bastrop
  5. There are a number of celebs from Reagan High, my alma mater. Dan Rather Richard
  6. Here is a map of Northwest Houston from 1922. You can see White Oak and Buffalo Bayou and how convoluted they are. Compare that to the straightened, concrete-lined waterways of today. We have lost a great deal of
  7. What an idiotic ordinance! Slavery is dead and buried. What good does it accomplish to keep digging it up other than to rekindle hatred and try to instill guilt where it is not deserved?
  8. My BMI is in a "to the power of" figure.
  9. I have my own Top Ten reasons why. 10. He wanted more money. 9. He wanted much more money. 8. He wanted much, much more money. 7. He wanted much, much, much more money. 6. He wanted much, much, much, much more money. 5. He wanted much, much, much, much, much more money. 4. He wanted much, much, much, much, much, much more money. 3. He wanted much, much, much, much, much, much, much more money. 2. He wanted much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much more money. 1. He wanted too much more money.
  10. Aw, that's OK, gwil. I usually order the chicken pasta when I go there.
  11. Some may wonder what a food forum has to do with architecture, but then y
  12. You didn't by chance mean "Playland Park", did you? That was Houston's primere amusment park for years. It was at South Main at Murworth. Playland shut down around the early to mid '60s.
  13. Rosemary Thornton posts occasionally on a forum I frequent. She may be the definitive authority on Sears houses. I have her book, but it doesn
  14. That would be Roy Harris. I never saw him fight, but he was big news around here when he was going for the title. If I recall, Sonny Liston once remarked that of all the opponents he ever faced, Harris had the hardest punch. Harris had his training camp in Cut'n Shoot. Many locals used to go there to watch him train.
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