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  1. I saw him today on 290 just south of the College Station exit. I had forgotten about him even though I saw him last year, and on three other occasions in the past 8 years. There is a man who makes a pilgrimage along 290 every year in the week(s) before Easter. He carries a large wooden cross over his shoulder
  2. I think Randall's should ask Albertson's the for the directions out of town.
  3. Last statistic I saw was 52% of HISD students are at or below poverty level. I thought that figure was high! I think there is a big difference between "need" and "want" - and too many just want that free ride.I also find it curious that the people most in need of financial assistance for their children are the ones with the biggest families. We are encouraging baby factories. Why?
  4. Some of my favorite Mexican food places are the ones that search you at the door for weapons, and if they don
  5. Ashton Kutcher is a "star". That's how stupid out society is!
  6. Clyde Barrow lived in the Heights for a time. That was when her was with the Root Square Gang. He may have committed his first murder while here.
  7. Houston may not be a fashionable city, but we do have a keen sense of fashion. Why, just the other day at Academy, I was pointing out to my lady the most darling pair of brogans I have ever seen. They were to die for! And they would go great with my new Dickies overalls! Now, if I can just find the right gimme cap to go with it, . . . .
  8. Walter Cronkite graduated from San Jacinto. Don
  9. I believe Houston does have a Fashion Week, but it is held in Dallas.
  10. Musicman, we used to go to Spanish Flowers, but now we go to
  11. I have never found better fajitas than at Pappasito's. They are somewhat overpriced, but you really can't beat their quality.
  12. The Lion of the West, a play written by future Secretary of the Navy James Kirke Paulding, premiered in New York in April 1831 to wide acclaim. Noted Shakespearean actor James Hackett's portrayal of the blustering, uncouth, but razor-sharp Colonel Nimrod Wildfire was recognized everywhere as a caricature of the Tennessee congressman, David Crockett.
  13. Please don't overlook Ray Miller, the man who created the Eyes of Texas program. He was replaced because he was deemed "too old". That was a crappy thing to do. Ray was a great communicator.
  14. Sounds like a case of the DTs to me.
  15. One of the wealthiest men in the world is near death. One by one he calls his three young sons to his bedside to bid each a farewell. His first son is summoned, and the old man asks him,
  16. Don't remember Pipe Organ Pizza, but Village Inn Pizza was a hot spot. It was on Westheimer near Chimney Rock if I recall correctly. They had entertainment, and one of the most popular performers was Dean Scott. He was known for his Wolfman Jack impressions, and that was before anyone knew who the Wolfman was. Scott also performed often at a popular place on Market Square.
  17. Before Kitirik was Uncle Bert Lynn who may have had the first kiddie show in Houston. Milk Drop Moe was a fixture on one of the kid shows, but I can
  18. There is a natural proclivity for many urban dwellers to escape to the suburbs. The reasons are varied, but a major factor often is to avoid city taxes. Houston is most fortunate to have the ability to annex, basically at will, and that has kept our tax base strong. There comes a point oftentimes where the commute to the inner city is not worth the advantages of living outside of it. That is why we are having this revitalization of the Heights and so many areas inside the Loop. That is a how sprawl keeps itself in check to some degree.
  19. The inability to sprawl is why some cities die.
  20. Where was Kiddie Wonderland? I am sure there were more, but the three kiddie parks I recall from the 50's were the ones on N Shepherd near Donovan, Hwy 90 (I-10) maybe around Gessner and the one at South Main at Braeswood. The first two were Happyland and Kiddieland, but not sure which was which.
  21. I believe that was Victoria Station. Their specialty was prime rib.
  22. A girl I knew in the early 70s was from Lubbock, and her accent was so thick that the name
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