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  1. As recently as 1930 (according to my map), Shepherd was known as Lowell Street from White Oak Bayou to where it turned west at Rosslyn, now W. 34th Street. B A Shepherd came to Houston in 1844, and in 1847, he opened his Commercial and Agricultural Bank, the first chartered bank in Texas. Roderick, two streets west of Shepherd as late as the mid to late 50s, was improved and became Durham.
  2. Subdude, what I find fascinating is to see what routes led in to and out of town in all directions. I would have thought they would be basically straight but not necessarily parallel to most streets, like following old trails. But many routes tended to have a number of twists and turns using various streets.
  3. This map is a bit difficult to read in some areas. Actually, Stude is called
  4. JT, you ought to go to the Central Library downtown in the Julia Ideson Building at 500 McKinney. There you will find the Texas Room and Archives. They have a number of large reproductions of city maps. The one you should check out is
  5. I love old maps, especially those of Texas and Houston. This is one of my favorite Internet sites! I can study maps for hours on end, so you can just imagine why I like this site so. The subject has come up about the different wards of Houston. Click on
  6. Not bad for Austin, either. I hope some of that prosperity seeps out toward Bastrop!
  7. I mentioned on another thread that I wish the government would build a new post office on that site across the street from the old one.
  8. They're probably asking more than Tillman can afford for those places!
  9. The building at Washington and Shepherd used to be a Weingarten's grocery store. The building was unusual for Houston in that it had a basement with the stairs right in the middle of the store. Every time I pass that place I wonder if the basement is still there. But then, why wouldn
  10. Maybe he will adorn that place in garish blue lights to take people
  11. HeightsGuy, there is a bar called Shiloh on Studewood near 14th, so I believe that corner would be wet as well.
  12. Earlier this year someone asked about the building at 743 E 11th, which is next to that Someburger if I recall. I wonder if this building is included in Tillman
  13. Willie taped the pilot show in 1974, and the series began in 1976. It is now 30 years old.
  14. I went to the third regular season game ever played by the Colt .45s back in 1962. They played the Chicago Cubs in the temporary stadium next to where the Astrodome would soon rise.
  15. No matter what they do to this property, nothing could be as beautiful as the majestic oak trees on the property. I took these just today.
  16. You might want to check out Kemiko Stains.
  17. This weekend is the annual Heights Home and Garden Tour. If you are into architecture, then this should right up your alley. If you go, I would recommend you see all of the houses. Over the years, I have discovered that even the least interesting appearing houses are spectacular inside, or else they have a historic connection to the Heights or to Houston
  18. This is the monorail that was at South Main at the intersection with Holmes. I assume that was Arrowhead Park. We passed the location many times on the way to and from Seargent, but I never saw it up close. It was a good half to one mile off Main. But then, I guess I did after all! I rode the one at the State Fair in 1957. I never knew the two were one and the same.
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